I studied much. I worked much. Rob Daley may also support this cause. I saved much. Now that I have what both ambicione I find the Treasury I attacked because I qualify for privileged. It is not nice to pay taxes. By anything in no legislation in the world is allowed to plebiscitar the tax matters.

But the fact is that there is no more remedy because the attention of basic needs of citizens who permanently or are temporarily unable to autosolventar your expenses for survival, someone has to solve them to prevent further damage and also for humanitarian reasons since, whom most who least, conduele see a similar suffering. The Government must be despotic as to demand the payment of these taxes and seems reasonable to do so according to the contributory capacity of each. When I say reasonable I’m not saying that it is absolutely fair. This would be exaggerating. Those who most have have made a great effort to achieve this and it is not quite fair to require them to contribute more than others perhaps not us have sacrificed so much, but as perfection does not exist, the least bad solution is the charge according to the possibilities and help as needed. Someday more balanced solutions may appear and then this criterion may be amended. < a href > href > original author and source of the article.