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The source is the system – safe and comfortable Java application development with the open-source z2 environment of ZFabrik KG of z2 is now available as open source environment at the ZFabrik software KG. Z2-environment is a Java run-time environment that automatically updates itself from a versioning or a developer workspace configurations and source code. Systems developed with her have a high degree of internal consistency, and development and maintenance are greatly simplified thanks to lower requirements for the development environment. Contact information is here: john mayer. The z2 environment solves problems facing Java developers and administrators face every day: a build infrastructure deployment of application servers and applications operation updated development environments tracking version changes the z2 environment solves these problems by it synchronizes itself with a version management. This ensures complete transparency for administrators, developers and supporters alike. So, z2 creates a highly productive and low-cost environment that is easy to distribute, Java standard programming model that supports and is consistently-versioned. Z2-environment implements an approach with similar qualities as Scipting environments. It was created from the experience of managing large software systems in the SAP.

It raises only a synchronization of the runtime environment to test a modification in the development environment. It detects the changes in the local development of storage of the developer, the workspace, and suitable adjusts their run-time State. This may mean that a Web application is unloaded and then started again with new resources or that Java classes are fast to compile and to download new version of the runtime. To do this, more detailed information: developer /… Jurgen Doppe – ZFabrik software KG