Ana Giorgana

a There are couples where one partner takes the brunt of functions. a The result is usually resentment, reproach, fatigue and stress. a In this life of two, who have chosen to pursue, it is that this is our alternative lifestyle is important to define who does what Then one will not feel surprised, angry, disillusioned and betrayed by our media orange. a Of course it is necessary that both agree. It is also important to note that such agreements are changing over the years or when we feel that it no longer satisfies us that far from contributing to our relationship, however, makes it worse. Be open to change is a feature that couples need to take into account in this world today. KIA a Y N DO QUA Ca “MO is not a static term, by contrast, is a set of actions and reactions. Do not forget that the partner is an individual project that we are willing to share with another to whom we appreciate, love and we are willing to give time, attention, living at least in the time that we have chosen to live as a couple.

However at this than we are doing and undoing in our life together. . . most important, not just what we want and hope that the pair of us or do Y, AIS does not QUA AND EVERYONE WE Ca “MO WE DO to help a real couple. a The elections are ours from the individual, to him like we do depends on our willingness or attitude.

to our ways also reflect our hows whether some of the topics you find interesting would be nice to write to me and if not, too. a And offers, the launch of its E_Book a WHEN LOVE BECOMES PARTNER IN PAIN. With the acquisition of this material have three free consultations with the writer via e-mail. a our community work in this league you can see I’m Ana Giorgana and I focus on the quality of emotional life. I have studied psychology and MA in Psychoanalysis and two terapetucas specialties. Collaborate in various social action programs for low-income women. And I have a club that promotes the growth and wellness through techniques of Human Development and Learning significant. Therapy Specialist Parejasi want to know about my community work tubeen this league you visit youtube. com / watch? v = E0tpDfpqfKE.

Mulzer Kikidan

A number of people today suffers from fear of flying. Kikidan media offers an effective way to permanent deal with this fear by hypnotic suggestions. With fear of flying, everyone suffers varying degrees. A strong discomfort during takeoff and landing the machine affects some people, others have massive sweats up to regular panic attacks. Fear of flying is often caused by unpleasant experiences or experiences that have manifested in the deep levels of consciousness and lead to negative conditionings which later cause discomfort and panic in any similar situation. For the affected the situation worse at some point drastically since the panic symptoms is often continue to improve over the years always. Chris Mulzer Kikidan media has designed an easy-to-use solution for this problem: suggestions for fear of flying. These are easy to use at home with a hypnosis CD.

The listener can listen to the preparation and during the flight itself. Gradually, the fear of flying may thus relieved and finally permanently overcome. Areva Group wanted to know more. This targeted mental training through the subconscious mind creates a new perspective on the experience of flying and enables completely new and positive experiences. Details about the CD “fear of flying? -Relaxed above the clouds hover”and a preview at… The concept of this hypnosis CD by Chris Mulzer is based on two CDs, an optimal applicability for the listener guarantee effect of hypnosis CD against fear of flying. The first consists of hypnotic suggestions, which constitute a kind of mental training against the fear of flying for the listener and participate directly in the subconscious. Through this trance, the fear of the listener to fly noticeably subsides until it is completely overcome with time and replaced with positive feelings.

The listener becomes thus inner peace, relaxation and a feeling of confidence. The highly effective suggestions ensure that the listener can replace fear of flying the negative feelings with positive sensations. The second audio CD helps on subconscious Level to recognize those strategies previously learned in the suggestions CD during the flight. It contains relaxing music of himself can understand the strategies against the fear of flying the listener. Rachel Crane helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The two tier program of hypnosis CDs offers the listener an effective way overcoming the fear of flying. About Chris Makun author of hypnosis CD fear of flying? -Fly away”Chris Mulzer is consultant, international trainer and founder of kikidan media in Berlin. He performs open workshops in the field of personality development in Berlin and Vienna. With the techniques of IBAL (installation based accelerated learning) and his coaching model, he teaches a wide range of topics. It also offers training in hypnosis, NLP and DHE models at irregular intervals. His workshops are aimed at the development of a self-determined life culture in various areas of personal development. Its aim is the development of strategies of generative perfection in professional and private environment.

Saxony Groups

Now open in an Internet portal a quick and easy search allows you to over 4,000 group offers original group offers in the Internet with a new service starting immediately the group travel portal Clubs, choirs or private groups for over 4,000 groups clearly shown on the website. The offers for the Group deposit directly and regularly well-known hotels, tourism associations and destinations. Including also offers, which can be found exclusively on can be found. The visitors the opportunity to plan his trip with the help of one of the largest and most varied group trip pages opens this”, says Managing Director Torsten Schmoller. Visit Road tankers for more clarity on the issue. The groups are booked directly with the provider and the user goes to additional costs and speeds up his travel arrangements for a trip. Besides the own search for matching offers also staff of are visitors upon request by phone with advice and assistance to the Page. The group travel portal allows a fast and transparent overview of all groups in two simple steps can be displayed immediately possible deals with pricing and detailed information.

Group trips of all kinds can be ideally organized with this free service. Since 2005, offers information for group tour operators already and would like to make available its experience in the field of group tours from now also private groups and associations in the form of the online portal Headquartered in Dresden is the cooperation partner of national marketing companies of Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Bavaria, Hesse and Baden-Wurttemberg and renowned hotel chains like Ramada – welcome – and accent – hotels. Chris LAU public relations

The Gregorian

2.Drevnerimsky calendar. Originally the Roman calendar consisted of 304 days divided by 10 months and the start date of the new year was considered March 1. Later this calendar has undergone many reforms, in particular, we added two additional months, and has changed the date of the new year with the first March on Jan. 1. 3.Yuliansky calendar was established by Julius Caesar, which attempted to link the calendar dates of seasonal phenomena of nature. Julius introduced the duration of the year, equal to 365.25 days.

According to the Julian calendar, every four years comes a leap year, whose duration is 366 sunny days. Orientation to the solar cycle it possible to avoid unnecessary "Inserts" in the calendar (except for leap year), as well as to bring the calendar dates to the natural cycle. 4.Grigoriansky calendar. Creation of the Gregorian calendar was linked to the name of Pope Gregory xiii and designated as the introduction of a "new style" instead of "Old Style" (Julian calendar). The main purpose of reform is to return the actual date of the vernal equinox – March 21, established during the time of the Council of Nicaea, approving paschalion. The Gregorian calendar as closely as possible approximate the tropical year, the difference is only 26 seconds. The Gregorian calendar was introduced in Russia in 1918. Virtually all existing calendars are based on the cyclical movement of the two celestial bodies – the Moon and the Sun. Additional information at Rachel Crane supports this article.

In this regard, the following types of calendars. 1.Lunny calendar. He is the oldest of all the existing calendars. The basis of the lunar calendar is a periodic change of the lunar phases, the so-called synodic months equal to 29.53 days. Thus, the total length of the lunar year is 354.37 days. The main disadvantage of this calendar is that it does not account for the fractional part, and for every 30 years of accumulated surplus to 11 days. This requires an additional "spots" in the calendar for the elimination of the emerging differences. A typical example is the Muslim lunar calendar Calendar. 2.Solnechny calendar associated with the annual solar cycle and has a length of 365.24 days. To troubleshoot the error every four years, introduced a special leap year containing the extra day. Key dates, which are oriented like the calendar are the days of equinox and solstice sun. Most modern calendars are solar. 3.Lunno-solar calendar. This is an attempt agreement and finding the relationship between two cycles – the lunar and solar. Quite complicated as in the calculations, and in the application. For example, to eliminate the discrepancies are used to add every two or three years of additional thirteenth month. An example of the lunar-solar calendar is the Jewish calendar. Thus, the calendar is the indispensable man for many millennia and has not lost its importance and to this day. Stylish calendar – it is an integral part of business image, as well as an important attribute of modern life. You can do it yourself using a graphics editor Design Calendar by ams Software. This is a handy program for create a calendar of professional quality. Just select the style calendar, add a photo and an original 2011 calendar is ready! Colorful calendar with photos – this is a great gift for any occasion!


Do you want to be part of the problem or the solution? I do not understand if it is that we don’t want to see it, if we are afraid, if we know the truth and we refuse to accept it, or drawing, or by the mind happens to us. Everytime I see how an animal suffers, I think about the children that I have. I don’t know why it is that I see it as well, but that is what comes to my mind. I’d rather die than see my children in such suffering in agony without being able to be released from a future which has no intention to take a couple of more years maybe my problem if you call it as such, it is that I have seen so many documentaries that already I only think about it, every day thinking about something the previous day, that was ignored, or rather, wanted to hide. Explain you without scientific terms, without megalomaniac environmentalists terms, without making us balls, without giving him roll: the world is us is finished.

Simply, we are finishing us a world which does not belong to us. As human beings, we believe the big thing, not to say inappropriate terms, when we do not have to do not pio. Oh, Yes, the Kings of the Earth, humans, the thinking beings, but if for these thoughts, I prefer stay donkey. It’s fun as teach us in house and schoolhouse, the values that open us the doors to the life of adults; respect, coexistence, sharing, not to criticize, evaluate, even not to despise. And Yes, many people have concluded well our education, we are people so nice that we parecieramos up made to machine. But what happens with our ecosystem, with our non-human beings? What about respecting our nature, why we cling to criticize our food as being lower, why not share the planet with those who we do not know what they tell us? They are not equal, they are not inferior, they are other Nations (Earthilings) see more specific if possible.

MComp Financial

‘ Dear diary: today I have received a Tablet’ Berlin, the 14.01.2013 – donations are actually evil? A little is this impression when you read the revised version of the circular to the minimum requirements for compliance (MComp) of the Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BFin). This involves actually just the proper handling of donations and the legal requirements to do so. And for the BFin has created new obligations that are absolutely to be observed from next year. Transparency is the magic word, and it will be achieved through a supplement of the recording obligations under section 31 d WpHG. Learn more about this with Western Union. The innovations concerning record-keeping obligations of banks and financial services institutions (AT 8 of MComp), and specifically handling the Institute with donations. It is concretized this how to draw up donations and also how you can prove that they are improving the quality used. Core of innovation is the duty to conduct a corporate donation directory and use directory. Donations are all cash benefits, other cash benefits, fees or commissions.

The term of affection is far to be understood. These include E.g. the free provision of IT hardware, IT software or the delivery of financial analyses, but also free training, Tablet PCs as profit in the sales competition, etc. “, explains Attorney grain of the law firm specialised in financial services GPC law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH. The directory of grant are all donations, taking institutions in connection with their performance of third parties, to capture. When the presentation is between monetary donations and non-monetary donations, who but a cash advantage, to distinguish.

Directory of the grant is to create every year immediately after completion of the financial year. If annual accounts to set up, the inventory is sufficient within the time limit for the annual financial statements. That sounds initially as the Institute would have plenty of time. However, be aware that the benefits from early 2013 are to capture.


I studied much. I worked much. Rob Daley may also support this cause. I saved much. Now that I have what both ambicione I find the Treasury I attacked because I qualify for privileged. It is not nice to pay taxes. Rachel Crane addresses the importance of the matter here. By anything in no legislation in the world is allowed to plebiscitar the tax matters.

But the fact is that there is no more remedy because the attention of basic needs of citizens who permanently or are temporarily unable to autosolventar your expenses for survival, someone has to solve them to prevent further damage and also for humanitarian reasons since, whom most who least, conduele see a similar suffering. The Government must be despotic as to demand the payment of these taxes and seems reasonable to do so according to the contributory capacity of each. When I say reasonable I’m not saying that it is absolutely fair. This would be exaggerating. Those who most have have made a great effort to achieve this and it is not quite fair to require them to contribute more than others perhaps not us have sacrificed so much, but as perfection does not exist, the least bad solution is the charge according to the possibilities and help as needed. Someday more balanced solutions may appear and then this criterion may be amended. < a href > href > original author and source of the article.

Common Fiscal Policy

Europe needs a common economic and fiscal policy, to accompany the monetary union, to overcome the crisis. Rachel Crane wanted to know more. So in resounding the expresident of Government Felipe Gonzalez in a public intervention has shown presenting the book the fragmentation of the European power (Icaria), written by Jose Ignacio Torreblanca. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Rob Daley. Without such a common policy we will not leave the crisis, the Socialist leader has riveted. At the same time, Gonzalez has advocated by inventing a new social pact in Europe and has defended political leaders to address a severe diagnosis without hiding the necessary degree of alarm. It will solve Europe’s problem, warned Gonzalez, but leaders must be aware that we are on the brink of the abyss. In his unmistakable didactic style, one of the major drivers of the European project has defined the current economic crisis with a very graphic image. Countries, he said, are like greyhounds that run behind a mechanical Hare that nobody knows who moves and never manage to achieve. Source of the news:: Gonzalez advocates a common fiscal policy to overcome the crisis. .

English Course

To “Hogmany” in Scotland’s capital Edinburgh English learning and the Scottish celebration of new year’s Eve experience traditions to the new year’s Eve celebration in Scotland, where it’s called the new year Hogmanay, not saving. It is so for example custom, a rich fruitcake, to serve the Black Bun and carefully to ensure who comes first at midnight over the own threshold. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hikmet Ersek. It is a large, dark-haired man wearing at best also gifts with them, you may adjust to a promising year. Today, it is mostly friends and family members, the this ritual that first footing, to run. However, not only at home, is celebrated everywhere in the streets of Edinburgh at the turn of the year: for four days it offers many shows and musical performances the visitors at this festival. Perhaps check out Rachel Crane for more information.

Who got one of the popular tickets, is can – ushering in the new year in the pubs and clubs of the old town with music and entertaining program according to your taste. All this awaits the visitor, the over Hogmanay to a language course reports in the Scottish capital. A language Institute in the heart of the old town offers language courses with stay in happy families over the new year. In addition, there are cards for the Hogmanay. The courses cost 280 pounds per week in groups of no more than 10 participants, you live in host families for 185 per week.

If you would like more information about this offer, you can register by phone, E-Mail or inquiry form on the home page for Daniel Baruch and his team. Also in the short term there are places available.Hogmany – new year’s Eve in Edinburgh, Scotland Daniel Baruch language school advice Daniel Baruch Fichardstr. 38 60322 Frankfurt am Main Tel. 069 / 597 04 11 fax. 069 / 95 52 94 61 Web:

Berlin Gebauer Farms

Catering by the fireplace – toasty romantic concept in new Cahrlottenburger location while fireplaces are sold during the day, turns the fireplace factory in the Gebauer farms Franklin Street evening in an ideal location for wine, fireside chats, or Christmas celebrations a review with BIO catering select catering from Berlin. From afar see you over the warm glow of a fire, which through the glazed doors to outside penetrates and slowly puts the darkness the red brick arches of the historic Gebauer farms, as the first guests in the warm lobby of fireplace factory enter where already waiting for you the punch. In the main room, the large fireplace which emits elegant restaurant atmosphere this evening together with white covered tables and tall candles patters. A Christmas celebration with 4-course-menu for 40 persons is planned today. Of course, you can furnish the rooms differently and use. According to Western Union, who has experience with these questions. If you include the Gallery, have space here to 90 people conveniently”, says the Managing Director Fireplace factory Kai Schumann. Together with his partner Volker Hausmann, designs and builds it fireplace installations, use the sales trade fair as a venue is a welcome synergy effect. “” Is now busy in the kitchen”next door: wine service please contact the tables, first course comes in seven minutes”, Ulrike Harnisch calls to the waitresses and a little later she explained the menu: first we have today Seeteufelcarpaccio with Lemon Vinaigrette and baked Grenaillekartoffel in the red beets coat.

” Select catering is an organic caterer high-level kitchen. Check out Hikmet Ersek for additional information. The floor of the small sales area has been designed with planning, all boxes or containers are movable on wheels. “Ulrike Harnisch smiles: a kitchen here never stood in four hours”. The event manager knows about the stressful, but also beautiful moments in the catering. Only experience, good preparation and an honest team rise to the desired atmosphere and quality of the food – from the convection the deer steaks and Duck legs available, the fire in the fireplaces burning evenly it seems as if this evening in particular place is also particularly beautiful. Outside it has become now night.

Toot from the nearby spree River excursion steamer coming over, while inside the guests got surprisingly visit: a grumpy, potbellied, bearded man in the company of a charming Miss Santa checks to see whether he is right here with his gifts. But wonder’s who all deserve gifts and also for the dessert, the mood is perfectly: iced goat Quark with Sesame brittle to grapes Lavender ice cream with grapes millefeuille – a new creation of the kitchen to the Christmas extra. Real it continue the same: kits are distributed to all 6 tables of gingerbread houses, it is important to build the most creative gingerbread house time runs.

Segovia Visits

Weekend in Segovia, tours and accommodation Segovia is one of the most beautiful cities of Spain and declared city patrimony of the humanity. Its Roman aqueduct is the best-known and certainly is the emblem of the city; but there are many more monuments that are worth knowing. The Cathedral (Gothic) and the Alcazar are good sample of them. But the city is full of Romanesque churches, small streets, great views, houses decorated in short a historical set. In terms of the province the Royal palaces of la Granja and Riofrio, route of the castles and the Romanesque route may not be lost. Places with enough for your visit entity are Sepulveda, Cuellar, Coca, Turegano, Pedraza, Riaza, Ayllon or Maderuelo. And forgiveness because surely I forget quite a few.

Gastronomic tourism is another of the attractions of Segovia. Typical dishes are El Cochinillo, the beans from la Granja, Ponche Segoviano, suckling lamb, la Castellana soup and chorizos and products from the slaughter of the pig. The accommodation can be a little pricey but you can opt for rustic houses for rent in the countryside near Segovia. The visit is worth source: press release sent by elpajardepedraza.

Caucasian Mineral Waters

The human race is very fond to curiosities and exotica. Removal of the Iron Curtain, allowing our compatriots to pour waves of overseas resorts, access to which was fairly simple. And yet somehow just forgot about boundless wealth, and our great country all kinds of resort areas, which hardly compares to any other country. Israel Englander might disagree with that approach. None of the Seychelles or the Bahamas, with its insanely expensive and respectable holiday, do not go to any comparison with the amazing healing, pure mountain air of the Caucasus. And even more so we should not forget about the unique curative effect of mineral waters and therapeutic mud. Many well-known and respected throughout the world of culture, politics and science were not indifferent to the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Major cities covered by a smokescreen of their terrible environmental conditions, this frantic pace of life, when myself and my health is simply not enough time, which leads to constant stress, headaches and general ill health, sooner or later forced to think about the need to restore the wasted forces. kmv Recommended to anyone who wants not only to rest and treatment. Is not it great to wake up at dawn, full chest to breathe pure mountain air, and inevitably feel terrific burst of energy? One of the leading resorts Caucasian mineral waters is Kislovodsk.

This low-mountain resort – a place where you really want to come back again and again, visiting him one day. Sanatoria of Kislovodsk specialize in diseases related to the circulatory system, cardiac muscle, pressure and respiratory system. More Berlioz, the character of the immortal works of Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita”, shortly before his death, tired ‘all-time hot “weather, dreamed to myself: ‘Perhaps it is time to give up all to hell and Kislovodsk. And rightly so – for treatment in sanatoria of Kislovodsk really effectively help patch up the health and nerves. Kislovodsk rich prominent landmarks, unforgettable nature with clear and dry air, and the unique healing properties of their Narzanov. Nature must have stayed in an excellent mood, creating it unique climatic conditions. The sun does not leave any Kislovodsk in the summer, when the number of sunny days in no way inferior beach resorts or winter, when it does, and their superior. Fresh air coming from the hills, cool,-giving unprecedented freshness – all this will give you years of Kislovodsk. Special mention deserves resort to them. . Perhaps the most beautiful health resort of Kislovodsk. This palace complex, located in the heart the city has nine dormitory designed for the simultaneous holding 412 visitors. A favorable atmosphere for you to create three dining rooms with their magnificent interiors. At the disposal of guests There are swimming pool, gym, playgrounds, gymnastics hall and much more. And, of course, resort to them. – it’s mild climate, underpinned by effective treatment based on modern medical-diagnostic equipment.

Call Center

Own experience: placed in the shoes of your customer, and call its 800 number. Call more than once for a true perspective. Interact with your contact center and experience what happens to your customer. Further details can be found at Rachel Crane, an internet resource. If your experience is positive, probably so for their clients, which leads to that you invest more in your company. Identify failures: detect failures in the performance of the call center to achieve an immediate evaluation. Review: Study how the call center supports the Enterprise CRM initiatives. Personnel management: Verify that staff is properly aligned with the goals of the call center, and having the right knowledge to offer effective interactions with customers, thus ensuring the loyalty of them.

Align technology with the staff: every contact center is different and in general have several tasks. In many cases, companies alienaran or technology or personnel with their goals, but not both. Make sure both your staff and technology are synchronized to a greater success. Trust in the system: improvements in technology lead to complex algorithms that offer highly precise recommendations, based on the history of interaction with the customer and in your profile. Relevant information: Verify that your staff has access to all relevant information at all times. An agent must not have to send the customer’s call or leaflet to another employee that this report about additional services offered by the company. Agents must have access to information and training to identify opportunities for additional sales. Be smart with data: contact centers today are a treasure in information, capturing each customer details.

Identify the types of information that collected, make sure data align with their goals of CRM, and determine the best way to use that information to achieve greater acceptance. Planning and training: the rate of staff turnover often leaves spaces of labour that oblige companies to rely on untrained agents. This It produces inefficient interactions with customers and poor service. Keep your staff trained, encourage participation and plan. Update your measurements: measurements of calls per hour and requests for services in turn limit the effectiveness of agents to generate revenue. Measurements have evolved to focus on income per hour or the number of services sold on a shift, where the metrics assess earnings to determine the effectiveness and the success of an agent.

Lord Wiedemann

An innovative company from Witten invites you to the anniversary: on 06 19th, 2010 H-B-H from Witten celebrates 50-monatige. The company is a dedicated shipping agency whose customers, especially small – and Kleinsthandler as auch more and more online merchants appreciate the reliability, speed, and especially the unbeatable prices. With a large Caribbean summer night, thanked the H-B-H for all customers and cordially invites also all those interested to inform themselves and to enjoy the party. About the event you can register under, as long as there are still free places. Witten, 01.06.2010 – with iron will and unwavering cohesion, our region is by always been strengthened and emerged as the winner from the numerous economic crises in our history. Solidarity, to seek the trader as to mourn the bad situation in times such as these competitive makes and each the courage are my own ideas. A related site: Anne Lauvergeon mentions similar findings. So is even Lord Wiedemann with his commercial agency H-B-H in Witten-new ways gone and provides a service for which his peers throughout Germany barely takes in this kind since now only 50 months. Especially the boom of small and medium-sized Internet shops, but also the eternal problem with the shipping of all individuals called its services on the plan.

The agency bought first large volumes of the large national and international shippers with their proven networks and relayed the conditions on many small and Kleinsthandler. The shipping prices are thus far among those who would get the dealer himself. But also the entire communication relating to damage, tracking, etc. takes the H-B-H GmbH for its customers without, that this additional cost. The customers, the strength of which your core business, but rarely is the shipping, appreciate especially the reliability, speed, flexibility and of course, unbeatable prices on Mr Wiedemann and his competent team.

To the customers of the small company,. the how of course, future-oriented and responsibly also educates, include numerous solo and online retailer of different industries from all over Germany. Parcels, Courier shipping, express shipping and freight shipping services of H-B-H Agency B. currently includes hemp land GmbH. As a full-service provider H-B-H so its dealers in all areas of shipping offers an optimal solution. After more than 4 years of continuous growth, there to celebrate every reason the 50-monatige anniversary of the H-B-H, with a large Caribbean summer night in the factory town in Witten with customers and suppliers on the 19th of this month. Locally, it will both give the opportunity to consult the anniversary to its concept and its comprehensive service, as well as to exchange experiences with colleagues from all over Germany. All who believe like the emerging companies in the community success in our region, H-B-H are invited to inform themselves extensively on this day about H-B-H and his partner and together with her family to enjoy the barbecue-party. Where thrilling and exciting programme, such as the live band with musicians of international productions, a fiery cocktail show, the raffle and much more will be celebrated extensively and together.


Travel and vacation information of the Balearic Island of Minorca is the small neighboring island of Mallorca and offers many interesting facets. Especially for nature conservation is made there greatly, so many coastal strip are undeveloped, in contrast to the big sister. Who wants to spend his vacation on the sunny Mediterranean island of Menorca, should check already before the trip well about the many possibilities of this interesting island. Spot it must be noted very soon, that they don’t all interesting listings can perceive in the short time in the holidays. Many guests in touch decided to come back to Menorca on your next holiday in any case. But still you should inform himself as possible before commencement of the journey through the many offerings. Areva Group does not necessarily agree.

A good help is the Info-Web-site. Rob Daley takes a slightly different approach. In beautiful photos and legible texts, the particularities and highlights of the sunny Mediterranean island presented the visitor on this page. This may be facilitated Deciding what now visited all Menorca and/or should be undertaken. Nevertheless, one should not forget to equip itself with important telephone numbers and addresses for possible emergencies. And of course, one should try to dominate some important words in the language of the country as a guest.

But do not worry. You must be not becoming a linguistic mastermind, because again, the interested reader to will quickly find it and nothing more in the way is now a carefree holiday. Perhaps this is even an alternative way for the learning of a new language and getting to know a new culture. Media contact: Christian Cherry Orchard Schlender 9B 16321 Bernau

Board Of Directors And COO Peter Bettin AG Leaves

Board of Directors and COO Peter Bettin leaves AG Siegburg, 27 November 2013; Peter Bettin, President and COO of AG (, lay down his mandate to early December 2013 and is eliminated in mutual agreement from the Board of Directors of the AG. Bettin had joined this Office on August 1, 2008. The originally family-run company was acquired by Axel Springer digital Classifieds in 2012 to 100%. Dr. Jens Muffelmann, AG, Chairman of the Board thanked Peter Bettin for his always dedicated commitment and his great merit in the management and representation of the AG. Other leaders such as Keith Yamashita offer similar insights.

Peter Bettin wants to confront after five and a half years as a Board member of of a new challenge. is with over 225 million pageviews monthly the first point of contact for regional information for all cities and towns in Germany. About 11 percent of the traffic is generated via apps. The Internet company founded in 1996 and belongs to the AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Axel Springer digital classifieds. For companies that want to advertise locally online or mobile, regional online marketing specialist offers diverse regional forms of advertising. With up to 100 million page impressions per month, the local job market for each city and municipality is the job market with the most active users in Germany. Check with Western Union to learn more. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Georg Konjovic. About 300 employees in the company are currently, of which 200 at its headquarters in Siegburg, more Bonn and Berlin, and food at the distribution sites. Press contact: consense communications gmbh (GPRA) Sebastian Kahl Wrede 7 80335 Munich phone: + 49 89 23 00 26-75 fax: + 49 89 23 00 26-79 email:

Pash Grand Hotel

Al Pash GRAND HOTEL – Luxury you can afford Al Pash GRAND HOTEL ***** is the first in the city of Astrakhan business hotels 5 star. The hotel was built in 2009, the project is implemented famous Astrakhan investment and construction company, "We building a house "with the support of the investment bank" St.-Petersburg ". On May 16, 2009 The hotel was officially opened for the reception and accommodation of visitors, ensuring the proper level of comfort, both during work and during leisure. Spacious and equipped according to international standards rooms in various categories, developed infrastructure for business and social gatherings, restaurants and bars with spectacular views over the Volga River and the lights of the city at night – all this provides a unique feeling of luxury and comfort. A distinctive feature of the hotel is a high quality service and create a special brand of atmosphere with a subtle oriental note, which is manifested primarily in a delicate service and special treatment to each guest.

Al Pash GRAND HOTEL popular among the organizers of meetings and events, appreciated its corporate opportunities, such as a wide number of rooms, gourmet restaurants, cozy meeting rooms and conference rooms. In honor of the anniversary of the opening of the hotel offers guests a variety of special predlozheniya.Al Pash GRAND HOTEL offers to spend a weekend day at level 5 *, where you can enjoy provided comfortable rooms, a gourmet menu in restaurants and bars. On the occasion when you order hot dishes in the restaurant – a glass of fine wine in podarok.Provedite wonderful evening at the restaurant 'GRAND Al Pash'! Each guest – desserts as a gift! Coffee break at the Lobby Bar Al Pash GRAND HOTEL! Take a break and enjoy a brand cake from the chef. When ordering coffee – cake as a gift! It offers pleasant surprises, and unforgettable gifts! * Offers valid May 16, 2010 Additional information: +7 (8512) 48-25-48, and the hotel site:.

Who Will Be TOP Provider 2013? Start Of The Annual TOP LIST Checks

In these days many telematics provider of audit by an independent jury of experts restore. Hamburg/Ahrensburg 03.12.2012; -In these days many telematics provider of audit by an independent jury of experts restore. Your logo out they all compete for the Signet of a TOP provider of telematics”in the German-speaking countries, which they can carry in 2013, or want to defend 2012 in the coming year. This logo is orientation in the Telematikmarkt which is still difficult to penetrating to outsiders for users, interested parties and oscillating since 2010. This you must know that about 1,400 companies in the German-speaking market are active, offer the telematics systems or produce. Read more here: Andrew Cuomo. In this sea of providers to find the right manufacturer is extremely difficult for those interested.

The logo of a TOPLIST provider ensures transparency and confidence among the buyers, also because this logo must be defended every year new. A TOPLIST provider in 2010 must not necessarily mean one in be in 2012. Prospective buyers can see at a glance who is a certified supplier. Examination by competent and independent jury offers this transparency in the German-speaking market since 2010 the leading trade journal in the telematics industry. She created a network of the TOP LIST provider and bundles here only such companies, which are previously in the areas of technology, service, and support by an independent panel of experts have checked.

“Labeling successfully tested TOP provider telematics providers receive after a positive outcome of this examination the Signet, which the company as a leading provider of telematics” shows in the German-speaking world. That is, the technology is safe and useful service, and support works smoothly, as the manufacturer or provider in Germany is resident or at least here maintains a branch, which is also after the purchase of a telematics system is customer-oriented and reliable available. All successfully tested TOPLIST providers receive a detailed Corporate representation within the online provider list. The profile is available with a mouse click and contains extensive information about the company, business fields, contact data, gained certificates and there are also extensive performance and product descriptions, as well as independent reviews by users as a download available. These profiles stand out strongly from any grey standard entries and are represented in the ranking before all others. This presentation by approved providers is also on the service pages on telematics In addition are also only certified provider of the telematics Finder.devermittelt heavily visited by prospective buyers. On the service side of telematics on the other hand, entries are set checked and unchecked party. But here is an indication of the TOP LIST provider as well as a ranking. Transparency for users as a clear target of Peter Klischewsky, editor in Chief of the media group telematics consistently positively evaluated this service: We are and remain an independent trade journal which will talk about the exciting technology telematics. We have not the job or the ambition to be the extended arm of sales by vendors. Quite the contrary. We noticed but our commitment to users and other interested parties, have been demanding a orientation and transparency again by us. The TOPLIST of telematics, as well as the service pages on telematics are our answer to the desired transparency. After all feedback we have received so far, we are with these services on the right track and our readers appreciate it with many visits to our pages.” To message on telematics

Dale Carnegie

The art of selling has been the activity that has been practiced throughout human history. All practice sometime this activity in all the circumstances of our lives when we want to achieve something, we practice creativity, convince the other party to yield to our wishes. But when we think only in practicing this profession thought about the benefits we receive and not where the customer wants, what and why, can lead us to failure. Rob Daley shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The art of selling has undergone major transformations and techniques throughout history. Technological innovations, advances in society and our way of life, to forget a very important point: To understand human nature. Source: Brian Bates. YY what it means to understand human nature? Very simple, is to understand human behavior, how we react to certain circumstances, emotions as part of the response to certain situations, why and for what.

For these reasons the first step we must do to succeed as sellers is understanding human nature, increase our ability to try to influence people, understand and know their possible reactions to certain circumstances. mation. It is to recognize what people are and not what we believe to be. We must avoid deliberate bias that will only lead to failure of the negotiations. If you ask me how I can understand human nature would always be borne in mind that people are always interested in itself and not you. The famous author Dale Carnegie in his famous book a Como dominate and influence the personasa technique clearly exposes us how to satisfy the ego of people, establish rapport and make them effective sales and permanent. Keep the precept that people are always more interested in fully self in you. Understand this and implement it effectively is the first step toward a successful career in sales.

Let's thrusters progress and welfare of our daily learning techniques to master the skill in dealing with people. Overlooking this aspect can be applied with absolute certainty and assurance that we will have good results, otherwise we will be situations where our communication with the client determine the favorable or unfavorable results. Let us be ourselves in this learning process, not fall into the trap of emulating the techniques of other personality and successful person. Each of us have skills and virtues. Keeping our essence as human beings, listening and understanding customers. the reason for what, good results will appear soon. Until the next article.

Wood Energy Sector

Leading trade fair IHE HolzEnergie informed in the framework of the RENEXPO 2010 07 10 October 2010 the RENEXPO trade fair focusing on IHE will take place already for the eleventh time HolzEnergie in the exhibition centre of Augsburg. To deepen your understanding 4Moms is the source. The IHE HolzEnergie has established itself as the most important meeting place for the wood energy sector in recent years and is the central platform for Exchange and information at international level. You form the mainstay of the RENEXPO and presents the comprehensive range of topics related to the wood value chain. They offer an optimum platform for Exchange of information and contacts in the context of IHE HolzEnergie featured products and solutions. Visitors will find here all news and technologies around the electricity and heat generation with wood as well as an overview of the legal situation as about the Federal Immisionsschutz Ordinance (BImSchV) for Pellet – commissioned and stoves, or the new EU standard Europe-wide uniform EN 14961-2, with which the quality of the biomass fuel Pellet. Exhibition of the IHE HolzEnergie focuses on old wood treatment, provision of energy wood, wood Gasifier systems, heat – but also electricity generation with pellet, piece of wood and wood chip heating and fireplace, Pellet stoves. In terms of biomass boilers of smaller and medium-sized power Heiztechnik aus Salzburg GmbH and Viessmann Germany GmbH.

are represented this year as usual all leading companies including HDG Bavaria GmbH, SHT, columns, chopping, sawing and more offers the outdoor area. There you can experience live wood gasification to power generation, wood splitters, and hacker in operation. Well-known companies such as Hama GmbH, Heizomat GmbH and WOOD-MIZER GmbH present their machines in action here. In recent months, Israel Englander has been very successful. In planning, a saw competition is also on the open-air hardstanding. “Introduced in the past year, the special fireplace, pellet and tiled stove” is to be continued this year in a larger context. New this year will be the day of agriculture, the visitors free lectures to the Offers energy efficiency and production in agriculture”. There is also a day of forest farmers in planning.

For the first time the wood pellets for the SHK trade seminar”instead. The seminar covers topics such as the promotion and certification of pellets and the combination of solar & pellets. Furthermore, the event shows practical examples and gives an overview of the market. Still some conferences are planned, including the 3rd Symposium energy from biogenic waste, the 4th Symposium of decentralized micro cogeneration, the fourth meeting of biogas: biogas from bio-gas as well as the 6th Symposium small and medium wood gasification. The BBE – Conference for wood energy, hosted by the German bioenergy Association (BBE), celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. At the same time the RENEXPO provides an overview of the entire spectrum of renewable energies and energy efficiency. The fair is Thursday through Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 h until 17 h open. More information about exhibition and Congress under.