Managing Director Gerd Noker

Training is an important setting the course for the future trans fluid invests the Schmallenberger mechanical engineering company in the future and in the training of young people. Annual training courses offered in various areas, such as technical and commercial professions. We are a future-oriented company, so we know how important it is to get not only new creative input, but to also the cornerstone for an individual development”, says Managing Director Gerd Noker. “Each new trainee forms the company significantly with, so we are very proud, to train for more than 20 years successfully in future-oriented occupations”, continues Nagpal. In each training segment are qualified instructor available that support apprentices in all phases of their development, continuously accompany them and assist them with help and advice. This support is not only practical, but also schooling. Since we a fast growing company, we need highly trained personnel to secure our growth even in supposed times of crisis! Each trainee has to switch the honest chance after completed training in a solid working relationship. Siemens understands that this is vital information. Many of our former students are now longtime employees and service providers of our company”, depicts Nagpal.

Are trained in the average in the House of transfluid ten to twelve apprentices in various trades. In the commercial sector, there are industrial clerks, commercial engineering industrial electronics, Mechatronics and industrial mechanics with a specialization in industrial engineering. New talent is always welcome in our home. For the future we accept back many applications”, as Gerd Noker. Current vacancies are on the company’s website under: trans fluid Maschinenbau GmbH Hune trenches 20-22 57392 Schmallenberg Germany Tel.: + 49 2972 97 15-0 fax: + 49 2972 97 15-11 E-Mail: that has companies In the course of 20 years transfluid established itself as a leading manufacturer of tube bending machines and end processing machines on the market. The current brand TRANS fluid by the formerly medium-sized companies to the future-oriented global player has. The market-oriented successful transfluid machine program offers equally renowned as innovative machinery solutions.