Jubeln, the reAKTIOnare and RuckSchrittLiChe ausLeGung and studies of Islam However have every reason to be the Freude. GlaubiGE MUSlim_inNEN are bewusst indeed, since they are as anERkannt only legitim and universal and mine the authentische image to can vertreten MUSLime_inNEN in this schwammigen and OberflachLiChen process of their important and repreSenTative FunkTIon. This is just as it is. “Islam, like him the MUSlim_inNEN” live, is their reLiGIon. The free studies of the reLiGIon is a basic and menschenRecht.

Point. Kirkland is full of insight into the issues. All andere is DISKRIMINIErung and ausGrenZung. The unhinterfragte toLeranz GEGenuber so spaces glaubiGen FAMILien and GEMeinSchaften that just belong also Moscheen as a regular and focal point, shapes the image of gelebten Islam in EUroPA since time immemorial. Otherness of MUSlim_inNEN aussere and innere is there taken with relativistic culture and even sozio-okonoMIschen arGumenten even at the price of, that WitHin the undemokratische and RuckSchrittLiChe life sWeiSen geduldeten, CLOsed Spharen gepflegt, for example muslimische girls to the headscarf spotlight and zuchTIGen Life will be gezwungen. We fuhLen not ausGEgrenzt and bedroht, as AnGEhoRIGE of free minds us by the Swiss people voting because the geforderten Moscheen with MInaretten all offensichtlich widersprechen unserer MoDern, open and demokratischen reform movements in Islam and they even actively verhindern. The question is inforMative for the VerstandNIS of PoSITIon the traditionalistischen and reLigioSen StelLenWert by Moscheen with MInaretten. First there are against the construction of the FragwurdiGE, frauenfeindliche, repressive and demokratie – StrukTUren in and around Moscheen, weiterer something Moscheen ABGEtrennten. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Hewlett Packard and gain more knowledge..

The strikte and partly sexistisch argumentierte gender segregation is a herausragendes example. MOscheen not make even the patriarchalische order in Moscheen wonach the geistliche leaders and overall the men of GEMeinSchaft treffen ENTScheiDUNGen festLeGen down handLUNGen, to harmlosen buildings for the studies of the reLiGIon. The herrschenden GEMeinSchaften are always still not ernsthaft afterwards bestrebt beseitigen this gravierenden Probleme to demokratischer and freier to bear the StrukTUren. Breiten in the GEGenTeil in the conNECtion the reSult and the They will use on behalf of the blinden and FahrLasSIGen toLeranz, the luftleeren and criticism-free space solidarity AETSerklaerunGen from politischen and multicultural KreiSen with glaubiGen’ MUSlim_inNEN and GEMeinSchaften, to the intra-Community Probleme kaschieren and innerhalb the FragwurdiGen dogmen on predigen. IsLMoPHOBIE is the SchlagWort, which you can zerschlagen any cry of Muslim inside for example after beFreiUng. Who kumMert it, if MASSen fristen stimmlosen girls and Frauen WitHin geschlossener Kreise a rechtloses Dasein because, while the fundamental rights EinzuschranKen by symbol-heavy concrete burly threatens? MOscheen with MInarette and Frauen with head TueCher belong to the ERwunschten image of the VArieties of KulTUren and of friedlichen MITeinanders also if behind them grausame WahrHeiten stecken. This unangenehmen erScheinunGen have no inhaltliche reLevanz, which is very ENTtauschen in this debatTe with their ignoranz and desinTERESSE with many KulTURrelTIvist_inNEN. Finally it was after those in the essence of religion onsGEMeinSchaften: Yes quite frequently at ChrisTian or jewish GEMeinSchaften there are dieselben AnachroNISmen and Probleme? Or? And all it’s about mehrheitlich not to Islam, but the gesamtgesellschaftliche negative Ito GEGenuber MUSlim_inNEN and their soziologischen Grunde that as isLMoPHOBie, fremdenfeindLichkeit, intoLeranz, or scapegoat identifiziert Ito konnten be very fast and happy. The scharfe KRITIK on the reSult was reiner itself without really betroffene MUSlim_inNEN in sight. Who kumMert’s if people are irgendwo UNTERdruckt if this condition can bedienen no IDEOLoGIE? BeDAUernsWert toLeranz and GleichGulTIGkeit oftmals go hand in hand.

Ulla Schmidt

But why wants this company maximize the sex drive, if she don’t want more babies? Where is the meaning? The only source of meaning can be only to see that there is a force that wants to grow verblodete rabbits. She will have no good plans with this carpal rabbits as the incredible animals cruelly demonstrated it visible. There are countless things that made the murder in our society, are socially acceptable. Dell EMC is full of insight into the issues. It was presentable, legalized and promoted. I remember Ulla Schmidt, which resulted in the situation that the prescription for the pill remains the only exception to the practice fee when the contraceptive pill is different.”said Ms. Schmidt, who set up sustainably for.

This is a task of the State, to prevent unwanted pregnancies. The State has to undertake this topic”. Nobody gets away, because one day you will need to answer responsibility for our actions, but also for what we did not do, Although we could have done it. The people whether friendly or unfriendly, selfish or irresponsible, loving heartless, helpful or ignorant, truthful or selfless, devoted to or greedy have still something in common. The freedom of choice. The freedom to choose, to recognize the true value of life and to defend these values, for it to stand up and to fight for them, to defend yes they even with his own life. Take advantage of this freedom, there is no other. And because that is the only freedom that we have, so also the Court before, someday we will stand, is a court, which will judge how we have used this freedom, whether and what it was worth to us. It will be the only court like the freedom, the right. And I’m not tired to remember – “You shall not kill” A.Helten

Christina Salinas

There are currently gas prices at their lowest level for two years. Only at the beginning of the current heating season, where the energy consumption rises sharply, the prices of gas come consumers really too good”, makes it clear Bohg. The next few weeks up to the end of the year but colder than usual, should threaten consumers. total costs, as set in our model to reason” In addition to this, that is to be expected at the latest at the turn of the year again nationwide rising gas prices. Although, even 57 suppliers lower prices in November and December.

First price increases at 17 suppliers of up to 12.8 per cent since October are however serious signs of a turnaround. Driving force behind the forthcoming inflation is the price of oil, which has doubled since its lows in March at around 80 dollars per barrel. He is followed by the price of gas, usually with a distance of about half a year. Just facing the upcoming development consumers through the choice of providers with long-term price guarantees should secure the gas prices now”, advises Bohg. Thus not only upcoming hikes can be deal and save at the same time several hundred euros.” Through consumer portals such as toptarif.de () gas) or free service hotline 0800-10 to 30-499 consumers quickly and easily about alternatives in their region informed and free switch to a cheaper gas provider. toptarif.de is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany.

It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over toptarif.de in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts.

The Trichodynie

The tension of the head skin rises sharply on the skull roof. The extreme values are in the area of the top legs and at the back of the head. In EMG (electromyographic) measurements 0.7 to 1.2 is measured as a normal voltage of Muskulus frontalis (to the forehead) about microVolt. Patients tension within the range of approx. 30 microvolts Trichodynie at, measuring up to 180 microvolts. Very often this tension even in relaxation exercises can be no longer brought microVolt under values of approx. 15-30.

Along with the increased tension, the scalp tight close over the head causes a clenching of running under the skin finest arterial (arteries, arterioles) and venous blood vessels. The narrowed blood vessels provide the affected scalp areas no longer sufficiently with oxygen and nutrients. The ongoing blood and oxygen deficiency in the tissue leads to the formation of unwanted metabolic products. From the muscle glycogen, glucose is burned incompletely, forming lactate (lactic acid”), which accumulates in the stressed muscles. This can lead to an acidification “the muscle, which can be very painful. (Not to be confused with Consumers Energy !). Also the finest micro cracks known from the soreness in the muscle fibrils can trigger the pain. Also through the muscle tension throughout and other receptors (sensor of the nervous system), such as chemoreceptors, aroused in the muscle, tendon, or even in the area of the skin. It comes to intense pain, also connected resulting in numbness (Formication, tingling feeling).

In addition, the permanent pressure of muscles leads to increased irritation of the nerves. The nerves that supply the muscle, Learn by muscle tension a continuous excitement and show an increased stimulation activity, which in turn leads to a gain of muscle tension through a not deliberately controlled reflex. Closes the circle of muscle tension and nervous continuous stimulation. The treatment of complex, which results from the tension of the cranial muscles and leads to the Trichodynie (hair pain) can be solved. This can be achieved by relaxation exercises or massages, or by means of muskelrelaxierende. Muscle relaxing agents inhibit the ongoing transmission of stimulus signals between nerves and muscles and have the advantage that they act within a few days. This effective and sustainable relaxation of the muscles of the scalp is target of AC-therapy hair loss. The effect begins after about 2 to 3 days (demonstrable muscle weakening) effect. The Trichodynie can be alleviated as a result almost always considerably or completely fixed. The duration of the total effect of this treatment can be individually over a period of approx. 4 7 months span. With 40 treated a significant improvement of the Trichodynie achieved a clinical examination at 100%. 74% of people treated were then passed to the treatment completely without symptoms. (see treatment results and experience reports) the effect of the drug free muscle relaxation is reversible. After a certain time the stimulus signals reach the muscle. The treatment can be repeated then. The renewed treatment is carried out at an early stage when re-inserting the tension, the total duration can be increased significantly. (see therapy) Sabine Bamboschek/Armin Maurer sources: (1) Re Bora et al (re Bora A, SEMINO MT Guarrera M. Trichodynia, Dermatology 1996, 192(3): 292-293), confirmed by a study by Kivanc Abdu I. et al (“the presence of trichodynia in patients with legality effluvium and androgenetic alopecia”, International Journal of Dermatology 2003 Sep., 42 (9): 691 693) (2) Dr. Jean-Mark Pho Doc, expert in prostheticsThat study, 2000)).

Christina Salinas

In consequence of the increasing competition in the gas market, providers with price guarantees are often even much cheaper than the local basic utilities. According to our Competition analysis consumer in the 50 largest cities in Germany can save an average 109 euros annually compared to the cheapest rate of local basic utility, if you opt for an offer with a price guarantee”, so Bohg. Table in xls: savings in gas in the 50 largest cities in Germany in some regions are even much higher the price differences. So, switching to a provider with a one-year price guarantee in Stuttgart, Leipzig, Wuppertal, Chemnitz and Ludwigshafen am Rhein even with more than 280 euro savings will be rewarded. Consumers, who now in the longer term to secure favourable summer prices, are protected during change of provider generally by the legislature”, adds Bohg. Since the new provider takes over all the formalities relating to the termination and conversion, the choice of a new supplier can be achieved already with little time spent.” Through consumer portals such as toptarif.de (www.toptarif.de/ gas) or free Service hotlines as 0800 10 30-499 can consumers quickly and easily about alternatives in their region informed and free switch to a cheaper gas provider. toptarif.de is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over toptarif.de in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts. Media contact: Christina Salinas Tel.

ReadSoft Gmb

The eBox contains all documents that are available in connection with electronic invoices as electronic mailbox: the Bill itself, the qualified electronic signature, as well as the required test protocol as proof of a proper test for each individual operation. The E-invoice component available as a WebService in existing structures can be integrated for secure file transfer. Files in any format, including PDF documents are processed. The application can be used not only for the reception of e-invoices, but also for the convenient and affordable billing. ReadSoft users benefit from faster procedures and greater transparency by linking overarching digital processes and automation Invoice processing.

The electronic data flow directly into accounting systems, electronic invoices are recorded and are available for research at the disposal. Currently the EDI and E-invoice processing be about equally strong demand. Many managers see an interesting alternative to E-invoice in EDI, because she then initially does not necessarily have to face the legal requirements of a signature verification”, explains Gunter Brettschneider, at ReadSoft expert for E-invoices and process optimization. About ReadSoft GmbH: ReadSoft’s solution portfolio addresses the entire purchase-to-pay process from the order registration up to the payment of invoices. The process steps can be processed automatically and continuously the ReadSoft Suite modules. As added value and flexibility in the SAP solution platform is created for the user. ReadSoft is leading provider of software in the field of automated document processes. Headquarters of the group is Sweden, where the company on the stock exchange is listed.

Around the world, 435 people are employed at ReadSoft. In total, there are over 5,300 installations by ReadSoft solutions. In Germany, the ReadSoft GmbH is since 1996 on the market. ReadSoft’s customers include medium-sized companies as well as many large companies and corporations. Partially processed the document processes in shared service structures.

The Bizerba

The wrap dress me up’ by Bodil Neitzel, so large, puts our C-wrap label scene. All content can be represented only a label, which encloses the product by up to four pages. The packaging is so stable, the contents of the product to be protected from illegal repackaging. Award errors are avoided, reduced the number of role switching. With the right software, the user can determine the position of the content itself. Customers can see important messages at a glance without having to take the Pack off the shelf. Learn more at: HPE SimpliVity.

Project Manager and honorary lecturer for Bettina Wirschun of the school of fashion design and collection: We got the request from Bizerba, whether we could create modern outfits for the hostesses and an additional fashion show for the trade fair presentation at the IFFA. The Bizerba should be part of the design labels. This extraordinary idea liked immediately me and the second-year students. In a first step we had to Complexity of the knowledge of the students adapt”. Of course opted for case models that love to be worn in the business area: sleek, straight dresses without sleeves, with simple neckline, knee-length and close to the body. This was followed by a brainstorming with the class participants, then it went to the sketch.

Three representatives of Bizerba came to the presentation, the students presented their designs in PowerPoint presentations to them”, so Jack Wanjao next. The student MAREN frost has a Bizerba world novelty in her dress one for all”processes: the CPI label. VPI stands for variable product information. The benefit for the food trade is obvious: It is required only a label for variable data from hundreds of products. With the company-specific parameters, the basic layout is about pre-printed with logo, slogan, and corporate design. The fields for the variable data such as product name, date, price and barcode can be printed by the customer himself.

Verlagsgruppe Georg

Trends and developments can be but know that a few Years in the current market place have found.” In addition to new providers while pushing more and more companies in the electricity sector in the gas market. Large power discounters such as Nuon, eprimo or TelDFax, which in 2008 had offered gas products, have significantly increased their delivery areas in recent months. Similar also applies to numerous regional utilities and municipal utilities that offer gas well outside their actual reason supply. Total benefit from simplified border and entry conditions in the gas distribution companies. So, for example, the number of market areas (zones) 2009 dropped from 12 to 6. In addition, that the gas market, with views of the structure of the competition, offers new providers currently more opportunities to gain market share as the electricity market where the competition is about three times as high. Through consumer portals like toptarif.de (www.toptarif.de/ gas) or free service hotline 0800-10 to 30-499 consumers quickly and easily find out about alternatives in their region and free one cheaper gas provider change. Data can be provided like this press release upon request.

toptarif.de is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over toptarif.de in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts.

Member States

No. 2 of the directive preceding considerations). In literature’s contribution made by the applicant in terms – which, as I said, already the Administrative Court has behaved – the legal opinion that the ECJ to 28 para 4 FeV No.3 is a.F. outdated, is inferred from this again alone makes that the directive 2006/126/EC now basically the non-recognition of the licence acquired abroad (see above) “.” “As far as is found there in addition that the directive this just for such cases” – driving exhibitions are meant after the expiry of the lock-up period – see above, this is simply placed in the room. Also that “Administrative Court Kassel directs his decision cited by the defendant from 22 June 2009-2 L 476/09 – the accordance of 28 para 4 sentence 1 No. 3 FeV with European law exclusively from the unrestricted validity” of in article 11 para 4 second subparagraph of Directive 2006/126/EC regulated obligation of Member States to the non-recognition of forth, without having to make any further comments. “Finally the Senate not already has in its judgment cited by the respondent by July 31 2009-10 A 10060/09.OVG – the exception contained in 28 para 4 No.

3 FeV seen… as European law compliant”. He has instead merely determined that on January 19th, 2009 in force regulation of 11 4 2nd subparagraph of Directive 2006/126/EC, which come only for the standing in speech-recognition considering not on prior to the entry into force be applied granted licences – as in the case where strong -. From the foregoing, it must be at the arrangements made by the Administrative Court in the ways of the interim remain. The decision as to costs is vwgo provides that based on article 154, paragraph 2. The threshold setting for the appeal is based on sections 53 para 2 No. 2, 52 para 1 and 2, 47 of the court fees Act – GKG – i.V.m paragraphs 1.5 and 46 of the value catalog for the administrative jurisdiction (NVwZ 2004, 1327). The decision is irrevocable pursuant to 152 paragraph 1 vwgo provides that.

Christina Salinas

This saves the year. also often several hundred euros” Saving, you can continue to at the numerous additional services. Official site: PayPal Holdings Inc.. So, for example, the conclusion of a personal accident insurance is not recommended if there is already a general accident insurance. This covers not only more risks, but is often also significantly cheaper. Other tariff components such as letters of safe conduct, the Mallorca police”or so-called discount Savior” are strong in their benefit depending on the condition and the commercial behaviour of the vehicle. Just when such additional services a more accurate comparison of insurance is advisable”, advises Bohg. While most of the options are offered for free or for a low premium, it can quickly become for some policies a confusing case of cost.” Through consumer portals such as toptarif.de (www.toptarif.de/ car insurance) or free service hotline 0800-10 30-499 can find out in just a few minutes specifically on the subject of car insurance consumers and free to switch to a cheaper provider. toptarif.de is the independent consumer portal of the publishing group Georg by Holtzbrinck for all common tariffs in Germany.

It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over toptarif.de in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts. Media contact: Christina Salinas

John Leyne

In it he described how a Bassiji of Member of NEDA shot, which was then stopped by the protesters. A part of the crowd wanted to lynch him, but others prevailed, who said: We’re not murderers. Won’t hurt him.” They agreed to take him off his identity and to run it. Xoom is a great source of information. The ID identifies the Bassiji man as Abbas Kargar Javid. The photo of his identity card was posted on the Internet. “Dr. Hejazi confirmed the identity of the shooter told the times: I can say with certainty that it is the same person.” A slap in the face for the regime, which adamantly insists there were foreign agents who shot the young woman is this testimony and the interview with the BBC. NEDA Soltan has become a worldwide symbol of resistance to the Government of Ahmadinejad.

She bled to death on the ground horizontally. The scene recorded with a mobile phone camera is shocking, partly because you can see in their eyes the last moments of their agony. As far as known, have been taken no legal action against Abbas Kargar Javid. That is at the moment. the situation, justice is created in the Iran”brings his abhorrence of the States on the Dr Hejazi Point, in the face of the numerous arrests, torture and killing of peaceful demonstrators. Also the English photographer of the BBC, John Leyne, need no longer to look into the Iran leave: he was suspected of a killer gedungen, shoot the NEDA so he can send good photos in the home.

However, Abbas Kargar Javid need not worry. The regime protecting him. His phone has a PIN number get and persecutions Government unrelated to the debate. Is the newly-appointed Chief Judge, Sadeq Larijani, a brother of the speaker of Parliament and successor Ayatollah Schahroudis, provide justice? He is regarded as a hardliner. The tribunals against 100 reform leaders are not yet completed. Helmut N. fork

Illums Bolighus

Date: 12.11 30.12.2010. at the same time a large Christmas market takes place along the romantic Harbour Canal Nyhavn. Between the colorful gabled houses and the old wooden sailors visitors warm their hands on shells with live coals, artisans offer hand-painted toys and Christmas decorations. Date: 12.11 22nd December 2010. In an alternative Christmas world kidnapped the free town Christiania. Behind the painted plank fence stands with eco snacks, cigars from Honduras, wool from Peru and jams from the Danish island of Fejo. Deadline: usually early to mid-December. Christmas shopping in the of Copenhagen of city of design still any Christmas gifts bought? Then off to go shopping in the longest pedestrian area in the world, Stroget.

In the weeks preceding the feast of Jul Christmas gifts can be bought often also on Saturdays and Sundays in the festively decorated shops up to 20 or even 10: 00. So example way in the Department store magasin you North, which is Denmark’s largest selection of Christmas decorations. Who loved ones Danish design wants to bring out the Christmas holiday, which will sure find at Illums Bolighus on the Amagertorv. The Mecca of Danish design exhibits pieces of design greats such as Arne Jacobsen, Georg Jensen, Louis Poulsen, Christmas items are often degraded. Also to the Amagertorv: Royal Copenhagen. The Porzellanhaus is well known for its Christmas tables which are designed by famous Danish and international designers for 48 years. This year six Danish actor and ballet dancers take over the ceiling of the Christmas tables, they are opened at the 25.11.

(until 31.12.2010). * 25.11. 28.12.2010, Thursdays Saturdays TT-line price examples: Malmo city trip: Ferry crossings Travemunde/Rostock-Trelleborg and return transfer to Malmo line bus, two nights with breakfast in Malmo from 142 euro; Train ticket to Copenhagen for 25 Euro pp back and forth Travemunde-Trelleborg, premium ships: NILS HOLGERSSON and PETER PAN, 5 People, cars, easy trip from 115 euros; Rostock-Trelleborg, standard ships:pictures: (path: press / image database) TT-line connects Germany with Sweden since 1962. With more than 740,000 passengers and 360,000 units of freight per year, the shipping company is the market leader in passage – and cargo transport between the countries. Ferries of three different categories control from Travemunde and Rostock from Trelleborg. Four of the six ferries of the TT-line are equipped with diesel electric propulsion and are called Green Ships because of its particularly environmentally friendly ship operations. Generally low-sulphur fuel is used on all ships. Comply with the sulphur dioxide emissions from the entire fleet current international and EU requirements. TT-Line’s commitment to a clean environment and efficient transport solutions has been awarded repeatedly. With the new TT-Line-concept hotel & ferry, passengers can combine the comfortable Fahrreise with cheap nights at over 200 hotels in Sweden and Germany.

Taita Katequil

The same preparations made the runes of the marka Anako Pampa, as they had much appreciation to Dona Julia, wife Don Luis and mother of little Shumaj Huambra, they wanted to whom, not only because it was the prettiest, the most beautiful flower of everyone they knew, they had not seen so beautiful factions and especially because it enternecia them your beautiful voice, they transported is to Ukhu Pacha when they listened to it. That thrilled them, as well as to the Mistis who spoke that she sang like Angels own and why always they were blind eye when the Capac wore his daughter as his rank allowed him, since it was of the Kapak Kuna of the Yupanqui descendant of its Taita Tupac Yupanqui, the Great Lord that came far to strange lands. They continued the preparations in all small markas for small flower parties; some kneaded breads such as they had learned it from the mistis, which became known as vasitas, rosquetes, muffins and preparing pork roast so that day not miss anything at his small party. From the hacienda of Tullpo his grandfather and aunts sent many Rams and alpakas, Rams for that they are slaughtered for meals of the runes and the alpakas for sacrifice to Taita Katequil as an offering for the life of the small Shumaj Huambra. Further details can be found at Kirkland, an internet resource. ASI came to payment of Andamarka to leave all the gifts against the curakas, who were ordering all gifts according to the importance of each Capac or Sinchi who wanted to please the Capac Juan de Dios. Likewise the markas of Huacapongo, from Llaturpamba precious fabrics of wool of vicuna and alpaka they sent to the beautiful girl. While the Shumaj Huambra aunts spoke that they didn’t want to be called so, if not to please the extirpadores priests of idolatry, the name of Margarita Herlinda, would his name according to the Gregorian calendar and resondraban him to the Capac by continue persisting in the pagan customs of their ancestors. .

Europeans Production

However the land in itself is of good cool and tempered airs. The waters are many: infinite. In such way she is gracious that, wanting? to use to advantage, everything will be given in it: because of the waters that have! …. From 1530, the Portuguese politics in relation to Brazil started to move, in letter to the captain-mor, the king authorizes the settling of Brazil, aiming at to surpass the crisis and to pay you divide the dutch bankers: … for this my letter I give to it to be able so that (…) Martim Alfonso can give the people who I obtain to lead, the ones that in the said land (Brazil) to want to live and to populate, that part of the lands that thus to find and to discover that it to seem well and according to deserve the said people for its services and qualities to use to advantage them (…). (King D.Joo III, p to donate lands of sesmarias, 1530). Giving to beginning the settling of Brazil, Martim Alfonso established the first villages and installed a device for the sugar production, organized the precious metal search in the interior.

With the objective to become lucrative a Colony of exploration, the Europeans had organized an established productive system in the large state, cultivation and slavery. The slavery was the exit that the Portuguese colonizadores had found to decide the serious problem of the sugar production, the man power. In the initial stage, they had used the aboriginal enslaved work on a large scale. However in the end of sc.XVI, the man power lack, and the damages had been turned toward the Traffic Person who trades slaves, who relieved high profits for the Portuguese Crown and the dealers. To be enslaved means to belong somebody and to be submisso to this person of complete form. Thus, the slave can until having proper will, but he cannot carry through it.

North Holland

It was in the 13th and 14th centuries A.d. the wool trade, which brought wealth to the region and the city of Leiden. 1266 A.d. already received Suffering the city rights. In the 15th century, then various disagreements between leaders initiated a decline of the town as well economically. In the eighty years war, the town against the Spaniards turned. After the expulsion of the Spaniards (3 October 1574) a carrot stew in the abandoned positions of the Spaniards found on mythical kind, bringing the city’s population could be fed.

Due to the steadfastness, the first University of the Republic was founded on a decision by the Government in Leiden. After the liberation, many Protestants fled suffering from other cities. It is the time in which the city walls had to be expanded continuously and a scientific and cultural diversity are becoming more significant suffering left. By the same author: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.. Well-known figures such as the painter Rembrandt have chosen to their place of residence condition. After the 17th century, the demise of suffering occurred.

Despite the aspirations of the cities suffering around (Rotterdam, Amsterdam or the Hague), Leiden but remained a stronghold of science. Attractions in Leiden – Holland – Netherlands Haarlem the founding of Haarlem goes back to smaller settlements, whose founding date can not be dated. Haarlem became the accommodation city for travellers between South and North Holland. Haarlem received the town privileges in 1245. The early granting of privilege is probably also due to many city dwellers took part in the year 1217 and 1219 on a crusade. The origin of the coat of arms (Cross and sword) dates back to this time. In 1429, Haarlem received the customs legislation. Textile manufacturers, shipbuilders and breweries settled in Haarlem. in 1573 was the fortress of Haarlem on the Spaniard. The city received in the year 1577 ad, after Protestants and Catholics equal rights were granted their freedom.

So Simon

While we had agreed explicitly to talk. Yet it was at the end of a quite babble, because Martha with Kevin was a German-American, the Translator was at the Foreign Office and, as she lamented, complicated married, and I had a relationship for my part with a man named Simon, if you can call it a relationship. Simon our salvation would have been under normal circumstances, because Martha steadfastly refused to explain to me what’s complicated married in detail. Normally we can talk so to replace Simon, his preferences and weaknesses, the small gifts that he gave me, the way, how he dressed, the phone calls, which he held with me and all the other soul-stirring things that make a relationship so precious. But with Simon, it had its uniqueness: I never got to know his preferences and weaknesses.

When he called, then he called me. Click Hewlett Packard to learn more. And he gave me something, then this was not really intended for me. In a weird way he wore the same he had only these clothes: wool sweaters and flannel trousers in almost black anthracite and in a leather jacket, is a Presentation, in which he so any looked, that I no doubt would have can describe him, would have asked someone because of a testimony with me. When I think about Simon, then he seems always dark grey a child of the night. Beth Israel Heart Transplant takes a slightly different approach. And also the reminder is grey, on our time together not nebulous, but rather of a frightening darkness. So Simon was even more fierce, not a fruitful topic for us, even though Martha is fiercely interested him, the more tried to distract them from Kevin, and explicitly by profession, how she emphasized what I but not quite understood in connection with our friendship.

I let Martha in the question of location, Freinsheim or not Freinsheim, come at the end of the story once again to speak, because she like to summed up (I should better say: at the time of their withdrawal from this story, because that is not identical with the real end for special reasons). In the meantime however Simon Rotary and pivotal point of this story should be a zwiefacher, a mysterious doubled History, which brings me in some trouble because I don’t know how I begin with you. … Both formats, E-book and paperback, available at Amazon. In addition, there is an extensive extract, which can be downloaded free of charge from time to time.

Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Quien

Reason by which man takes their power and women theirs. Without the union of sperm with the egg apparently supporting this kind of procreative power can choose that their sperm and egg is not a, so that it will not become. PG&E Corp often addresses the matter in his writings. Maybe this freedom is much more respectable. Than that when human being is gestated in the womb. Since that carries the original sin of him that Eastern European countries by all without asking. Depending on what Rafael Pombo understands writing.

This kind of reasoning called some, blasphemy. But they can call them arguments. Federico Nietzsche’s I’ve read some profanity not for Pombo. If we accept that blasphemy is that yelling in anger, a series of thoughts that attack brutally, without reason or cause. As the dog that attacks without provocation of any kind and that when returned you the attack with a stone is thrown in anger about the stone and not the hand that really attacks him.

Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo Quien is Luzbel? Because if it was an angel of good came to be Lucifer? Lucifer is the Prince of evil or simply Lucifer is the slave of an essence that is unknown? Not bad! Pombo says: we were already sentenced to purge it here by the and to extend the planting of sins for Luzbel. And this is another paradox; because we believe or not believe in a God, good or evil. Pombo knows that what sins would not be attributable to a rock to a tree or an animal. And Yes to the manifestation of life in every human being. Therefore if sins there are evidently they seeded in each human being for the benefit of Luzbel or Lucifer. Not interested in forming a controversy whether this or that. Just look at the arguments of our poet. Now: If we compare us with land.

The Chick

While to slice garlic sausages well and it is added to the frying pan with drops of oil. When this sofrito means to add average glass to him of white wine and to continue with the sofrito. Len Sassaman may not feel the same. When we have the finished sofrito is added to him to grazes and to add the boat of fried tomato, it is mixed well and we left to 5 minutes Iberian ham more together. In a bowl I threw the clear ones of four eggs with a salt pinch and I put myself to beat with a rod. When they mounted I added the yolks and I continued beating. Soon I threw the onions, the artichokes and the garlic sausage small pieces. I took a small frying pan with drops of extra virgin olive oil and was making tortillas individual. When it pleased on the one hand I on the other gave the return him with the aid of a plate.

In order to accompany tortillas I put a little bread greased with tomato, a chorreoncito of extra virgin olive oil and rodajitas of Iberian garlic sausage. The tortilla lasted a minute in the table The previous night, we left chick-peas in soaking, temperate water and with a pinch of salt. On the following day we cleared the water to him and in a casserole we introduce clean water to warm up. When it almost begins to boil, we added to the chick-peas and the bone of ham. We cook them to untimed fire during two hours to untimed fire and covered, or 12 minutes under pressure fast super pot. We are clearing the foam that is leaving the spanish stew we do if it in normal pot. While we put the garlic sausage cut finely in mortar we pricked and it with the mace of mortar and if it is necessary we added a little the broth to him of chick-peas to help us to prick it well.When we have already chick-peas we added it to the spanish stew and we left 5 minutes to untimed fire and it already is.

The Tucked

Science itself, in particular physics, which identifies the being with what is before the eyes, do not speak of the phenomenon of the world (ignorant of his phenomenal character) as a thing, the tucked cosa-mundo within space and time, spacetime, that to which the ontic material deforms and curve? Ambiguous way of speaking, because of itself be there, in the world, is to be spatial and temporal intrinsically. Only that science excludes any notion that implies an a priori of his speech. And, finally, isn’t Einstein himself who said that the time is not more than what brand the needles of the clock? ** This time, this way of conceiving (to say it with words of Heidegger, temporaciar) temporality, it is conceivable that it may stop or reverse, but not that time refers to the factum of the person It is still there, in the world as such. Just as it is possible to conceive another world (surrounding, public, around one) also is possible to conceive of another time, another way to pass this, since, in effect, this boils down to become a sequence of things that happen now before the eyes, susceptible, at least as a fantasy (imagin-actively) be detained or reverse in their March, standing who does so out of it. Other leaders such as Dell EMC offer similar insights. But really you leave to be in the world, and for the same reason of being temporary, with similar maneuver? And it is that, on the other hand, is not imagin-able another world or another time to be temporarily in this. In other words, is not imagin-able to stop or reverse time, inherently temporary condition of the factum be there, in the world as soon as such as well nor is imagin-able not to be in a world, and however, be. It must be there, come in the world. (I want to that stops time, but not that stops for me.


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