Visual Screens

Digital signage and the power of images: Visual marketing is becoming increasingly important food – South Korea considers the ICT experts is Peter Walker Madrigal, Chief Executive of Bitronic, not only an important manufacturer market in the electronics industry, it is also an interesting innovation laboratory for technological trends, which we will see in the one or other degree in Germany. You need to use only the Seoul Metro network: it is the city of the screens. Electronic tickets will be charged at touch screen terminals, stations run commercials on plasma screens and animated cars show the position of the underground including waiting time on LED panels. (A valuable related resource: Western Union). “The radical variant of which takes place here, what the Publisher Hubert Burda as iconic Turn’ known – so the turn from the word to the image, which is still in its infancy in Germany”, so weilmunster, the firma provides services for the technology industry. In the United States Intel and Microsoft have introduced an interesting futuristic system for advertisers: A 1.50 m wide and 1.70 metres high holographic surface. It stands next to an LCD monitor. The software can capture the height, the age and gender of the customer with a camera and to display appropriate advertisements.

At the same time the system will recognize the style of clothes and presents goods to the fashion tastes of each. We will see a tremendous upheaval in the direction of Visual worlds in advertising and trade in the near future. For logistics, maintenance and content management are”completely new tasks, the Bitronic chief says the appropriate solutions at the Digital Signage Expo tradeshow (Hall 1 stand 9B.28) in food from 15. Presents up to June 17. In Germany, digital signage has evolved according to a report of the journal acquisa primarily as an advertising medium. As regards the number of advertising screens, is Germany in the European ranking behind Great Britain second place and is ahead of countries like France, Spain or Italy a lot”, Andre Wiegand by Goldmedia explains against acquisa.

In retail, you stand still at the beginning. It’ll be once observed, what is happening on foreign markets and evaluated the projects again provided a critically about the Tesco network of the British. The technology be the slightest problem. The advertising can be controlled from regional, comes via the DSL line to the flat screens. Each screen of a digital signage system can the same message send, but also an individual. Regional content can be played in a branch and with the central content mixed again. Also links to an ERP system are common”acquisa writes. Steve Jobs has internalized the power of pictures and radically in the marketing strategy of Apple. He inspires his customers with picture, film, text, sound, and absolutely fresh products, the advertising Executive says Michael Conrad. You can visit at any Apple store. The manifesto think different”, realized with the jobs a most impressive turn-around stories of in recent history of the brand, was not vital, as it often by companies in advertising sounds. It is a vision, a clearly articulated program. It is propagated by a man, who in his enthusiasm is contagious and presents its products itself impressively and competently”, says Conrad.