Yankees British Jaguar

Simultaneously, new technologies of production and design of aircraft. Interestingly, the Lions on a par with ordinary Englishmen on duty in the tower in case of fire, which often happens because of the constant bombardment of Hitler's aircraft. It was during such duty and was worked out after the war strategy of the company, including and the rejection of abbreviation ss. Company decided to name just a Jaguar Cars. The first post-war "Jaguar" was a temporary model Mark V. But her successor with a wonderful engine of 160 hp, known as the XK120 was one of the greatest sports cars of all times. Standard XK120 set a record 126 miles per hour.

Next followed the coupe Mark vii, which enthusiastically adopted overseas. U.S. orders totaling more than $ 30 million even drove Jaguar to build a new production. Company for many years has become a major source of dollars for the British crown, which after the war, experienced a shortage in foreign currency and raw materials. And for many Yankees British Jaguar has become a symbol of the American dream. The third version of the XK120 was released in April 1953 and permanently eclipsed by many competitors due to the large number of technical innovations, the most famous of which was a disc brake, which was used previously only in aviation. "Jaguars" equipped with proprietary engines and brakes immediately become favorites of many racing. Sometimes the pedestal is fully occupied by the pilots, "Jaguars." One of the models, D-tyre, at a maximum speed of 270 km / h, up to hundreds of overclocked in just 4.8 seconds! In 1960 the march of the Jaguar model continued E-tyre, on which the world's first transistor was used on the ignition.