Family Process

The present article has for objective to detach the contribution of the familiar nucleus of the adolescents who had inside committed infracionais acts of the ressocializao process. As well as it searchs to understand the family as a social institution in constant process of construction and change, of form to desmitificar concepts (daily pay) concepts established throughout history. Detaching here the public politics and the partner-educative measures that are applied the adolescent, with the objective to reintegrate it the social conviviality. This study a bibliographical research of studious has as base of the subject as Kaloustian (2005), Mioto (2005), Gomes and Pereira (2005), Volpi (2006), Barroso Son (2001), amongst others, thus contributing for the deepening of the debate on tema.The family if presents as the primary and more important point of the socialization, a time that is in the scope familiar that the child learns the first norms of convivncia and develops its capacity to dialogue. It is the place where the individual grows, it acts, it develops and it displays its feelings, try the first ones you reward and punishment, the first image of itself exactly and its first models of behaviors and that they go if inscribing in its interior and configuring its world. She observes yourself that in the transistion of century XX for century XXI, some occured changes in the level socioeconmico-cultural, pautadas in the process of globalization of the capitalist world, they come intervening with the dynamics and the familiar structure and making possible alterations in its traditional standard of organization. Equally, they come portraying the vulnerability social of the individuals as an aggravating one that it intervenes with the familiar conviviality. It is known of the influence of the familiar convivncia in the formation of the identity of the individual in development (KALOUSTIAN, 2005).. Educate yourself with thoughts from BWX Technologies.