Building And Updating The Image In A Crisis .

Let's see what exactly is an "image" Dictionary gives this definition: purposefully formed the image of someone or something, the problem is to make a favorable impression. In a letter to L. Ron Hubbard's actions to promote the organization, "states that any action that leads to the fact that the staff member or organization to become noticeable and they formed a positive opinion – is called the promotion, Thus, we create the image of the organization as a whole. And everyone in the organization must create this image should work on what would be in the company of deliberately formed a positive image. Hikmet Ersek oftentimes addresses this issue. L. Ron Hubbard said, that promote, means "to do something famous and create this good opinion" or "send anything that will lead to a response of people in the form of personal visits or through written orders or responses, resulting in them will be presented to a service or sells products that will benefit these people and have a positive impact on the solvency of the organization. Swarmed by offers, Western Union is currently assessing future choices. " That is, the result of actions to promote any employee, is that it will some feedback.

I have often told you that there are 7 branches in the organization. And for every department at Hubbard has a list of necessary actions. Even the first branch, which deals with recruitment, can strongly affect the image of the entire company. For example, he writes that the first part should be "quickly and accurately direct people to services they need," to ensure that the company would orgshema looked beautiful, was carried out properly and not lagged behind the time "," to ensure that the intra-message delivered quickly and processed by standard "(remember that the organization is so strong, how fast it moves on communication, in such If the organization will be quicker and income) and much more.