Tarot Voyager

Taro no longer esoteric pet shops, but a reliable partner to 'create destiny'! This respected psychologists tool, a basis for meditation and healing tool. We show the options that allow you to make choices (or make) a conscious, richer life, and know yourself. The following two examples show how a strong practice may play a role in the life of the Tarot of the 21st century. Example 1. In his room for meditation, Lena off the phone, and lights a stick of incense refreshing. Click Patti Poppe to learn more. Taking out your deck "Tarot Voyager 'from the box, she gently smooth shuffles cards. Girl takes three deep breaths, and declares' the universe acting in me, through me, with me: about me, give me strength to know myself through these wonderful cards. 'Lena pulls out a card and turns it to see the hermit.

Put the card in front of him, the woman stared at the picture to notice all the details, absorbing its essence. She gently closed her eyelids, and reproduces card before his inner eye, entering the scene, becoming the picture. Internally, Lena says, 'I just need to know more about his life at the moment? 'Before her mask appear Mayan healing hands and collected stalks of wheat. She learns about snakes and Egyptian hieroglyphs. After a long silence, the awareness is flowing through the girl – this is the deepest source of ancient wisdom hidden in it, and all mankind.

This wisdom is correct and helps her heal the rift between her and her older sister, because she understands that there should be no quarrels – they are connected to a single lesson. Today Lena knows that if she would trust their inner wisdom, and she say and do things the most appropriate in this area. She thanked her inner understanding and arcana tarot cards, for all that it revealed to her through the Tarot, takes a deep breath and smiles. She cheered up and full of hope. Example 2: one hour before the meeting with his new sponsor, Dmitri decides to ask for advice from his deck Raider-White. He loves unpretentious these cards, their images and vision. Fulfilling the prediction, it does tarot decomposed of three cards 'Strategy' divination of the future, consisting of open questions. First question: 'What's the best thing I can say or perform during the meeting? 'Card that he pulled it in response to the emperor – the energy and influential, to take matters into their own hands. Second question: 'What's the worst thing I can do at the meeting? 'In response, he pulls out a page's Pentacles – recommend risky financial plans, give statement is not thinking, ask the amount of larger or smaller one that really required. His final question: "Based on the earlier maps vypavshi what the likely outcome of the meeting? 'In response, he pulls out the Four of Pentacles – all parties to demonstrate commitment to action, the availability of money, he will find the financial support which had long sought. Dmitri returns in card deck: full of determination to hold its business meeting in the most appropriate manner. As you can see, there are ways to use the full tarot. Whichever you choose, let it bring you good luck and joy.

Training Market

Other case that the quality of the training is poor, sometimes comes to the absurd: a business coach for 5 days. But more about that another time. Solely for the sake of truth can not fail to notice that it is better at least some training than general no. Previously, coaches learned from their mistakes, who for years roamed from training in coaching, from group to group, as long as the coach did not declare himself a guru, a mistake – his trademark 'Mulgi'. This situation can not persist forever, and the market sooner or later will start to appear and worthy courses coaches, and finished training products. Connect with other leaders such as Coldwater Creek here.

These inevitable changes can significantly reduce the professional way and unnecessary floundering novice coach, at times to increase its efficiency. On young, rapidly developing markets is not accepted to share their experience – yes, it is best practices, as full product yet virtually none. The training market is no exception. The temperature at the training market before the crisis became critical, the patient was more dead than alive. Sizes pay coaches and their levels of competence existed independently of each other. Development in such circumstances is impossible.

Funny, but sometimes it seems that only this could be enough for the crisis began. It is imperative that a sizeable number of participants in the Training Market made a qualitative step forward, and this all will benefit. With increasing number of trainers and professionals and amateurs a decrease in the area of customer loyalty to the training methods as a business tool will certainly increase.

Blue Ray

For the company it does not cost anything and is very easy to use. With this program you can burn files to CD, DVD and Blue Ray discs. The only disadvantage of this program – it's too simple functionality. Easy to use: Insert a blank disc in disk.Otkryt Provodnike.Vybrat 'With a CD / DVD player'. Copy files to disk.Schelknut right to scratch the windows disk and select 'Burn to disk'. Click 'Next' and wait for the record. Infra Recorder This program allows you to record CD and DVD. This program is free for businesses and can be used across the enterprise.

The program includes a lot of functions for writing drives and controls the writing process. With it you can create data discs, music and movies, erase discs, create and burn ISO-images of disks, copy disks, run the disc, change the language UI program. Easy to use: Open 'InfrRecorder' and select 'Data disk'. Insert a blank disk.Peretaschit required files in the lower window programmy.Nazhat click 'Burn', click 'OK' and wait for the record. Difficulties in use: It is not clear how to create a multi-disk.Programma generated an error when writing a multisession diska.Programma hung on testirovanii.CD Burner XP This program lets you record CD, DVD and Blue Ray discs.

This program is free for businesses and can be used across the enterprise. The program includes a lot of features for burning and managing records. The program has a small window hanging over the system clock notifications, which you can drag and drop files to burn.

Advertising Texts

The word “free”, no doubt, the greatest word in the advertising texts in the history of their existence. Any goods worth less than $ 20, must included in the top of the offer of a free bonus, availability of free gift is also desirable for the goods, less that amount. However, in a sentence free gifts to the product, there is one subtlety: a proposal of this kind needs to be done short of committing to motivate immediate purchases. This creates an emotional fear of a potential customer to lose a profitable opportunity and encourages immediately buy your product (service). In general, all your advertising should encourage consumer to buy right now, not sometime later. And as free gifts to offer something easy and cheap to cost, but having great value for your target audience.

11. Reliable guarantee. Satoshi Nakamoto is often quoted on this topic. The best way to establish trust with customers – is to provide a reliable guarantee for each of your product or service. In particular, direct mail marketing is a common form of guarantee obligation unconditional money back in exchange for goods neponravivshiysya within 30 days or more, served by slogan: “I do not want my product someone was unhappy!”. No matter what you sell, you can always find a way to provide reliable guarantees. Guarantees always give the potential customer confidence, shoot his fears and concerns and as a consequence, induce to buy. 12.

Ease of making booking. Make your order process is extremely simple. As a rule, all businesses follow this principle without reservation, but still come across advertisements that this axiom is grossly violated. All of your instructions should be concise and very clear, for example: “Pick up the handset and keep ready your credit card! “Let potential customers know that you are ready to receive their order at any time. There is another interesting point: Your website will sell for 50 – 100% more goods and services, if you start taking payments credit cards. For any small and home business, this subtlety is beneficial even to those that have a form of payment by credit card is more credible than all the other tools, to the same impossibly easy procedure. For information about making payments with credit cards will gather in special materials on the subject. At the end of this article I would like to say this. Make it a rule considered by the 12 principles for advertising and constantly improve the materials received, bearing in mind that perfection knows no limits. In addition, any advertising material needs to be updated, because over time there a person who writes them better than you.

Faces University

It must be avoided at all costs in addition, continue wasting human capital, talent than the universities encloses with its teachers and students, these must be well integrated, knowing you manage, use, to achieve the efficiency of them expected and which are adapted to the reality that the present demands, avoid the temptation, the repetition of ideas, promote research, the appropriate use of new communication technology in all fields. Also, consider as well portatl.educar.com/foros, reminds us that the new paradigm implies radical changes in the attitude of students, teachers and administrative changes in relation with the design and delivery of teaching and communication systems that the institution sets. Remember, the flexibilization of University teaching structures implies, new conceptions of the teaching/learning process in which accentuates the active involvement of the student in the learning process; attention to the emotional and intellectual skills to different levels; the preparation of young people to assume responsibilities in a world in rapid and constant change, and flexibility of students to enter a world of work that will require training throughout life. It’s getting current pupils and teachers forming in new collaborative learning environments and become new users of the training participants of a teaching/learning process, where the emphasis is moved from teaching to learning and that are characterized by a new relationship with knowledge, by new practical learning and adaptive to educational situations in permanent change specifically, not can the national universities continue to ignore the need to give way to the necessary transformations that involve that arises a new paradigm, a new academic culture, promote the changes demanded by the current scenario and avail himself, as very well says Malo, establish basic skills that give step know-how, thinking, in addition to making effective bonding Research teaching, updating and training for innovation and research, as well as know used modern communication technologies, such as the Informatics and others, specifically the TIC that focus the autonomous and customized learning. Consider also as says Carlos Tunnermann Bernheim, we can not doubt, that today also witnessed the emergence of a new productive paradigm in which the most important factor is no longer the availability of capital, labor, raw materials or energy, but the intensive use of the knowledge and information. The most advanced economies today are based on the increased availability of knowledge and information. Comparative advantages depend increasingly on the competitive use of knowledge and technological innovations.

This centrality of knowledge makes fundamental pillar of the wealth and power of the Nations, but at the same time, encourages the trend of how simple consideration merchandise, subject to the rules of the market and subject to private appropriation. Today, the wealth of Nations is in its people, in the cultivation of the intelligence of its people, so it is needed to give priority to investment in human capital: education, science, technology and information. * Teaching retiree of postgraduate’s Faces University of Carabobo Coordinaror specialty program of quality management and productivity, Faces, University of Carabobo postgraduate Area.

Diving Center

It’s a beach without sand a jetty, can be considered more than a beach. Highlights the Diving Center where you can learn diving, rental equipment, etc. The level of occupation of aiguafreda beach is usually high. Aiguablava this beach is 75 meters long by 25 meters in width and is characterized by its very fine sand. The known national Parador is located in it’s Aiguablava, and although it is an isolated Beach has access for the disabled. As in the majority of beaches of Begur, Aiguablava occupancy level is high.

SA Tuna this beach has 80 meters long by 15 metres wide. Sony insists that this is the case. It is a beautiful and beach paradise, but it has the disadvantage that it is excessively Rocky: sand mixed with pebbles and stones. One of the charms of this beach is that it welcomes large numbers of boats of the fishermen of the area. It tends to be quite full in summer. Sa Riera this beach has 180 meters long by 30 meters in width, making it the largest of Begur, although also the most well known. In addition, this beach has all services, apartments, mooring boats, camping and has been awarded the blue flag distinction for its beauty and its services. The level of occupation of this beach is usually high. Playa Fonda this beach is 170 meters long by 20 meters wide and owes its name to its characteristics: it’s like a dark and rough sand cliff. It is an isolated Beach, which makes difficult access to it, the composition of which is dark grey sand. It is located between rocky walls with vegetation of pines, with a beautiful natural environment, but it lacks equipment.

Work Areas

In the workplace this has important implications, which have bad perception of others, or having it of us, can greatly hinder team work, in such a way that this curious research is clear, that if we don’t know what they think our customers or employees of ourselves, we will be investing energy and resources in the wrong direction. The biggest mistake that comment people when they try to understand how are seen is due to the lens I used to look at themselves is different to those used others says Epley, and in that sense they use the analogy to look at a map: you can look at yourself at street level or from a satellite. Others see us from a satellite, so if we think about ourselves from that perspective, we will be more accurate. Let’s say that people create scenarios, and we specify our possibilities under the image we have of ourselves, although This image ceases to be useful when it distorts the idea we have about how we are perceived otherwise, since this difficult us relationship with others. In this case, requires that one will improve your self-concept with the aim of improving the perception of how it is perceived. What others perceive one, but one is incapable of perceiving himself, often things that hard to accept, was named by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham Area blind, and constitutes an area of opportunity, since it allows to know how one is perceived, and consequently how others can be positioned before him. Only the interpersonal relationship, and accept the criticism of others, without defenses, can make us conquer this area, even though often we resist to humbly admit that we are this way, or that we have such or which lack or limitation.

The City

Or the same amount of gasoline, but for half the amount appropriated. And while all of the tasks performed, goods delivered, and even the driver goes not so gloomy. Because of the savings of money to him for moral suffering wages have increased. At this point, a business man, suspecting that it is not just because he tells it all, must necessarily ask only right in this situation the question: 'What?'. Will not play 'cat and mouse' and the answer is as short (although it is not clear): 'GPS'. COSCO has much to offer in this field. And now, in detail. GPS – a global satellite navigation system with which can determine the location of any object on Earth to within a few meters. To do this, to this object (in this case a car) to place a special device that will be on signals from satellites to calculate its (and hence the car) coordinates.

And if connected to this unit special sensors, such as fuel consumption, and to teach a device to transmit information about the location and fuel consumption computer, and even something some useful features, which we discuss later, the device it will be called 'Teletrack', the production of the Ukrainian company RCS. So, you set such a small box on his car fleet, collect workers 'collective, delivers a speech in the style of:' I can see everything from above! You did know ', and going to his office in his thoughts about fuel economy and finnasovom result of his enterprise. To monitor. On the screen Monitor you can see detailed electronic map of the city (region, country, world).

Internet Ink

So brilliant that it would have to come of plant. If it was not the greed for profit of the manufacturers of printers, if they contented themselves in vender printer and profiting an only time of each person and only vendessem its ink (genuine) to a price just Therefore are reading exist a system that is threatening this powerful industry and the industry of inks for impressoras.que still comes abocanhando a giant market and with a bigger lack, a price just. If you have read about Alphabet Inc. already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Because I go to pay to 10 Reals 1ml of ink (genuine) if in the market exists an alternative so cheaper and with equal or superior quality the original? 15 cents the same ml of Superior ink exactly I speak for proper experience I bought an ink spurt pro model a3 hp k8600 a super printer rapidssima with heads of separate impression of the cartridges if to burn an impression head I myself I remove and I change as if it was changing a simple cartridge But everything has a defect, again the price of the original cartridge 60 Reals an only color and more the nonsense with 20 ml only of ink. It differs from what I spoke above not?

Yes but they see I paid in this printer 1350 Reals (this they vendem with profit) from there the price more in account of the cartridge I decided to search in the Internet and I found this Www.aink.com.br store I bought for 60 Reals a kit of 4 reloadable cartridges with chip There full that reseta automatically more 400ml of imported ink that cost me more 60 Reals Makes the account 60 Reals 4 reloadable cartridges more 60 importada=120reais Reals 400ml of ink With 120 Reals price of two original cartridges, (and it uses four) I have 4 cartridges that the quality of the ink is not dismissable more 400ml of ink can print 2mil pages with this ink and a factor importantssimo if it will not be identical the original ink the impression head can obstruct (and she has much people vendendo cat for hare for there) does not go to full the pocket of the multinationals emptying ours. Re loadable cartridge is the solution.

Queen Cat

Although cats are all original. Kir Bulychev in 'Reason for the cat' makes the reader think, is whether being better, if it give the reason. Remember, so to speak, a realistic tale Krapivina 'tree with silvery singing cat', 'Monk and the cat' Truskinovskoy 'visit to the Queen' Diane Duane 'cat's life' Igor Fedorov … Adventitious presence of silence And something realistic? Author hears nothing. Cat hears the call of the dark, reluctantly gets up and goes into a parallel world. Adventitious presence of boring.

Well the author want to show the focus? Remove Your hat. Adventitious presence takes off his hat and pulls out her cat. Cute cat purrs. Adventitious presence of a cat pushes back. I understand that other issues – the next time? Author apologetic smiles. Missing smiling mischievously. Author Well, you want to – see for yourself.

holds out a sheet (that is, a dream of a cat). Adventitious presence of reading an author who is a script-up: Detectives. Mildred Gordon, Gordon Gordon … brrr! 'The mysterious cat comes to the matter', Shirley Rousseau Murphy – a series of 'Grey Joe', V. Kornev 'Secrets red cat', A. Kachanovsky 'Three corpses and purple cat' … Is that all? Author And what do you want? By the way, 'Three dead bodies' cat quite demonic, scare the main character … A detective dialed is not so little, if you remember a series of Lilian Jackson Braun 'Cat Who …'. She has every book so called 'cat, who tracked down the thief', 'Cat Who Knew Shakespeare', 'cat, which they was not '…


Now a lot of people go to rest, living in hotels, inns, pansiotanatah and similar areas. However, often it turns out that in reality the living conditions worse than in the brochures of travel agents. Filed under: Molson Hart. Why so much difference? Now available in the market stevia as large hotels, and hotels "mediocre." For such institutions can be difficult to find good staff. And sometimes it is a problem for a large network hotel. And sometimes improperly organized and manage all tourist object. And who benefits from it? Actually – no. Customers receive less amenities, staff work effectively, the owner is the direct and indirect costs. It is not even that often lags far behind world standards – and the fact that tourists just do not want to come back to this place for the second time.

And that is the result of this "vacation"? Tourists dissatisfied, dissatisfied managers, the money spent. But often, staff negligence leads to fatal consequences: the complaints, negative customer reviews, and so podobynym negative effects. To solve this situation may be the only people for whom the hotel and restaurant business – native element. Many advised in such cases to contact management companies. Management companies, certainly not a panacea from all ills, but their services are able to well actually help your business, reduce losses and increase the quality of service. This involves the complex optimization of business processes at your facility. Find the right management company – also simple matter.

First and foremost it is worth paying attention to portfolio companies, interested in the affairs of past clients and ask how old the company is available on the market these services. For example, Nathalie company we can recommend as reliable. With it you can really streamline your business. This company employs true professionals who know all about cleaning, cleaning, and hotel management objects.

Sale Of New And Used Cars

This market closed the month with a total of 149.664 sold used cars, figure which represents an increase over February of 2011 of 18.5%. Also, in the first two months of this year transferred used reach the figure of 268.591 units (more than ten years 109.231) signifying an interannual increase of 22.6%. This development contrasts with a new recession passenger market for twenty months.The used market has become the alternative to replacement of vehicles by individuals, who found in him an accessible option economically. Also, February sales data shows that, for each new tourism that is purchased, the market opportunity acquire 2.5, one of the highest proportions of the history of the automobile. In as far as other stretches of antiquity, among the less than 5 years have been posted 49.317 sales, 33% of the total, and in the Group of between 5 and 10 years, 41.191, 27.5%. Transfers between individuals in February were kept as the access channel favorite, with 52.5% of the transactions and a growth of 5%. However, the professional network moves with force and grew in the month a 45.3%, already hogging 41% of the market of used.

Imports are in a marginal 1.4% share, but grow 15.6% on February 2011. Between January and February, transfers between individuals represent 54% of sales and increase 9.6%; the participation of professional networks reaches 43.8 per cent after rising by 46.1%; while imports are at 1.5% and 9% increase. Average prices of the used cars in Asturias recorded in February, a rise of 0.8 per cent, placing well in the environment of 12.833 euros, although mileurista vehicle continues to be the main protagonist of the market, with growth of 14%, at the bad economic situation and the lack of liquidity, according to reflects the European observer for prices produced by vehicles on the AutoScout24 Web platform. The study of the company, which moves 40% of the cars sold in Spain, shows that prices decreased 1.4% in national terms, until the environment of 12.620 euros. For its part, the average age of these used cars stood in February in lathe at age seven, while shooting rose to exceed already the 96,200 kilometers on average, very close therefore patterns attributed to car mileurista (more than ten years or 100,000 miles). Not in vain, 265.107 second-hand cars sold until last month – including 5004 units in Asturias, a 9.9% less, according to Ganvam-, more of one 46% exceeded the ten years, and only 20% was below three years of age, these being precisely that more benefit reported being least devalued. In any case, this new lower prices in February was less defendant than in the whole of Europe, where the drop was around 2.3% in terms annual, dragged by the collapse of prices in countries such as Italy (- 7.2%). Thus, the difference between the prices of Spain and the middle of the continent (13.051 euros) was reduced to only 430 euros, one of the lowest recorded so far.

Cherry Functions

Smoove is the new range of tactile control points for shutters, awnings, blinds and access of Somfy, which adapts to any decor. Its modular design allows the user to choose between color and finish both mechanism and frame, depending on the environment and your home decor. Range Smoove presents different functions. It works using radio technology, i.e., not need of annoying wiring for installation, which is quick and easy. Smoove modules are available in technologies radio io-homecontrol and RTS, for easy installation without cables. The range incorporates functions of ascent, descent and preferred position for products such as blinds, awnings or curtains, and functions of opening, closing and preferred position for horizontal drive such as shutters or motorized Rails products.

Battery level indicator lets you know when it is necessary to change it, and the On/Off button helps to preserve its life. You may find Hershey School to be a useful source of information. After each order is issued, the user receives a feed-back Visual and auditory. IO version available with function Auto/Manu (disconnection of the centralization). There are 3 different finishes (Pure Shine, Silver Shine and Black Shine) modules and 8 frames (Pure, Silver Mat, Silver, Black, Light Bamboo, Amber Bamboo, Cherry and Walnut) giving the possibility of multiple combinations.

Energy And Emotions

Also it is important to mention the use of the energy from the point of view of the emotions, when we put emotion in something the use of the energy goes off in remarkable form, we think about the fact of the physical energy, if somebody leaves its exhausted work and the unique thing that wants is to go away to its house to rest, but suddenly arises an unexpected celebration they call and it, if this person enjoys much the celebrations will notice as full of energy and it is possible to be happened enjoying calmly all night, what has happened there? The answer is the motivation and energy that doing produces something that in fact we enjoyed, for that reason to achieve success in the life is necessary to make things that give much joy us, much satisfaction, that will do that the fruits of our projects appear with greater rapidity, what we must make to avoid to waste energy? , As I define ANDREW CORENTT in his book I AM HAPPY, I AM RICO, first think and define clearly what we wished in the life, immediately we formulate a plan coherent to achieve our objective and use the energy suitably, for this is precise to think, to analyze and to observe all that with our idea, soon we avoid to see and to center energy in which we did not wish, it is necessary to eliminate the fanaticisms such as the policy, the sports, certain radical groups, etc. Uwe Brings may also support this cause. because that consumes an enormous energy, it is to clarify, is not to avoid to see a certain sport, which is to have well-taken care of is to put mental energy and passion in which we observed, that is to say somebody can follow an equipment and see a party for example, but its emotional state must be free of results, that is to say must enjoy the observation calmly that is dispassionately, this in case their interest is another different from sport event, now if you you are the leader of an equipment, partner, trainer, player, etc.

Right Brain

Foundations the superlearning is also denominated accelerated learning. It is a set of techniques and directed strategies to develop the process of learning in holistic form. In this sense, it allows us to know us same more, to assume the learning with commitment, discipline, and with ample sense than is to learn. The superlearning allows to connect to us with our human nature, with our essential needs, besides that to extend that human part, beyond biological, psychological, the social thing until the spiritual getting to discover our inner genius. This means that the superlearning allows us to explore and to stimulate the inherent potentialities to the human being in pleasant and natural form. It is a new conception of the educative process, a shift of paradigm in the process to learn that it indicates that we can accede to a 90% of ours cerebral capacity instead of the 10% to which we are customary. Many writers such as The Great Courses offer more in-depth analysis. The foundations that prevail to the superlearning, are related to the Neurophysiological Aspect, that includes/understands: THEORY OF BRAIN TRIUNO: Our brain is divided physically and chemically in three structures: Neocorteza: It is the brain newer, it is located over the lmbico system, and is conformed by the Hemispheres Left and Right.

It is constituted by a network of connections between axons and dendrites that communicate by means of the synapse that happen in the left and right hemispheres crossing the hard body. The openings are the eyes and the ears, which are the channels of entrance of information to this brain. The brain of Neocorteza has like fundamental function the thought. The left hemisphere thinks about words/verbal, is a convergent and unidirectional, logical thought of cause and analytical, scientific, mathematical, exact effect, think about sequential form (passage by step), is rational, linear, weather, perceives the parts instead of the whole, is the brain of brings back to consciousness.

Germany Tel

Through the partnership with Partzsch elektromotoren generator supplier a new quality level as a system supplier has now reached PCS. All components of a green line system are perfectly matched and tested in the laboratory. UPS will not settle for partial explanations. Both system partners demonstrate their qualities for years in the design, construction, production and products. Result is an extremely efficient system of proven products at the highest technical level, which are adapted to the needs of the wind power. Were bundled expertise to build on each other, creates synergies and allows not last shorter periods of the test. Because a solution of green line system in the factory as a kit is configured, it must be only wired and briefly tested locally. Of course, also comprehensive service is part of a system project.

Whether remote or on-site: the PCS service team solves every problem quickly, competently and uncomplicated. Dynamic team with great experience of PCS is a dynamic, an independent company with great experience, 220 qualified employees and a turnover of 50 million euros. PCS have over 70,000 ever proved in the harsh conditions of the use of rail (PCS rail) as well as for the highly dynamic requirements of the industry (PCS blue line) inverter from Berlin. Since 2005, PCS in energy production from wind power ensures fresh air. Inverter help more than 1,400 PCS green line to operate with user friendly design, excellent control and control engineering, real and simulated test runs, comprehensive project management and full-service wind turbines at a high level.

Successfully Selling

Distance zones business sales and business technical sales people to meet all the time. To successfully sell, sales engineers must comply with certain rules. Distance zones are unwritten rules that every seller should know in the business and sales. Karen Jonas describes an additional similar source. Distance zones are minimum distances, which should be kept between you and your conversation partner in the business. Depending on the culture, this body distance may be closer or shorter. In our culture is as a rule of thumb about an arm’s length.

Arabs and Mexicans come significantly closer. In Northern Europe, it can be even more. Generally, there are different zones of distance also with us. Each person feels that something different. Here you need some sensitivity. Pay attention to your conversation partner. When he repeatedly evades you, then you won’t automatically compensate for the distance, until your conversation partner on the wall and can no longer evade.

If your conversation partner takes a step back, stand still and let the distance a little further. PS: If your Interlocutor goes further and further back, then can it be, that he has no time. It should note, ask him for a better meeting. Successfully sell the sales seminar for technical sales – a excerpt from the first impression seminar content gets no second chance started to more persuasion the right clothes in the distribution and sale of the dress code in the technical sales style and etiquette in sale of the engineering trainer Ottmar capacity

So The Case Of The Demographics Don

Currently, experts argue whether the shortage in Germany is already acute or incipient. One thing is certain: with the demographic changes, the number of potential employees falls in this country continuously at least as long as the companies do not change their personnel policy. The measurement of PERSONAL2011 North (Hamburg) and South (Munich) demonstrate how companies of demo demography-related personnel need can counteract. Women leaders bring”employed this theme not only on international women’s day being down numerous companies. Approaches, such as the women’s quota be discussed just now so hot, is related to the sword of Damocles specialists and lack of leadership. Read more here: Alphabet Inc.. Human resource managers must confront now reinforced the new bottleneck situation. WSU lab oftentimes addresses this issue. In practice methods emerge here, rarely used in this context to the language: for example, the flexibility of working hours and place of work.

Combined with laptop, Smartphone or iPad The technical possibilities, to offer the same working conditions for employees regardless of the place of work, know instant messaging, video conferencing, or social media hardly borders. The Otto GmbH & Co KG has therefore introduced for many executives trust working time. Also exempt employees as officer, officers, or employees at the middle management can share an increasingly freely their working time. No longer there solid core working hours”, explains Michael Picard, Director personnel of the Otto GmbH & Co KG and keynote speaker of the PERSONAL2011 North. More and more employees make their work place demand and are no longer during their work time at a fixed place of work in the corporate office and rising.” A workplace in the trading company making it attractive for professionals and executives who better could agree on work and family as a result. In addition, modern technology sophistication that experts distributed together work anywhere in the world.

Advertising Online Marketing

– All teeth and broken in. eye knocked out while trying to uncork a bottle of "mineral water" (beer, if the caster is too late) – a pretty white teeth hostess and gourmet virtuoso kulinarka mistress, trying to open a tin can with dinner for the family, etc. …> It is rare to find such creative ways of advertising are so unusually unsuitable items for advertising, as a bottle opener … Why advertise toilet paper I do not do ponimayu.Ne plagiarism, but this article can copy the entire wrote her Misha Dryashin. … I have invented such a thing, which eliminates the need to wait until you sweat poured over the shaft of inspiration. Go to UPS for more information.

Ilf and Petrov "Golden Calf" In any business there are stamps. The creative process – is no exception. Although seemingly a paradox: creativity and cliche. But, nevertheless, there are cliches and the so-called krieyterov or creatives or artists. Call it what you want, the term "creativity" in Russian language has not survived. Maybe it did not take root. Wait and see.

Whatever it was, a cliche "unique" promotional ideas there. Employee creative department – he's also a real person. And it is often follows the path of of least resistance. Where it is possible to work less – working less. Why strain when there is a "universal" recipes? As an example, the use of stamps in the advertising business we have decided in your presence "Roll out" something is still not advertised, granted, or a losing.


The use of business systems for private purposes is subject to judicial disputes between employers and employees the online companies again. The Federal Labor Court now decided that even in the case of excessive use of the Internet as a serious breach of contract obligation an employer without notice basically not may terminate the employment relationship (AZ.: 2 AZR 200/06). In the case of a worker had brought a complaint of dismissal. In the review of the PC of the employee, the employer secured a number of picture and video files with erotic content. Via the history function of the browser, it was found that this PC erotic sites were obtained from while the workers discounted overtime these days.

This opinion of the judges was not sufficient to qualify for a behavior-related dismissal as socially justified within the meaning of paragraph 1 paragraph 2 dismissal protection law to meet. The highest German labour court raised the alternative said ordinary behavioral termination of the Landesarbeitsgericht also on and remitted to the further finding of fact on the Court. The extraordinary, so termination without notice for good cause, was seen in all instances as ill-founded. The Federal Labor Court performs also for the proper termination of the behavioral, that would have been a very dedicated finding of breach of duty on the use of the data, to determine loads and errors of the operational data systems, as well as the cost. The BAG is based on the existing case-law, according to which only under very serious exceptions an extraordinary as a proper behavioral cancellation without warning is effective. The judges made it clear in this regard that a negative forecast for social decidedly present is for behavioral cancellation in the framework of a comprehensive interests.

Clear rules required for employers and workers it is recommended one, within the framework of the “Internet and” E-Mail policy”clear rules for the use of the business service PC at work to reconcile. Only way employers make sure that the obligations of the worker’s behavior are laid down. Such behavior guidelines are effective only if compliance is regularly monitored. However, lacks such a scheme and the employer tacitly condone private use, this is tantamount to a permit for private use. Although a dismissal is even not excluded; It can, however, only a completely excessive use limited to, which as a result of fraud offences alludes that the employee indicates his performance as work, actually but only private surfing. To take into account is that the employer in considerable problems in the archiving of E-Mails will run into at a permit for the private use of E-Mail. Because he has to tax-related data according to the principles of data access and to the examination of digital documents (GDPdU) Archive, that an inspector by machine evaluable and optional can be accessed on tax-related data. Because business email is often commercial letters, the employer for that has to ensure that he complies with the requirements of this test on the one hand, on the other hand takes into account issues of data and personality protection. For workers, it is important that in case of cancellation of the foregoing principles are to check very carefully. Lacking a previous warning, an extraordinary as a behavioral ordinary termination should be often ineffective.