The reality of the market evidences the competitiveness that the companies are inserted. In this direction, the satisfaction of the public-target gained greater importance in the context of the management, since it makes possible the conquest and fidelizao of the customers. The untiring search of the companies for the immediate return and the profitability of its products and services, would be being one of the reasons that take the companies have not to focarem its customers as main part, leaving of side the work of retention and fidelizao, thus becoming its unsatisfied customers. Click Thredup to learn more. This study it approached the satisfaction of the customer, a time that, the subject in focus became a tool of the relationship marketing. Ahead of the displayed one, the present work has as objective generality to identify to the level of satisfaction of the customer of the Falx company Jeans. Having as objective specific to identify the main factors of satisfaction how much to the attendance; to know the main reason/reason of acquisition of the product; to identify the socioeconmico profile of the consumers; To identify to which the reason (s) that makes the customer to return the store.

It looked for to appraise through famous authors: satisfaction of the customer, quality, customer, retail, marketing of relationship and fidelizao and retention of customers. It is a research whose methodology is classified as: exploratria, descriptive, quantitative and study of field. The research was applied the users of a commercial company of jeans, located in the city of Maranguape, in the State of the Cear, the sample of the research was constituted by one hundred interviewed, looking for to know of them: the profile of the user, if these are satisfied with the quality, attendance, and the reasons that make with that the customers come back to buy in the company and to become the company expert of its points weak and strong. Getting the following results: that the majority of the interviewed ones is women, who acquire the products and services; the degree of satisfaction in relation to the qualified employee and the product quality, the interviewed ones in its majority are satisfied. As well as the majority the ambientao, hygiene and cleanness are satisfied how much. How much the promotions and varieties of models, were evident that necessary of improvements, causing insatisfao to the interviewed ones. In the general evaluation it can be observed that the result was very satisfactory. One concludes that to if investing regularly in research of satisfaction of the customer, it is fortified the marketing of relationship and the consequent improvement of the attendance in the search of the satisfaction and fidelizao of the customers. Words keys: Satisfaction of the customer. Marketing of relationship. Attendance.