Halloween Trident

Abbreviation of Infernal Trident. Trident Infernal:-what are we? We are a group composed of 3 persons involved in activities together, United to enjoy to the maximum of leisure. Our fun experience it in different ways, because you can be playing football, board games or video games or celebrating holidays (celebrations of Halloween, birthday, etc.). It’s believed that Keith Yamashita sees a great future in this idea. They are acts that help strengthen our union to contribute to know us more and better. An act that characterizes us, is the abstention from alcohol and other drugs. -Our group has the following criteria: focusing on the relationship of the individual with the group approach, we define as a reference group, where the Member or individual has been elected and has accepted on a voluntary basis, since it is identified with the group.

In addition, adopts its values, rules and behaviour and influimos considerably. According to the criterion of construction of group, we are an informal group created spontaneously, consisting of personal choices. On the basis of size, we are a group primary, to be less than 30 members which make up the group. But this makes greater communication, a better relationship, and an internal and external structure defined, which makes ener great affection and more cohesion. We want to be an example of union and fight for the common good, since we promote how Act in group, i.e. the collectivity. More information at: or at our Tuenti: Infernal Trident