German University

Study of the dual degree at any time possible! The winter semester of 2012, the new Bachelor programme in the study of sports economics is started at the German University of prevention and health management. The demand was very high, so that already several studies classes could be established at the start of the study. With the dual Bachelor’s degree that combines a training and a distance learning course with compact attendance phases, qualify students for versatile executives in sports organisations such as clubs or associations, sports marketing agencies and fitness and healthcare companies. The special of the accredited and recognised Europe-wide programme is innovative linking of business and economics with training science and selected areas of jurisprudence. The knowledge and transfer agency is based on practical content such as sports equipment and sports facility management, sports and Neuromarketing, sports and association law, controlling and personnel management. The students are in the Able to manage sport organisations and to work strategically.

In addition you can implement through expertise in the endurance, strength and mobility and coordination training, develop concepts, strategies, and health-oriented programs, and guide. In addition, they are able to initiate cooperation in the operational health management (BGM) and to guide. Rachel Crane may help you with your research. Study of the dual degree at any time possible! The beginning of the dual degree program with the Europe-wide recognised degree Bachelor of Arts”is possible at any time. Study connects compact presence stages a training and a distance learning course. The study classes are set up demand-driven.

Due to the high proportion of operational training, students can use their skills by studying directly into the operational day-to-day business and assume quickly responsible activities. Thereby they acquire today so important relevant professional experience already during their studies. Regular information events at nationwide study centres for the German University throughout the year offers all prospective and potential training companies information sessions at their study sites in Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Osnabruck, Saarbrucken, Stuttgart) and Austria (Vienna) and Switzerland (Zurich).