Capital Property

The current extremely low interest rates should be Capital markets stabilize and stimulate the economic performance if this Bill goes up, no one knows. Even with an increase in productivity a depreciation of the euro risk by external influences (such as Greece crisis or Spain problem) again and again. Investors who put cash capital on investment accounts, so often lose out because achieved balance interest rates generate inflation little or even negative return. This behaves differently in monetary systems: inflation, increases with the price of A.k.a. (E.g. property).

The property is rented, rent increases are unavoidable at rising inflation can the landlord keep approaching at a reasonable level the value of leased commercial space. Benefits of real estate property real estate property is rightly considered one of the main pillars of the retirement. In addition to the already mentioned independence of inflation are particularly benefits the free and freely designable residential environment in the age as well as by the persistent Rental income in a rental. In a convenient, individually tailored financing and the deliberate investment in suitable objects are important for a worry-free and value-based thing prosperity in the age. Commitment to repayment and interest payments should end before the age of retirement, so that drain the mostly lower income for loan rates and rental income (net of taxes) in full serve securing the standard of living. Conclusion the acquisition of real estate property is to be used for both personal use and rental of inflation-protected and yield attractive retirement savings. The individually tailored cutting object of financing is important so that later the risk of an inability to return or a Mietausfalls is kept to a minimum.

Rented real estate shows an independent inflation return, which can serve as additional income to maintaining living standards just at the age in the long term. For the initial information can for example very well the investment calculator on serve: with its help the advantage of real estate investments when compared to other forms of investment for a certain period of time can be calculated. Incurred costs and interest costs, etc. be included appropriately. More information investment calculator real estate as an investment