Jana Hesselbarth

All are welcome invited, which already times frustrated because a product were (all). These can be your hatred product”just bring (a picture or a description of it) and then we will work out together a tuning. The best concept ideas will be published and then developed further. “, so Kailasam. Subsequently, graduate designer Jana Hesselbarth presents new forms of interaction for DVD-video discs. It has special fu? r a learning – DVD fu? r developed illiterate. A special challenge fu? r, since this user group only without font can navigate. “What is special: last year its concept as one of 18 work was around the world, with the renowned design award red dot – best of the best” award in Singapore.

Then the Internet user satisfaction is the focus. “Will be shown in four lectures, like the formula better Web site usability = more satisfied visitors + more entering? sse” fu? r works a successful Web presence. Furthermore what innovative forms of interaction, in addition to the classic shows Using the mouse and keyboard, fu? r Web pages are still possible. Also demonstrates how with a so-called eye tracking, so the analysis of the views path and integration of moving images, Web pages can be optimized. Ease of use is just there wondering where is happening much interaction in a small space, such as for example a mobile phone. Here, too, an eyetracking analysis can give insightful results. What something is and what added value it fu? r the user emerge, demonstrates the presentation of communication researcher Alexander Ju? rgens. “Fu? r the last program point all users are encouraged to interact again”.

Each participant is called advance to log on its Web page, which then uberpru in a free brief analysis? is ft. In the areas of search engine optimization, scanpath analysis and ergonomics/aesthetics show three experts within a very short time the vulnerabilities and optimization approaches fu? r on the respective website. The event ends, as in the past years, with relaxing music and stimulating exchange of experience, in the traditional usability lounge”. More information, the registration to the workshop or the Web page parsing, as well as the PHP? annual program can be found at Internet address: World Usability Day 2008 Saxony-Anhalt lectures, workshop and live testing on the subject of usability on November 13th, 2008 by 16 to 22 in the Forum design, 39104 Magdeburg and Brandenburg str. 9-10 contact: WUD Projektbu? ro c/o SCHROEDER + WENDT Leibniz str. 26 39104 Magdeburg Tel. 0391-6624490 E-Mail: