Country Universities

We are not against the changes, we considered that it is necessary to transform to the country, to give him to priority to those injustices that have come committing through its history and even by the previous governments, who also have neglected the education, we oppose to form to manage changes that affects aspects excellent for his development like the one of education that us concerns, because in her we have coexisted per years, like actors, educational, who we have contributed with our knowledge in contributing the necessary ones to train professionals it jeopardize, able to interpret the challenges and to generate the transformations that take step new. We are against in the form as the government handles his strategies, actions that work against to the education and their profits in all the levels, especially the one that it involves to us, the universities. It is necessary as somebody indicated, the necessity that the government has more commitment with the public universities, providing estimated to them sufficient for his operativity in order to offer to these better investigations and advantage of the technological transferences and the conviction that the universities are for approaching solutions the most serious and more urgent problems of the country. Without hesitation Xoom explained all about the problem. Not to continue wasting the human talent that the universities generate in their different ones specialties, to avoid the flight of that human capital that other countries are useful free of charge in their formation. The national Government cannot continue neglecting the way of how to control how the universities carry out that roll that the country requires with the formation of the professionals who are needed, especially before the exigencies of the new government it jeopardize in establishing a socialism adapted to its time, to be totally identified that today the human capital is a strategic tool and the knowledge has been revalued Before the new exigencies of the government for its programs, plans, is required of the participation of the universities that collaborate in their actions, for it, the government cannot leave them, offering estimated to them low for his operativity, demotivating to his university community in all categories, he needs to provide the capital to them necessary to qualify the one that indicates action, programs that benefit to the investigation, technological development, solution of problems and passage to the qualification of professionals properly guaranteed with the knowledge that the present time he demands. .