Universal Declaration

Exists currently the enslaved work without the method of clipping of the freedom? Many years if had passed since the signature of the Golden Law, however many escravistas characteristics are acting strong in the diverse sectors of the work and to each period these characteristics if they evolve together with the human development, confusing many workers who exert its functions regularly, however do not obtain to usufruct of the pleasure of the dignity come from the work. Many people work years to obtain corporeal properties, but it is evident that these goods only dignify the person momentarily, therefore the true dignificao is difficult of being reached, perhaps for the fact of the existence of a barrier. It is of knowledge of great part of the society that in determined local exists the enslaved work with the method of clipping of the freedom, as for example, in some farms, carvorarias and even though in sewing plants. However, what in accordance with to say of companies, functioning correctly the legislation, where thousands of people work?

In these places of work, the people carry through its functions in accordance with the established norms, however the real dignity folloied by the happiness is not something concrete and many times nor visible. Something that confuses the people to reach so dreamed dignity, amongst other variants exists, known as the barrier of the preconception. The barrier of the preconception comes behind from many years, however currently it is camouflaged in the modern areas of the work. It is accurately this barrier that hinders many women to conquer high positions in companies, making that they have a lesser wage band that of the men, who hinder people of other cultures to work being respected for the others and that he hinders of some forms many other people of different personalities. The Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, together with other constitutional declarations and acts will not result in real benefits for the society, if all not to be pledged to finish with the barrier it preconception. With findar of this empecilho, all will be able with determination to reach the true dignity through the work, resulting in personal happiness and development to the society.