Holistic Education

The content of this essay is the collection of my experience at all in which I was introducing me gradually during the training as educator holistic process; because making a retrospection on the time which have lasted deep studies, led to that these two years of masters in holistic education, try to capture in this document some very personal experiences, was realizing that transformation or change if I can call it, because I myself have felt a development and maturity. I will breakdown every one of the questions suggested in the integrative activity starting from what has been my spiritual, educational and professional process, now is my relationship with colleagues who lived closely with me this preparation. The trail that mark me this spiritual experience, is not at all and that comparing me to an infant who taught and take their first steps, my teachers leave my hand for that single, continue in the walk of life already without holding me from them, but to support my actions because is that many times will come back looking for them to regain forces and again prosecute me in this beautiful universe, where I now see with enthusiasm and joy a campo florido of knowledge, so that all beings be amen and carry that love as ferment and so can I include on the totality of the Cosmos. Since it is my time and is not suitable to continue without daring to fly on the light that invites me to be free, to let me lead fully assured be happy and find me fulfilling the Mission of my spiritual essence Amar. Spiritual process. From the own essence I now note, this inner awakening, from the moment in which the Dr. Ramon Gallegos ending the Mexican Congress V in Guadalajara I questioned, does Martha you are happier now than when started the masters? I meditated several days on this and Yes, the answer is fully Yes; I have peace, fully aware, going on the road of knowledge and I’m happy. .