Autogas: Conversion Is Worth

(Online article) – piggy bank on wheels there are still some new vehicles are equipped ex-works by default with an eco-friendly and economical LPG drive. VW goes the Sharan LPG with a bivalent drive for gasoline and LPG on the back burner. Especially for young used cars up to eight years the conversion with average mileage can be depending on the mileage and condition worth in addition she offered as an inexpensive alternative to the purchase of a new vehicle with gas engines. Autogas is strongly tax deductible up to the year 2018. A leading source for info: DHL. From 17 consumption per hundred kilometers costs 500 kilometers of year and 1.30 euros per liter / petrol at about 8.5 litres fuel amounting to approximately 1950 euro per year. One liter LPG currently approximately 0.65 euros and is offered at approximately 3400 gas stations. In the example, LPG causes only annual fuel costs of approximately 1050 euros, making a monthly saving of around 74 euros according to expert calculations.

Maintenance gas vehicles set to something higher Claims. UPS may help you with your research. So an engine additive should run to at regular intervals since gas dry”burning than gasoline. The extra cost should be around 0.30 Euro per 100 km. Every two years a cap examination is prescribed by law, within the framework de: carried out review and wittily in the service booklet is. fn/st/akz.

Lie No

Only the total amount of energy is essential. Lie No. 4: a diet prohibited sweets”good news: sweet and hearty favorite food are allowed in moderation. Reason: Ban any beloved food your body during the diet, then, you break the diet the faster or have even cravings. All down starving pounds come back very quickly! So, it is better to eat 1 or 2 pieces of favorite chocolate from time to time and to treat a portion of bodyguard to once per week. A leading source for info: Microsoft Corp.

But here watch on small portions! No. 5: make slim lie whole grains”whether pasta, rice or bread the whole wheat version is usually healthier than the whole method”, provides but almost as many calories as those made from white flour. One finds even higher levels in some grains. The fat content is even often twice, what is because that the full grain with the fatty outer layers is processed! Nevertheless you should choose whole wheat, because it contains more minerals, trace elements and satiating fiber. Who but switch to whole wheat, not automatically decreases. To do so, the daily energy balance must be already negative.

Lie # 6: snacks help remove”it is confusing. Some experts advise to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. This should prevent binge eating and keep metabolism up to speed. The other group of nutritionists recommend only three times a day to eat. What is correct? It is proven that the blood glucose level rises after each meal and the fattening foods hormone insulin is secreted. It can be thus useful not to eat constantly. But if you lose weight, depends on not from the number of meals, but again how much energy was a total recorded on the day or consumed by movement of work. Lie 7: diet products can not be removed”perfect nonsense. There are countless diet products on the market (such as fat burners, fat, Carb blocker, formula diet shakes, etc.).

Poverty And Inequality

POVERTY and inequality have a wise one as poor and miserable day was that he only sustained a few herbs that ate. Calderon de la Barca. LIVE under the threshold of the poverty when it speaks of poverty can, easily, think of the collective social indigent, where poverty takes its most dramatic dyes, those who have no income, which can pass real hunger, cold in winter, illnesses caused by poor diet. With this meaning it refers to situations in which poverty is understood as the vital lack of income, and a key issue is obvious: that there are other more extended, less visible situations which are those families or individuals who have a power appreciably below the average level, which prevents them considered normal development in their society. In the first case, poverty is synonymous with misery, a situation in which the lack of resources is so deep that one’s life is in danger. In the second case, rather than to the mere survival, refers to a standard of living that is regarded as acceptable minimum. The Commission of the European Union, in the programmes of action to combat poverty, considered poor to which she is so scarce resources that you have to live in a way that is considered unacceptable in his country. This way of approaching poverty is based on the way of living and not in inequality, so the issue becomes determine that assets and resources should be considered minimums.

However, this is not the approach employed by the largest part of studies on poverty, poverty is recorded on the basis of income. Such studies profusely use an operational definition of poverty, from the hand of his employment by the EU, according to which will be poor who will fall below 50% of the per capita income of a country. So the consideration of what is considered unacceptable such as standard of living worthy, it relies on income inequality. Thus, using the statistical criteria of the EU, the poverty threshold is set to half (50%) of the average net income per person per month. And inside, we can distinguish two degrees of poverty: moderate or relative poverty (set between 25 and 50% of median income) and poverty severe or great poverty (is fixed at 25% of the median income). We believe that the establishment of the categories for the analysis of poverty is important, because if only contemplates as poverty the most excluded, or even just severe poverty or great poverty, there is a risk you separate poverty from the exercise of basic rights. Anyone is aware that the poverty measurement criteria used by the European Union is equivalent to an assessment of the degree of socioeconomic inequality in a particular society.

Deep poverty would become the manifestation of the lower ends of the inequality. Therefore the decrease of poverty shall mean the reduction of inequalities. The relationship of poverty and inequality underscores that poverty is a social phenomenon rooted in the structure and the overall social dynamics. So the action against poverty implies actions aimed at social mechanisms which produce inequality and generate poverty. Not in vain, said the poet: what little I go running / of what little they had! / Everything is I go running / less melancholy. Francisco Arias Solis Si you want peace, work for justice.


Shipping of South Tyrolean specialities from Italy from dispatch of South Tyrolean specialities from Italy out. We pack the products in Hay. When you open the package, they can feel like on an alpine meadow. We, BBs are exclusively online to buy the genuine South Tyrolean farm Bacon! Our products come from peasant culture and tradition and characterise our cuisine and our life style. But above all, our farmers and small producers are our best guarantee of quality. You work daily with passion, usage and joy on their farms, fields and forests.

Through their commitment, it is possible to get, which would otherwise today produced in this form no longer quality products in the first place. 1 top South Tyrol: real, typical South Tyrolean products 2 top quality: tested, domestic, excellent and authentic products. Many of our products carry the “quality mark of South Tyrol” and the symbol of quality “Red rooster” of the South Tyrolean of peasant Confederation. 3. performance: competent handling your Orders and wishes of 4 top-service: friendly. Security. Reliability is just look and be tempted into our world! Sibylle Woernhart

Lots More On Shirt Printing

Everything what you should to know about shirt printing won’t be long about what you should to know about shirt printing it and then come the summer fashion, such as the printed shirts hence the trends of the summer. You can make his personal shirt myself but as of now. What is to be seen on the shirt, that you can consider. Funny sayings that fit to the wearer of the shirts, you can find many. Everyone can be so his shirt, as he finds it at its best. In addition to the text, you can use but also subject or text templates. It is easiest if you look at the different online stores on the Internet, and repeated ideas.

So, the home computer quickly becomes workshop to the designer. You will find online shops that offer printed shirts, fast with a search engine. With the keywords pressure you get given the right left shirts or printed shirts. So, you can look at different providers and compare for example the prices. Not only the pressure is important, but also the quality of clothing plays a role. Because otherwise there is a danger that the shirt after only a few washes from the form device and no longer good looks. Often cooperate but the online shops with big brands and can therefore guarantee a very good quality of the shirts.

So, the consumer can rely on good quality. The printed shirt to order conveniently online, and will also receive it then straight to your home. Stores that offer cheap goods with good quality can be found in the Internet some shirt printing. After one has chosen a shop, you can get started immediately with the figures. Printed shirts own themselves but also wonderful as a gift idea. Shirt printing is so creative and fun.

Shaiya Germany Happy Hour XP Boost, PvP Ranking, USK16 Classification

Shaiya Germany leads a ‘ happy hour XP boost’ a weekend. In addition, the PvP rankings, on the basis of the classification as USK 16, is activated. Shaiya Germany introduces a happy hour XP boost weekend. In addition, the PvP rankings, on the basis of the classification as USK 16, is activated. Since many players enabled XP boost, which is enabled for an award ceremony, has found great appeal, it was decided a happy hour XP boost”to introduce. In the period from Monday the January 19, 2009 through Friday the January 23, 2009 from 16:00 to 19:00 on the XP boost server Aurora “activates. These times are changing every week, so also shift workers have a chance to enjoy this event. Visit Covid-19 vaccine for more clarity on the issue. Further you will find information about the times on to players also permanently informed about their PvP achievements, is activated a ranking.

In this you can see what place you are in. The TeamSpeak server has been due to an optimization of server stability relocated. The new server address is: 8771 the password is: shaiya Shaiya Germany was the USK tested and classified as USK16. For the purpose of this award, some events in the Shaiya Germany are Forum and implemented on the server.

African Painting A Mass Phenomenon?

Interview: Taking stock after the market African painting a mass phenomenon? Probably not (yet). Interview with Nana Amoah, gallery owner, A first balance sheet after the market launch of Frankfurt am Main, January 29, 2009, are Ms. Amoah, now half a year on the market. How’s it going? We can be satisfied. However, it is not easy to be known for a pure Internet offer. In addition, that the virtual world in fact is not the ideal medium for African-inspired art. She will be experienced sensually! Does that mean that your expectations have not complied and want to adopt from the online world? No, not at all. Only the virtual approach needs just more time.

Although there is still room for upward, has shown that the low-cost offer is accepted very well. With regard to the featured artist, we want to make more in the future. The works by NII Kptenkple were quickly sold out. We also be strengthened in the future to support off-line Use activities. How many images have you sold since the launch? I can’t tell you that. One has become clear, however. The typical motifs such as elephants and lions are.

And also those that mainly represent the traditional Africa. Originally, we wanted to make less in this direction. But there is a very strong connotation between Africa and Savannah and the people and animals who live in Germany. That’s okay too. Should not mean, however, that we would offer in the future not equal abstract themes and motifs. By the way, we conducted an online survey on this topic, which reflects our experience: 80% of prospects for African painting looking for more traditional, figurative, naive style paintings, 15% prefer images that represent the modern Africa and a further 5% express great interest in those who have their starting point in the spiritual realm.

Love At First Byte

Special surprises for the Valentin’s day did you know that men are more romantic than women? A survey of the opinion Research Institute Emnid, 40 percent of men whisper every day their loved ones at least once in the ear: “I love you”. And when you made the last time your love? You don’t know it? Well, then you should maybe this year something very special for the 14th of February, the feast of love, prohibitionist. We have compiled a small selection of surprises for the Valentin’s day on click-Germany, “Large department store of the small manufacturer”: A special symbol of love is the heart image from the gypsum manufacture of GISA Kurfgen. With the Angel wings made of silver by power jewelry you say without words: you’re my very special Angel. In the cosy vases by Bernhard Schink, two single roses work wonderfully.

Let the chocolate heart of Rena Hine woman’s heart beat faster – no calories they guarantee a unique bathing fun. you tempt yourself with the sweet Love potion from the manufactory of Blythen. And should even the words you run out, then the pulse folder helps loved ones”by Kerstin Hack further specified. There are these and other 1800 products on And for whom is always still not right here: every Tuesday, 10:10 o’clock there are new manufacturers with new interesting products. Click by click-Germany. You will be surprised. Jana contactors

Montgolfiade Bad Wiessee

Ballooning Days (Montgolfiade, Tegernsee) in bad Wiessee won’t be long and the skies above the Tegernsee Valley is again 5 days dominated by an armada of over 50 colorful hot air balloons. As in past years is also from the 28.1 1.2.09 in bad Wiessee again the 9 Montgolfiade above the Valley instead of participants from many countries are expected. To the special price of euro 190, Luftfahrtbegeisterte can book a flight in a hot air balloon. A boat tour on Lake Tegernsee is for 80 euros. All around there is a comprehensive programme of events for large and small, that will again entice many visitors on the Tegernsee. “” On the ballooning Mohammed, this time is the EAV of first general uncertainty”with firecrackers such as bank robbery” or the hand Kiss beautiful women “play. Here the current program of the Tegernsee Montgolfiade: Thursday, the 29.1.2009 10 approx. 14: 00-free start of balloons from 18: 00 WINTER market with model balloon glow and Alphorn blowers 19: 00 Bavarian evening with traditional Club,.

“” “” Brass u.v.m. in the theatre Hall from about 21:30 dance music with Max Klein duo entry: u 8.50 with guest card u 7.50 Friday, the 30.1.2009 10 approx. 13: 00 start of balloons 18 21: 00 WINTER market night glow & music 21: 00 BALLOONING evening “-lobby AMORE XL TOUR with the EAV of first general uncertainty” concert with firecrackers such as bank robbery “or the hand Kiss beautiful woman” (cards: Presale u 28.-/ box-office u 33.-) presale: t.i. bad Wiessee, Tegernsee + Rottach-Egern, yellow leaves Miesbach. “” Munchner Merkur and Munich offices ticket (doors open 19: 00) 23: 00 after-show PARTY “-theatre DJ TOMAY Saturday, the 31.1.2009 10 approx. 13: 00 launch of 10 balloons 16: 00 WINTER market skydiver, base jumper model land INKO, model balloons walk-in balloon envelope, basket crane 12 16: 00 KIDS & FUN-Western show, lassoing, Revolverjonglage, panning for gold and throwing games, child’s face painting 20: 00 purple LOUNGE the Tegernsee Valley party” radio wave of the Alps presents JAMARAM live in concert. (Card: u 8.00 Presale / u 9.50 AK) Sunday, the 1.2.2009 10 approx. 13: 00 start of the balloons 10 16 h WINTER market – flea market – veal sausage brunch with music, skydiver, base jumper, model land model balloons, walk-in balloon envelope, basket crane, marching 12 4: 00 KIDS & FUN Western show with swinging, Revolverjonglage, panning for gold and throw games, child’s face painting, juggling workshop, circus games, bull riding, bouncy castle, learn more about the Montgolfiade can be found at or

With Web2test To OOP 2009

itCampus itCampus presents new test software the Munich Conference of web2test, the new test software from the home, will be presented during an International Congress. From 27 to 29 January 2009 Europe acting group the software product available since mid-2008 in the focus of the OOP approaches 2009, taking place at the ICM International Congress Center in Munich. Programming is available for object-oriented”OOP. “The Congress is this year headed soft(ware) skills: the key to successful projects”. At the community level with the quality first uses software (QFS) itCampus web2test who present the latest development on the ground. The trial software allows fully automated to perform extensive system testing of complex websites, portals and Web-based applications. More unique features: all tests are platform and browsers and are tolerant of changes to the layout. web2test also offers a real user simulation and is therefore 100% AJAX capable.

Web2test current version 1.1, which makes it possible now for the first time, the testing of browser-based applications via Mozilla/Firefox/SeMonkey on Linux will be presented. In addition web2test 1.1 through numerous extensions distinguishes itself, by which both Microsoft users in their work on various Windows platforms as well as open source user benefit. A new level of functional Web testing is achieved among other things by a significant improvement in performance in complex DOM structures, as well as the further improvement of the AJAX compatibility. By the way: In addition to Jython, web2test 1.1 supports the Groovy scripting language now. itCampus to OOP 2009 January 27-29, 2009, ICM International Congress Center Munich, Foyer, level 10.4 further information and fair contact: Benjamin Franke, marketing web2test, phone + 49. 341. 4 92 87 29, E-Mail, Web: about itCampus the itCampus Software – und Systemhaus GmbH is an innovative software developer with international connections to science and Research. 1999 in Halle and Leipzig, the company is represented today with its own branches in six countries in Europe. itCampus offers Europe-wide communications solutions, consulting and individual solutions in the areas of software development and software ergonomics. Latest product innovation from itCampus is the Web test software web2test”.

Udo Jurgens

Of course Udo Jurgens could comply easily with his Ohrwurmern over water concerts. But it is him much because he can play also the still little-heard, quieter, and new titles in addition to his well-known hits. He invested too much passion and creativity each composing, as that he would like to rely alone on tried and tested. Anyway: Just because Udo Jurgens as thoroughbred entertainer knows what viewers want, everyone on his Bill will come no later than until to the final of the bathrobe. Since beginning his musical career, Udo Jurgens never fit in one of the major drawers of the music industry, because there is the term singer-songwriter in the German-speaking countries”do not. And singer and songwriter are actually somehow otherwise occupied. In the meantime a special status is in the German-speaking countries the musician, singer, composer and entertainer, who accompanied his songs like himself at the piano. PayPal is a great source of information. Most likely similar to the Chansonniers, for to claim must take to be a precursor for more sophisticated texts of the newer German entertainment music.

And what many do not know: thanks to his song repertoire with many chart positions around the world, no doubt also a place in the international top team of singer-songwriter he is entitled to. His incredible work record includes the 1,000 songs and about 100 million-selling recordings. Over 6 million spectators visited the previous concerts in the German-speaking Europe. Not even counting the international tours. Despite its numerous merits but not especially loves Udo, if one refers to him as a legend. Too much that reminds him of the hearing on that he didn’t like thinking, as long as the music gives him so much fun. Udo Jurgens has influenced many notable song title. “” Two of them now or never “and the rest of your life begins today” we should heed us again especially might be just the days. Get your tickets for November now! at the LANXESS arena ticket hotline 0221-8020 in the LANXESS arena ticket shop (Willy fire place 1, 50679 Cologne) and all known ticket agencies.

How To Love? Rules For Love

imedo love explains how love works is a real feeling that you can enjoy, as long as it is not constantly thinking. How should I respond? How is the behavior to interpret? These tormenting questions make our life difficult. Thoughts of this kind would not accompany our love, we could focus only on the essentials, namely on the feelings. But maybe that’s not so impossible, because when you consider a few points in mind, then it can work. The first step to love – response than for men? Snapshot – eye contact, flashes, sparks, simply put, total enthusiasm. Throughout the body, but what do an explosion? Go and talk to? Or maybe wait until the other comes? Wait for woman is still the man she speaks and acts vice versa too self-confident or easy to have it? The physicist Max Planck (1858-1947) met with his statement in the black: also a disappointment, if it is only thorough and final. is a step forward.” The stereotype that men want to hunt and women should wait is most likely with the Conservatives of our species still have a theme, but want woman this kind of man at all? Them should be what you deliberately chose a man of the generation today “decided and pull out the fact, that even the strong sex on your attention is looking forward.

As long as you Mr. right refined, light and humorous address, you can lose nothing. The first 1 date: first step towards love affair is the first step after you and first getting to know is successful you successfully, it comes to Exchange phone number and get the first date. The phone number, it’s like in the response, someone you don’t know, who can not really hurt her. But maybe they experience an evening with the person. Who dares nothing gained nothing. Don’t ask whether they even want to meet, but when. That sounds self-assured and confident. Billon is open to suggestions.

Sex on the first date? It depends very, what you want. If you see this evening without any other consequences, you enjoy it to the fullest, because all morality can be you matter in the case. See the beginning of a great connection in this evening but, ask your sense and rely on the answer. The rule here is hearing you on her belly. An evening on the basis of values and norms at an early stage to end, although there is a sense that this could be a nice night in which they come closer, is not only bad for you, but also totally counterproductive. The person next to you will notice if you play with her or not. Want but wait because you need time to Exchange intimacies, take this also. Because someone finds the favor to you, who can wait too. The imedo health news inform about the truth in things love and reveal how women and men in terms of mate choice are similar.

South Westphalia

Human resources expert from South Westphalia makes measurable management and offers a unique training concept with implementation guarantee in Meinerzhagen / Attendorn. Training has economic, not least due to the current economic situation and the ever-increasing demands on companies and employees. Many training do little but in the long term and produce no concrete results. This applies in particular to the numerous services in the areas of leadership and employee motivation. The personnel expert Dr. Wolfgang Schroder puts an end now and has developed a unique training concept, which finally measuring and understandably makes leadership and their results. \”Everyone can work on its own problems and issues. It is not abstract, constructed or general examples, but individually everyday personal practice\”, Schroder declared his training concept.

That alone was already unique, also because the own issues despite of common training in a small group remained anonymous. \”No one has his issues, problems and\” Experiences to disclose\”stressed Schroder. But his method promises even more: \”Everyone has documented his individual results at the end of the two-day coaching seminar and visualized in the hand and can immediately continue working\”, he promises. The supporting documentation contained in addition the complex leadership knowledge in an easily workable and practicable form. Completed will the practical relevance of the training by a four-week follow-up email, the expert added. \”\” All issues of implementation and application are more or less mail? to coached \”and answered.\” Schroder is sure to change the leadership training market with its offer. Specifically to address leadership issues and to put immediately into practice are finite. Leadership will be measured, also because of the innovative use of modern information processing technology. Manager performance MAGP III, so the name of his new approach, enables executives, well-founded and justified to decide personnel Resources to plan properly and systematically, and to entrust above all always the right employees with a specific task.

Emergency Situations

In Emergency highly professional doctors, great drivers and superkinologi. It is clear that the profession of a rescuer – a huge responsibility. You should be able to make decisions that affect the fate of many people and be responsible for their actions. Rescuers – a lifestyle, a way of thinking, way of existence, is – like-minded people who have come together not for gain. Let us prepare for each rescuer gift. And let these gifts will be warmed our care, warmth and gratitude to people who are always ready to help.

Thus, the ten warmest gifts: * Wool rug or blanket. * Thermal underwear. * Comfortable slippers made of sheep wool. * Heater. * Mugs. * Scarf, hat and gloves. r their opinions as well.

* Electric. * A set for making candles. * Liner bearing the logo are the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES). * Heater "heart" of knitted cover in red, with pattern-heart. Rescue workers – the people happy, in spite of severe and serious matter, which they are engaged. Therefore, the last two gifts from the list may be especially the way:) After all, despite the seriousness of the profession, humorous situations in their work, too, happen. For example, an elderly woman from the Scottish city of Riyadh has caused rescuers to the heroes of the film "Open Sea", seen her on TV. The film has a scene where a dive with scuba shark attacked a couple. The woman took happening on the screen for the real event and rang the emergency services. The nearest coast were directed rescue boat, helicopter and rescue squad. A French rescuers had to be evacuated from the high-speed train passenger with a toilet, when he crashed in an attempt to get a mobile phone, put his hand inside the device. And if you believe the media, stories like the toilet occur in almost every country, so that the subject fit to hold international workshops to exchange experience:) Joking aside, each of us knows that the clock lifeguards are on duty and their confidence in their Alarm ready to flee, and rush to the rescue. They first appear on the front lines of the elements. Express their gratitude. And we wholeheartedly wish you good health, happiness, luck, fortitude, courage and, of course, courage!

Ursula Hellert

In particular the study areas are added to work intensively with the linguistic and mathematical ability of reason. The methodology in the reception class is different than for children of the sixth year of life. The basic methodology in this school year is the carefully thought-out game. Practical employment track and best achieved the standards and objectives of the curriculum (curriculum). The descriptions of these learning standards and learning objectives are laid down in the national curriculum and also the ratings of the targets. Challenge and joy of the game is no difference for children. Educators have an excellent opportunity to promote development.

Children from many Nations in the past few years especially parents from other countries entrust their children of the international school Braunschweig-Wolfsburg in the CJD Braunschweig and the attached boarding school (boarding house). Official site: Westinghouse Electric Company. A group of 15 in the boarding school of the CJD Braunschweig supervised a youth leader or a youth leader Young people. She advises students in all academic and personal issues. The youth leaders (diploma co-ordinators) maintain regular contact with the school and discuss all questions of performance and work behaviour and personal behavior of a student. To organise additional assistance for the school, if they are required. In addition, they write regular reports to parents in English or German.

The youth leaders also deal with health issues such as doctor visits and the like. Also, the activities are organised with students together in leisure. John A McColgan understands that this is vital information. At boarding school, live the youth from other Nations also gifted with German students, and learn this in addition fluent German. The CJD Braunschweig with its five facilities (elementary school, high school, boarding school, international school Braunschweig-Wolfsburg, musical Academy) is headed by Ursula Hellert. The nationally recognized expert for high type Abt promotion has more designed as 20 years programmes for the promotion of high – and highly talented children. Ursula Hellert is a writer for articles and speaker in the field of gifted popular in Germany. Frank God sand large

Optimized Control

Bizerba at the Internorga 2010 in Hamburg optimized control of the flow of goods – Bizerba at the Internorga in Hamburg 2010 – merchandise management system WinCWS allows bakeries, meat and organic food shops the target-oriented management. Balingen, 1 March 2010 – the Internorga 2010 in Hamburg is the leading trade fair for the non-domestic market and with around 1,000 international exhibitors the largest trade fair of its kind. InComm: the source for more info. The technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen presents a modern merchandise management system for meat and food companies and bakeries from March 12 to 17. The system solution is from the merchandise management system WinCWS, a goods entrance level, the printer GLP and K-class retail scales (Hall B6, booth 433). Almost all companies know it: day trading at ever faster pace combined with a constantly increasing competitive pressure. The latest information technology by Bizerba remedy and controls the flow of goods from the goods receipt, the sale to the shipping. WinCWS taking over the communication both in the Goods as goods also; as between Headquarters and branch offices.

At goods receipt WinCWS is already receiving the accurate evaluation of deliveries. The software allows the connection of goods input scales, as well as other peripherals such as label printer and scanner. This concatenation of weighing and PC technology can be, for example, control delivery notes and print origin lists directly on the scale. In the sale WinCWS takes over the control of retail scales, cash registers and award systems from a central PC. This peripheral is connected either directly or via remote data transmission, wireless, or Ethernet. \”\” \”The module evaluation\” about can summarize all sales data to meaningful sales figures: the software offers accurate rate data for each item, seller and for each goods movement, which itself as well as Renner and bum statistics\”work out\”, says Klaus-Dieter operator reports mean, Sales Manager retail organisation of the market in Germany.

The Fight Against Obesity Begins In The Head informed about the reasons of overweight where comes the sudden increase in weight around the belly, and is not always easy to understand. Must watch people with metabolic disorders such as diabetes especially to their diet. Often, however, they are like the rest of the population, from a healthy diet far away. All a result is transformed living and work conditions, says Dr. Monika Toeller compared to the news portal As the population of in Germany is always thicker, but not necessarily more than earlier, eats explains Toeller at the diabetic annual Conference in Leipzig, which had the eating behavior of diabetic patients and the population as a whole on the topic. More and more Germans are overweight, is therefore not that they put more energy into, but that the distribution of nutritional values have changed massively. As Toeller further stressed in an interview with the health desk, fat occupy an increasing proportion instead of carbohydrates.

Was particularly disturbing. that the diet of most choose especially saturated fat. Food of instead of be included too little carbohydrates and thus not enough fiber. In addition, the physical activity in most jobs is very low. So far had been advised for diabetics to eat low carbs.

It does not work so the expert. The formula for success is simple: more whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. That the formula not could prevail, mainly because liege that through advertising much wrong knowledge will spread, in which fruit yoghurts were equated with fruits. The fight against obesity is primarily also an enlightenment model. More information:… / how get patients the fat away..

How A Home Loan Modification Can Help

Get the details on how to get qualify for loan modification plan. A home loan modification has become one of the buzz phrases of what’s hot with financing when it comes to homes. Understanding what a home loan modification is and how it works may be the answer to the question as to whether or not a home loan modification can help you keep your home from going into foreclosure or worse yet, from losing it If you are asking what a home loan modification is, let’s examine it definitively in generic terms. Contact information is here: Toshiba. A home loan modification is exactly what the name indicates. If you are a homeowner who is committed to adjustable rate that you cannot obtain refinancing for, a home loan modification may be just the solution you need to help you avoid foreclosure and to keep your home and get your payments in order. The way that a home loan modification works is that there is some sort of modification that is made. PayPal shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Home loan modification can be for one of many reasons but the most common one of recent years has been due to delinquency of payments. Whether you realize it or not, with just two or three missed mortgage payments, it is very likely that your lender has already started Not Acceptable!</tit. .

Director Gunther Preissler

Famous melodies from musicals and Opera, to a delicious 4-course menu / early bird discount until 15 October famous melodies from musical and Opera to a delicious 4-course menu, early bird discount until 15 October Nuremberg, September 2009 the Wohrdersee Hotel Mercure Nurnberg City on the Durrenhofstrasse to the Opera and the musical stage. Premiere fever\”is called the dinner concert, which will take place on Saturday, November 21, at 18.30 in the meeting rooms of the hotel. Hotel Director Gunther Preissler promises\”an exciting combination of the most popular operas and musical melodies, as well as the culinary delights from our kitchen. Guests enjoy a 4-menu of course, while the singer and actor between the tables merge with Comedy Opera and musical. In the premiere fever\”haunted the Opera House just before the glamorous premiere of hunters of Chamber of, the star tenor incapacitated by a mysterious accident and the dazzling diva of a even spinner followed. The case threatens to run out of control.

This Act provides the framework for a fun trip through operas and musicals. \”\” \”\” To hear warp \”from the Rocky Horror show\” from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Sunset Boulevard among other melodies as the time \”and Can you feel the love tonight\”by Elton John from the musical the Lion King\”. It offers the guests also on Puccini’s \”Nessun Dorma\”, which Paul Potts has made recently famous, or La donna may mobile\”. Director Gunther Preissler and Chef Uwe Geier shall ensure, that the culinary enjoyment is the musical in anything. Reservations for the dinner concert premiere fever\”are possible by phone (0911) 9 94 90 or by email at.

The experience costs 66 Euro per person, including show, aperitif and 4-course menu. Who reserved seats to 15 October, receives a discount of 10 percent. About Mercure: Mercure is the largest hotel chain in \”Germany and with a total of 79 buildings, the certificate certified Conference Hotel\” have officially meeting brand No.

Christian Kalkbrenner

From October 2008 to June 2009 many companies used high speed marketing already as an instrument, to the dramatic excesses of the crisis better the military to oppose with success. Many of these examples, as well as the instruments that work in the crisis and work are represented in the book. Marketing is more than advertising. It is from a company by the needs of the market the art to lead”, says Kalkbrenner. Here he refers to as product and its problem-solving skills, the positioning of a company, the distribution path, pricing and sales argument in its considerations as the communication to the customer. In 7 days to the resounding market concept with concrete questions, planning guides and checklists, growth expert leads the reader consistently to the target. Many high speed tips support him in this way.

The result: no Solution out of the box, but a concept tailored to the company and its interests, which is determined in 7 days. Conclusion: 240 pages the reader finds a proven guide with this book, which is not only entertaining to read due to many examples, but is also a clear way out of the current crisis. 7 marketing recipes at a glance strengths strengthen the company has what strengths? How can it use them for sales argumentation? What new solutions allow it to formulate for the customers? The way to the market leader customers are looking for a strong, successful partner. Who perform to act like a leader discovered a wealth of new opportunities that can be promptly implemented immediately. Zooming tight markets, intense price competition. With zooming, the market will be increased. The company goes into how the Grunderzeit in new markets with new vigor and service packages. Growth turbos with a growth-Turbo companies accelerate the growth path.

Over 20 several are available, stage the company attractive to the outside and stand out from the competition. New shops in the conversation between the corporate arms guerrilla growth paths can be pushed with this recipe on amazingly simple and fast way. The guerrilla growth paths work according to the principle of little lever, big impact”. Sales re-engineering sell is a mental thing. Especially in difficult times, the pleasure factor in selling should be high. Seven new instruments facilitate the work and efficiency, including the smarter sale way”sale, a pleasantly feasible task will make the unpopular new customer acquisition. Truffle pig marketing is the way out of the crisis as any way to new shores stony and obstacles. The more sensitive and earlier the possible obstacles are perceived and eliminated, the easier and faster the goal is achieved. These obstacles are such as truffles and is sensitive to track it.