True Prophets or False Prophets

But that everything is for the construction! If somebody exists that speaks in languages, that say two or three in the maximum, after an other. that interprets somebody them. If it does not have who interprets that the brother if is silent in the assembly; the Deus’ speaks exactly yes and; ‘. (I Color 14, 26-28) It sees well that Pablo is not forbidding to speak in languages, but that he is two or in maximum three of each time, since that has somebody that knows to interpret, seno, he is better to be been silent. How much to dom of the prophecy, also valley the same orientation: one of each time, so that all are instructed. ‘ ‘ Therefore God is not a God of clutter, but of paz’ ‘. (I Color 14, 33) and Pablo locks up the orientation saying: ‘ ‘ They inhale dom of the prophecy and they do not hinder that somebody speaks in languages.

But that everything is made in conscientious way and with ordem’ ‘. (I Color 14, 39-40) Finishing, it would like to cite one versicle that is in the first letter of Is Joo, who says: ‘ ‘ You do not believe any spirit, but you examine the espritos to see if they are of God, therefore many false prophets already had come to mundo’ ‘. (I Joo 4.1). She is really necessary to take very well-taken care of, therefore it has much people for there saying things that God did not speak.