Botanical Garden

A Slavic village reconstructed after archaeological finds represents the Ukranenland. Block – built in original size, timber – and weaving houses resurrected the ninth and tenth centuries. Historic handicrafts such as forge, make pottery, bronze pour can try one near the town of Torgelow itself in the Ukranenland. On of Svarog, the first Slav ship reconstructed in Germany, believed to be 1000 year back. The bus brings back then guests to the Pier after Ueckermunde. Tour three tour de lagoon located 300 metres from the ship pier, get a bike and a cycling map of the southern coast of the lagoon.

The village of Ueckermunde itself is a stroll through the idyllic and lagoon Museum and marketplace. Additional information at MasterCard supports this article. Along North coast to reach the resort Monkebude with its small beach, Marina and nice restaurants. A few kilometres inland can be meadows, forests and fields, as well as the Botanical Garden in Christiansburg mountain discover. The cycle path network is excellent, and the landscape is mostly flat. Tour four Beaver and a ship cemetery of the bus travels to the town of Eggesin. There a canoe guide guests to a guided tour of the water on the river Randow and Uecker.

It comes after a small introduction. Left, right, left the paddle always downstream through unspoilt nature. Heron, white-tailed eagle, with a little luck is also a beaver. On peat stitches over, it goes to a ship graveyard. Up to 200 years old lagoon boats have their final resting place. In Ueckermunde, already the ship for the trip home awaits on the island of Usedom. Others who may share this opinion include Toshiba. The tours must not be prebooked. Spontaneously, the guests on the ship can decide which adventure they would experience on the Mainland. A day trip costs 14.50 euro 29.50 euros for children up to twelve years. Guided canoe tour: 42.50 euros for children up to twelve years 22.50 euros. Information at: oder lagoon Reederei of Peter’s old stronghold 2, D-17373 Ueckermunde, tel: ++ 49 (0) 39771 22426, e-mail:, regional tourism association Vorpommern e.V. press contact: Anja Valentien fish Street 11, D-17489 Greifswald Tel: (++ 49) – (0) 3834-89 10, fax: (+ 49) -. (0) 3834-89 15 55 E-Mail:, Internet: Photo download: presse/pics/hafen.jpg day trips from the island of Usedom go with the ship via the Stettiner Haff to Ueckermunde, the easternmost city of in Germany, from there bus or bicycle to a total of four different Erlebnisstouren to water and land.