Dolby Surround

Another special feature is the re-routing function: This directs the radio signal of broadcasting about the devices on your home network, if E.g. shielding walls no direct contact can cause the receiver to capable. So, you can reliably Bridge all distances within a House. There is a message about the successful execution of the desired action to hedge also. Because the duwi Z-Wave wireless system only sends out signals, if a transmitter is pressed, no permanent radio connection is in contrast to mobile phones, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. Amazon Prime can provide more clarity in the matter. The use is therefore building biologically safe and energy efficient.

Cosy TV evening at your fingertips at the same time the TV and Dolby Surround sound system turn on, that light dimmed, the shutters meet lower and slightly turn up the heat to prepare for an evening of television can be with one click via remote control. For this purpose the duwi radio system with Z-Wave solutions of other providers how from Logitech, Panasonic, Intel, Danfoss or Schwaiger extends to a full home automation solution. In addition to the conventional functions such as lighting and shutter control professional applications such as the control of heating, air conditioning, can realize security and entertainment systems. The commands on the device can be done in different ways. The duwi Z-Wave remote control equip up to seven different groups of recipients. The user can determine in advance which commands are executed in the form of programs. With universal remote control such as for example the Logitech Harmony 895 users even able to control your Z-Wave network, as well as older and current electrical appliances using infrared technology in detail are in. Maximum flexibility can be If the home network is connected to an Internet gateway: so that the system can be controlled from the workplace or via Wi-Fi from your laptop or iPOD touch. Owners of smart phones such as the Apple iPhone can also via mobile phones in your home network a choose and have the status of their home automation at a glance, to be able to access at any time from any location.