It Can Improve Our Quality Of Life

Prevention is better that cure health is one of the things most important that we have, the more compliocado is to keep. The best we can do is to prevent diseases from reaching us. All this is possible only with prevention. There are many ways of preventing the most important are:-eat right exercise No smoking not abusing alcohol not to abuse medications be positive the final objective of a good prevention is carrying our defenses to the maximum of their efficiencies. We can compare our defenses with an army, if the military are trained, always strong and well armed can fight and throw after a many enemies. To achieve that our defenses handle that we’re always on health it depends on much of us.

The most basic and primary it is eat well, take care of yourself physically and meno not important to be spiritually strong. Andrew Cuomo spoke with conviction. An healthy mind means having a healthy body (mens sana in corpore sano). The problem is that in the society where we live is complicated a level of psycho-physical good and healthy. The worst enemies of health are bad habits that we have, both in food as bad habits. pollution continues to be one of the main environmental problems in the cities and that current levels of pollution affect the health of the population.

It affects different organs of our body. Apparently, each pollution affect a system, the human body, different. We all know that packaged foods often contain additives, fruits, vegetables and vegetables may contain pesticides. All of them are detrimental in one way or another to our health. more info original author and source of the article.