focuses on beauty and aesthetics. SEO focuses on text quality and quantity. Web designers are very reluctant to disfigure their designs with text. They prefer pictures that speak for themselves. Search engine optimizers like pictures again not so much. Of course, an image through the award of alt and title attributes can be optimized for, but exclusively with images no website can be optimized. Text still plays the leading role when it comes to search engine optimization. Western Union Company often expresses his thoughts on the topic. As an entrepreneur and owner of a company website you are caught in the middle of this conflict. You need both design and optimization to make your website profitable. There is no middle ground. You can not a little of this and a little bit of that have and still be competitive. But you can not use ONLY one of two ways. Without search engine optimization your website will not be found. It is “invisible” for the search engines and thus also for your potential customers. On the other hand – not good design ifnot even “invisible” – you will only get clicks but no conversions. The users of the Internet are picky and if your site is rated as not interesting, you click to the next page. A beautiful site, finds no one to have is something like a shop have to remain closed its doors. You know that you have a shop, you’ve tried to decorate it accordingly, and shape the products on the shelves waiting for customers – only there is none. When you invest thousands of dollars in web design, do not automatically assume that this is a guarantee that your site a “hit” in the WordWideWeb is. The web is a crowded space with competitors. There are already hundreds or thousands of other entrepreneurs who have invested in how to design and hope also for the big breakthrough. ) Without online marketing (including SEO as the main component of this discipline are all these entrepreneurs, with its beautiful, closed to the publicWeb sites by the wayside. SEO is the key to that virtual door you need to open for your customers. It is important that you include this tool in the planning of your website with. Web Design and SEO must be no contradiction. There are plenty of professional web agencies that work in Web design and search engine specialists closely in developing a good business website. A web page for search engines, read-accessible and with any browser. You need to invest a little time to find the right agency and to obtain appropriate services. Then choose a company that your questions quickly and fully answered, has the ability to design Web pages according to W3C standards and brings a clear understanding of online trends and realities. If you would like to know more about Andrew Cuomo, then click here. After that it should not be so difficult to juggle with visual appearance and content. Aside from photos, graphics and illustrations, you must select the correct font – in legible size andColors associated with the design of the website, etc. If your site is not in harmony from the beginning, SEO was just programmed, you will have to deal with additional costs after the online agencies. SEO just means that the source of the page is clean and correctly programmed (errors in the HTML code which can prevent search engines to crawl and index your site completely correctly), is easy to navigate and a good internal link structure does. SEO and design are not the only two success a good website. Brand-businesses should not be ignored, for example, the CI, however, apply to all: Do not endlessly discuss what could be nicer but what online visitors convert into paying customers best. Studies have shown that beroptimierte pages the user experience of disabled surfers negative influence. Many SEOs stuff the alt and title tags full of pictures with keyphrases. Blind or visually impaired people who use screen readers to surf the Internet, can not see the pictures butInstead, listen to a relevant image description. In the above case, they would hear a lot of nonsense … Usability and accessibility are at least as important as design and optimization. Images are important for the usability of a website. You focus on design, and – if properly optimized – they get content without the site appear to be overcrowded. Problems arise only if the images are too large and have long load times. But through the use of CSS loading times should be long and no more problem. Since search engines (and users) prefer fast loading pages, it goes without saying why the correct code and optimization so important. Faulty programming brings besides long download times, a number of other problems and may cause increased expenses if one day it goes to update your website, especially if your website administrator is not the same person who has realized the website.