Heinrich Puschmann

Finally clean and low cost energy Santiago: press release of the INTER-GLOBAL-PRESS: Dr. Hans Heinrich Puschmann. Now it’s official, you can produce more energy than the one must spend to their generation. In the present case means that: around 8000 Watts were produced with a capacity of around 2000 watts. Without that any physical laws have been violated. BUREAU VERITAS issued a corresponding certificate. Read additional details here: technology at millennium. This innovative technique is can be used anywhere, adjustable to every need, not contaminating, constantly ready for use, and on top of that very inexpensively.

It saves exactly 80% of existing costs, which allows a return on the investment as soon as possible. The technique was by the private GIGA THOR S.A., developed in Chile during the past seven years and paid entirely from its own resources. From now power is once again affordable, that allows for a faster economic growth of the Nations, because it depends very, how much more power and which cost, is available.