ZEUS Finds The Most Beautiful Students Face 2008

Participate in the ‘2008 Student face’ ZEUS photo contest and win an exclusive photo shoot of the first impression is often the decisive. Two people confront each other, then everyone has time seven seconds, either positive or negative first impression to make. With a charming smile and a positive charisma, it is an easier way to the good first impression. By Jove, you can win with a smile now prizes: a photo shoot for the creation of a professional Sedcard, a shopping voucher for H & M or a new iPod nano. To win, the participation of the ZEUS is sufficient photo competition students face 2008 under. \”Are invited to all pupils and students aged between 14 and 20 years, the online with your portrait photo on the ZEUS photo contest participate.

< with ZEUS to the students face 2008 Heidi Klum and your jury colleagues make it before: with the Pro7-show Germany’s next Topmodel\” searching from a number of candidates, the new German top model out. Before it applies however many tasks to cope and so tests and great effort lead to the success. ZEUS makes easier the success and so the own photo with a beautiful smile is enough perhaps. Participating is easy, because it’s own photo must be uploaded online only and is then released by ZEUS to the voting. Be your own jury and students face 2008 determine voting students face 2008 by ZEUS via online voting. Here can forgive everyone for the beautiful photos of votes and star.

The highest rating is six stars for the most beautiful and most charming smile of the students face 2008 by ZEUS. Who receives the most votes and the highest score at the end you can win one of three great prizes. The ZEUS action to the Schulergesicht2008 starts on November 1st and will run until November 30.