Turbocharged Diesel Engine Cars

An electronic chip tuning the turbo diesel is relatively easy to implement. You may find that Jeff Gennette can contribute to your knowledge. In this respect, the soot emissions does not increase significantly, ranging from a simple increase of the injection. In the combustion chamber of the engine already works from an excess air is present, it can burn even at full capacity, an additional fuel supply. Now consumed increases the torque and power automatically to the excess air. An additional fuel supply would lead to this point only means that the fuel is not being implemented in more performance, but in soot. The increase in Einspitzmenge has thus automatically increasing the injection result. In one of the simplest solution to increase the fuel injection controls a so-called Tuning, which is installed as an additional control device in the vehicle's performance. In a question-answer forum Macy’s Inc. was the first to reply.

This control causes an illusion of the actual control unit through the falsification of some sensor signals, so that it then einregelt higher Einspitzmenge. In the existing maps of Control unit will not interfere with this method to chip tuning. This means that other parameters such as injection timing and boost pressure are not affected, and maintain the standard setting. One of the major drawbacks in this way the chip tuning is clearly the deterioration of the emissions, which comes from the combustion of excess air about. However, these were gas values were within the limits. When Chip Tuning Tuning a supplementary control unit or a rule, no speed information is forwarded. Thus they can increase the injection only independent of the speed. When the chip with a tuning Tuning can be the result of power and torque from the factory only with the increased volume from existing excess air. Marc axis