Versatile Tool: Knife

As a rule, it is 5.6 items. The knife has increasingly become the universal tool. In 50-ies. If you would like to know more then you should visit COSCO. xx century knife finally become a versatile tool, with almost all models under pressure from legislative restrictions disappeared lock blade. In 1990-ies. revival folding hunting knife.

Began to appear a model that could be used as a tool and as a fairly powerful weapon. This series of knives, 'Sable' firm capo. This knife comes in two variants – with odnoklinkovy pads on the handle and dvuhpredmetny with an additional tool – the universal saw. Blade opens with one hand and in the position of becoming hard lock. Blade length 140 mm, thickness in the butt to 6 mm (for odnoklinkovoy model) and 4 mm (for dvuhpredmetnogo knife). modification has no caps on the handle to reduce the size and weight. You may find that Uwe Brings can contribute to your knowledge. Handle all-metal with holes. Blade of leaf-shaped with sesquioxide sharpening.

The width and sharpening of the blade you can use it for cutting. At loggerheads has developed a two-way guard, referred back slightly to increase the blade's departure. In addition, little is shifted back axle attachment thus increasing the contact area of the lateral blade with a handle and decreases its transverse vibration. Used for locking the lock line-lock, which has high workability and sufficient strength. Since this type of knife used as a weapon, and as a tool, then the bare metal handle more convenient for the care of weapons, it is easier to clean out the blood and mud, in addition, the holes to reduce weight, made it not allow dirt to build up inside the blade.