United States

Global revolution may not have the results that imagined. And you won’t have them. I’ve always been enemy of conspiracy theories, but there is nothing hidden in the islam-izquierda case. They come front saying that they are United to subdue the world. They embrace, Kiss, and publicly congratulated.

They clamor to put an end to the Empire, its Zionist ally, Europe, and everything that is, decency and democracy. There is a definite and concrete plan of destruction of capitalist Western civilization so that Islam is victorious yerga along with liberals. Each of revolutionaries does what he can in his fiefdom and everyone then gathers at its headquarters in the United Nations to compare achievements and condemn others. What you lack to be resolved is the final purpose of the Muslims to assemble a Caliphate, that are fighting Sunni and Shia. The Caliphate should master all, that means that the Socialists will have to submit to the Moors. That uproar will come later. Meanwhile they unify efforts.

More idiots who are: Muslims, leftists or Westerners? Therefore, there are three kinds of idiots: 1) the idiot who knows that he is an idiot. ((2) The idiot who does not know that he is an idiot and is believed alive and 3) the idiot who has no nothing of idiot, but who is the idiot. The first and the second is an achievement shared by Muslims and Liberals. Traditional losers who enlarged with a few pesos in his pocket. The third is West: United States, Europe and Israel. West continues acting politically correct waiting for gout that overflow the container. When it overflows, the correction will end and begin the final period of Islam and socialism on the face of the Earth.