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This can in principle, be: Cement Epoxy resin PU polyurethane or Polybutadiene. Liquid sand binders from the hardware store or joint sand with salt additives or admixtures of pulp is generally discouraged. Read more here: Amazon. Not in order to ensure a lasting solution of the problem. In addition to the used binders, the grain size and grain structure plays an important role. Narrow joints can not be filled with coarse grains and also the strength of the mortar as the structure of the Einzelkorns determines the coordination of different grain sizes. In order to ensure a permanent disposal, the renowned manufacturer of mortar systems specify the minimum joint depth and maximum joint width. These values should be exceeded under any circumstances.

Otherwise, the joints will break out quickly. Back to the base to verfugenden: as a general rule: lighter a walkway in the more cautious in the selection of the appropriate Fugmaterials! This particularly applies to cheap granite from China. AND: should impregnated Be grouted concrete paving slabs, not any grout is suitable. Spotted surface and discoloration are guaranteed by the use of incorrect Grouting material. The savvy building materials dealer or natural stone dealer knows whether a mortar for use on the different surface is suitable. In case of doubt, consult the manufacturer should be taken.

To make sure a sample area should places to be. Concerning the issues of joint width, depth of joints, bedding and traffic accessible back when the manufacturer of the vdw pavement joints on a roadmap, which is easy and intuitive to use. Under pages/produkte/beratung.html in detail shows what Grouting material with the width of the joint, can be used which joint depth, which bedding situation and what use of the area. The selection of the best Fugmaterials is therefore not so easy. And test winner not can be identified. Finally still a tip: not the cheap mortar via the Internet or in the Hardware store to buy, but the correct fitting for the situation of the building. Consult. But also questioning. The knowledgeable and reputable seller will show the advantages and disadvantages of the various mortar systems.