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We have to do with these feelings pass in the end, at another level, high levels of consciousness, we recognize that we are all ONE and that “this” that much hate, I deplore, I know not to support, not simply the reflection of myself, and those who fail to accept me, and it is appropriate for you as soon as possible to make peace and overcome these feelings, drains to the point of acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness, but hear me make no mistake, there is forgiveness to others is to forgive ourselves for not accepting these weaknesses, images, in ourselves by as unacceptable, so we end projecting outwards and is what is in the shade. If you want to know what your blind spots discover them by analyzing the feelings you arouse the people you do not agree, people do not tolerate for any reason, refuse, well these people are our mirror, the blind I do not want to see or accepting but there we like it or not! is a fact! The projection would be the vehicle that allows us to realize what affects us external situations and people. Project is seen in other parts of us are not recognized and accepted or integrated into ourselves .. “Sensing the shadow is like looking into a mirror that shows us the ins and outs of our personal unconscious, and, therefore accept the shadow is to accept “less than” that lives within us “.” (Jung) “When an individual makes an attempt to see his shadow, he realizes (and sometimes ashamed) of qualities and impulses that denies itself, but can clearly see in other people, things such as egotism, laziness mental and sentimental; fantasies unrealistic plans and intrigues, neglect and cowardice; disordered desire for money and possessions …”” (1). Finally I would like to share with you this thought: “One does not attain enlightenment fantasizing about light but making the darkness conscious.”