Federal Constitution

The Terraest planet under serious threats: atmospheric pollution, exhaustion of the recursosnaturais, increase of the globe temperature, pollution of waters and the alone etc. Tudoisso caused for the growth of the world-wide population and the technological desenvolvimentocientfico and, come back mainly toward the industry. Thus, otema environment passes for a series of quarrels that go since its usoracional until its destruction. To read more click here: Rick Caruso. Oppose wild development and the use irrational of the natural resources, appears the sustainable development and the concern with the quality of life, as well as the concern in defining the paper of the public power in this dynamics. In deBrasil case, the Federal Constitution in its article 225 says: ' ' All have surrounding aomeio right ecologically balanced, public easement of the people and essencial healthy quality of life, imposing itself it the Public Power and to the community deverde defends it for the future gifts and geraes.' ' Exactly thus, they lack directed noBrasil, recursosespecficos public politics to the ambient preservation and for such purpose. Breaking dessefato it is that this work if considers to search the public politics ambient epreservao, having as starting point the city of Bar doChoa – Ba, a time that to if speaking in environment must be left of localpara if be arrived at the global one.

In the domilnio turn, the ambientalista paradigm glimpses and searchs a new form to think to eagir in relation to the environment, based on the ethics centered in the life, where arelao man/nature passes for the idea of that the man does not obtain sobreviversem the nature and that it is integrant part of it. Breaking dessepressuposto, if it makes necessary the analysis of ambient problems as the lixourbano, the intensive use of agrotxicos, the deforestation, the forest fires and tantosoutros problems that they attack the environment. Thus, if it makes necessary, also, the definition and operacionalizao of concepts as public politics, qualidadede life, sustainable development and esustentvel integrated local development, environment and ambient preservation.