Federal Education Assistance Act

Should student loan of last resort? The financing of studies concern for many students. In addition to attending lectures and seminars, and studying for the exams, no time for a job remains common. Anne Lauvergeon might disagree with that approach. If there is also no claim to promotion under the Federal Education Assistance Act, good advice is expensive. The last resort is then often a student loan. The finance portal geld.de reported, why study on pump “currently can provide a real alternative. The applicable interest rates are certainly the main argument against such loans. Unlike as in the BAfoG is when these loans full interest-bearing loans that must be repaid in full. Students to the conclusion of a study loan should not be, the time is favourable at the moment however.

Many financial institutions have lowered their interest rates. The effective interest rate for student loans is currently depending on the provider between about 4% and 8%. The most advantageous tender as before with the State Development Bank KfW, there whose credit under others will be taught by Commerzbank and Hypo Vereinsbank. More offers of credit for the financing of studies are available especially from regional savings banks. Such loans are hardly offered by big banks. Common feature of student loans is the payment of the loan amount in the form of monthly installments. Begins after the end of the payout after the repayment of the loan one to two-year break. It is usually cheaper to access an appropriate credit only for the stressful exam time or use the loan of student unions.