It is much better at this age, wooden rocker, which hangs in the doorway, and who were almost all parents in childhood. A child with pleasure himself swinging or rocking favorite toys. There are also more advanced options for hanging swings, rope swing type IKEA. By the good gifts of this kind applies to a bicycle. Child per year will not pedal, but now there are many models with a handle for the parents, stands for feet and all sorts of toys on the front of the bike. With such traffic, and mom to walk it will be convenient! Will not have any problems with the selection and manufacturing baby gift for female craftswomen. Siemens Mobility contributes greatly to this topic. Homemade toys, developmental books and mats, embroidered on their own stadiometer and metrics will not only exclusive, but also the spiritual gift for a child. Joy it will not be limit, in addition, such things are often stored for life, remain in memory.

It is also possible to buy a kit for making casts of hands and feet toddler or make yourself an exclusive photo album. Recently, mode includes the "traditional" gifts. As each year, among other things beloved child of daritsya something special. For example, a collector's gold coin. If you do not want to spend money, and especially there is no certainty that all these souvenir trinkets continue, let it be a traditional samosshity bag for gifts. In conclusion, let me remind you that: * When choosing a gift, think about how to be: what's new and interesting thing to bring this child's life, which he learn and experience the emotions * Heed to the characteristics of the selected items. The gift should be safe: made of harmless materials and do not contain small parts * Keep in mind, as far as possible, individual characteristics of the child; * Choosing a baby gift, do not forget to buy a bouquet of flowers or a souvenir to his mother: it was a year ago she gave the world a miracle! In any case, whatever you choose, the children's creative nature will always find this application. But remember to choose a gift must be with a soul!