The Imperative

When perceiving this emptiness, tends to fill it with material things, with what always he was conditional to make: to consume. Incapable of to work its problems and close crises, searchs ' ' solues' ' but in the world of the exterioridades or appearances or it enters in crisis, as the depressions. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tyler Haney. In this search, it can go to the meeting of the drugs, legal and illegal, that wave as ' ' solution mgica' ' it life to continue ' ' without problemas' '. The imediatizao of the life demands more efficient and fast ways for the acquisition it pleasure, and the freedom, destitute of its counterpart that is the responsibility, of, for people orphans of ethical principles, the endorsement of if being able to make what it will want. these people are ethics orphans because? Perhaps because interest to the consumption market that the people do not think in such a way, only consummates The consumption of merchandises of the Culture of the Narcissism if presents with the promise to supplant the tried tdio, fatigue, futilidade and the emptiness daily for the people. Another mark of the current times is the difficulty that the people tmde to assume commitments. We could relate this data with the fact of that perhaps the individuals of the one after modernity long for an emotional unfastening, will not need, will deal with the risks of instability caused by the social relations. The idea seems to be of if obtaining an unfastening, indifference state, as factor of protection against its proper impulses in favor of an interior balance. What it is observed is the solitude, the emptiness, the difficulty to feel, of being carried to is of itself. The cult to the individualism, the lack of commitment and social conscience, the imperative of having on the being leads to an increasing feeling of isolation, with the establishment of the impessoalidade and the perception of the other as strange.

Roman Empire

is observed that the hoteleiro had as main target the travellers of rich classroom. If to observe intently we will see that the term tourist already is entering in vigor. How? Running away a little from the past for the present time the person is considered tourist when the traveller who if dislocates there for one or more different places of its habitual residence and remains for more than 24 hours, but with return intention. More info: Coldwater Creek. Moreover, it does not participate of the market of work in the destination. The emitting nucleus is the place of where it has broken the tourist, that is, it is the city of the customer. Already the receiving nucleus is the place where the tourist is received, according to EMBRATUR. Still more, the tourist flow is groups of people who if dislocate from emitting nucleus to the similar receiving nucleus to make the practical tourism. Old it had the favorable question of motivation and conditions, as well as nowadays, therefore if it did not have where to install the people who would go itself to have, everything would be one baguna, that is, it would have a great confusion.

It is not only enough to carry through an event to attract great masses, or empires, if a capable structure will not have all the sufficient to take care of to the demand the event will not be one of the best ones. Mainly because the guests searched only of subsistence and rest half it are of its regions of origin. Had to this necessity to offer to shelter and feeding the first shelters for return had appeared of 500 B.C., that had this purpose. According to site it in the sample that with the apogee of the Roman Empire had an increment of displacements for all the Europe, North of Africa and East and with this had appeared the Mansiones, Tavernas and Resorts.

Venezuelan University

Very wise observation that makes Rojas, when exposed, that with this attitude, the National Executive evidence that is against the development of the Academy, research, extension and community service, indispensable in the evolution of the country, in addition to directly threaten the quality of life for the University professional. Such as Pyrrhic increase affects the entire institution in general, because it detracts from motivation to research, creativity and innovation. It is an element to discredit the role of the University in Venezuelan society. It is a lack of respect and is why we criticize strongly the fact that cannot be they have complied with the agreements reached at the dialogue tables, and obviously they are going we invoice and we are paying expensive out to protest constantly what we consider our acquired rights. With these measures, check once again that the actions of the Government are not credible, more in a sector such as the education, training of professionals, who should be always considered and handled with actions that respect the University professional that deserves to be rewarded with real wages and ensuring a quality of equitable lifejust to their knowledge, work. All this shows also that the universities through their federations, associations of professors, University community, they must find other more proactive actions that really may lead to the Government identifies with what education represents for a country that wants to move forward, that this should not be neglected, but giving him all the necessary support to ensure that their programs are feasible, and that is known to use properly the capital of human talent that is teachers and able to face the challenges and generate transformations necessary to exit avante. Faced with this reality that leaves a great deal to say and surprises, so a revolutionary Government, must not be wrong in all matters concerning education, therefore assumes it must be clear in its mission, vision will try to establish a modern socialism, unfortunately, has not valued education which represents in its objectives and what is most important, leaves much saying, the way as is management regarding the role that universities should play, to equity and justice in an equitable, just, with decent wages payment, with teachers, workers University, homologated according to the economic reality of the present and without preference to other sectors, as the public administration where there are remuneration above the teachers. Crawford Lake Capital Hedge Fund describes an additional similar source. Finally, it is very valid what says Rojas, which costs much understand how the national Government takes such measures and discriminated against the reality of the houses of studies.

There is no doubt that a country needs teachers well paid and prepared, since that goes directly to the development of a nation. Without the involvement of the University, teachers, administrative staff and worker, insurance will have a country in via direct to the hollow of the mediocrity. I have expected the Government to meditate on these measures taken, because cannot afford the luxury of making mistakes, especially in a thinking sector as it is the universities that comprise a significant numbers of people that should be taken into account, notably before a new re-election aspirations. President, Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, errors, cannot afford should concentrate more on which their teams of work evaluate correctly the scope, implications of the measures to be taken to generate. Hopefully steps to corrective actions that favor you with fair, equitable, actions favorable for their graduate, Faces, UC teaching interests. Exatec.

OSCE Kingdom

We took over from the peacekeeping UN, OSCE and other international organizations, creating the Kingdom of the group to resolve conflicts in spiritual basis of diplomacy. Eradication of irrational hatred among people, threatening life on Earth is not easy, but possible. It must be remembered: the enemies of the people there. The enemy – the character of the metaphysical world, operating people by activating their basest desires. We have already reached the point where the issues relate to public administration must reflect the realities of changing world. Never before have the prospects of development of civilization determined by the extent of this solution to the problems and errors are not threatening a global catastrophe and destruction throughout the world. Technological progress is ahead of the biological features of human understanding in its negative posledstviy.Globalizatsiya made the world vulnerable, because technical progress has not been adequate progress in the moral.

Best opposite of violence – it's spiritual development. Culture determines the quality of society and is reliable deterrent to the movement toward the abyss. successful. In the cultural life of our country's past year was marked by success and achievement. In the Kingdom of published books and articles have been created beautiful music, a unique show, started an art gallery and web studio, began to prepare to shoot a new movie and to international music festivals. Many doubted that such problems to us shoulder. But the citizens of our multinational country has only become more friendly and united.

This is the main result of this year. My dear! Taking this opportunity, I want to thank you all my sincere respect and appreciation. I am grateful for the fact that in these difficult times you have displayed their best qualities – patience, diligence and responsibility. We're on the right track, and it – just the beginning. It does not matter where we are now, we – together! I I believe in every one of you! A year of 2011. For the Kingdom of Love comes a time for new responsible business. Today all of us share a common dream that the UK has a strong, prosperous and respected country in the world. Before our goal is to gain international prestige, education and social responsibility of spiritual generation, bringing together many millions of people. Our primary objective – is to restore damaged human relations, good neighborly relations, the ability to understand and respect each other, and most of all – a return to political and social agenda of the concept of human life. As a unique neutral platform secular spirituality, realizing humanitarian projects, supporting interfaith cooperation, actively applying principles of spiritual peacemaking diplomacy to resolve conflicts Kingdom Love promotes the transition of humanity to a new stage of development. And we need to adequately fulfill this historic mission. New Year – a holiday that miraculously unites past, present and future. For most people New Year's Eve – the most favorite holiday. People expect a light tale of a new happiness … It's time to throw open our hearts to joy, goodness and success, which will surely bring us new in 2011. Congratulations to you, my sweet and dear friends, and I wish the main thing – peace, tranquility and love in your homes. May the New Year will give you health, happiness and prosperity! Let your creativity always gives people the joy of human cognition soul! May all your wishes come true and dreams come true! Happy New Year! Happy Birthday to the Kingdom of Love! Her Majesty The Queen Mary II of Jerusalem