True Mobile Printing

The free app Cortado workplace turns the iPad into a complete mobile workplace, including cloud-printing function for manufacturer, device and PC independent wireless print Berlin, September 2010 – mobile-business expert Cortado brings its desktop app Cortado workplace now available for the Apple iPad at the start. The free solution offers iPad users a central cloud storage for your documents and files. Here stored files can be managed via the app or started with the appropriate Office application. Also, documents can be issued directly from the iPad to the next printer. Cortados cloud printing process works without having to use a PC or Mac and supports currently more than 10,000 different printer models and any document type enthusiastic iPad user reach self again and again their limits.

File management is almost impossible, and mobile printing with iPad is even with additional apps only when computer is switched on, only for photos, or only with certain Printer models possible. (Source: Publishers Clearing House). Even the Apple Airprint announcement of doesn’t change it. Remedy the app Cortado workplace for iPad, which extends the device to desktop and cloud printing functions. Based on the solution is a hosted Cortado 1 GB of large online storage. This serves as a central location for all the files. Users who both iPad and iPhone who can exchange also files from device to device. About the app can manage the files and started from there automatically with the appropriate Office application, such as quick Office docments to go, pages, or numbers and so edited. Via email forwarding, you can then drop the edited document in workplace memory.

Each printer in question, which is available for the iPad Wi-Fi comes for the printing of documents directly from the iPad. More than 6,000 printer driver provided in the Cortado Hostingcenter make sure that about 10,000 different printer models can be used. This is supported all file formats, such as all Office and graphic formats.