Who Has To Take Responsibility For The Failure Of E10?

The introduction of E10 has long since failed no one wants to do it who gets the buck at the end? Officials push to each other the buck. But who are those responsible? Today all those Word who believe to say something meaningful on this topic were again. As the Chairman of the Transport Committee in the Bundestag, Winfried Hermann of the Greens announced: “The Government must stop the introduction of the new fuel variety.” And Barbel Hohn sets the start of the chain of errors in the year 2007, the year of the German EU Council Presidency. These reports the economy service Jurgen Franke on the Internet portal is also the FDP which introduction still above the 5% mark was the decision of the E10, named Patrick Doring to Word. He calls in the world: “If in the medium and in the long term but there is damage, the industry must be held liable. Without this commitment, the biofuel is 10″doomed to failure. To clarify: the policy one decides significant modification of the fuel quality, the warrant will take over the industry. How about clung the policy, so the politicians personally, for the first time for something that you choose.

It would be an innovation. The opinion of a single BMW is also irresponsible to portray engineering as ‘opinion of the automakers’, as happened yesterday in the world on Sunday. It is not to answer, that the consumer is confused again with this individual opinion. The reply of the BMW AG was not long in coming. “In all BMW cars for all model years of safe use of E10 possible fuels” is in an information letter.

Where were the lobbyists the driver ADAC and co. Wonder about the effects of E10 fuel put also the Automobile Club on the environment and the motor on the day. They pretend as if they had been surprised by the introduction of fuels. Anyone who knows the political landscape in Germany and the EU, believes But seriously, that there a pro E10 gasoline decision was made, in which correspond to associations not have been heard. Also, it is surprising that the petroleum industry so quietly did the introduction. How well the reaction of the oil industry would have been, if a decision of the EU would not rising, but falling fuel prices. The answer is simple. There had been no decision. Can E10 be abolished? The question whether it is possible to create fuel from EU, not really arises. The need to produce fuel from renewable raw materials is quite. This can and should mean but definitely not that cereals or other foods that supposedly do not appear suitable for food production, are blown out to the exhaust. In Germany 1,200,000 tons of grain are not processed annually for food, because the cereal food industry meets the requirements of the German ash (source, report on 3SAT). It would be not useful and ethically necessary, this grain to countries to export, the food industry has a different standard? On YouTube, there are now a number of partially annotated video messages on this topic. Here is one example of many: back remains of borrowing motorists who completely disoriented, fueling a too expensive fuel.