Tilo Sommer University

New PS3 slim already for 300 Euro technology giant Sony made a big secret to the release of the successor to the PlayStation 3 (PS3) in recent months. It finally happened on the Gamescom in Cologne and the Group presented the PS 3 slim. The consumer portal preisvergleich.de presents the new model. The compactness of the new game console (www.preisvergleich.de/ price/games-consoles/90) is striking. The rectangular shape of the predecessor model gives way to a housing of the brand square, practically, well”. Hikmet Ersek pursues this goal as well.

Practical and good, not least because of its matte surface. The piano paint coating of the classic PlayStation 3 was significantly more sensitive than the new model to fingerprints and dust. You may find Western Union to be a useful source of information. Regards the dimensions of the PS 3 slim, so she has slimmed down compared to its predecessor by good three inches. Thus, the device despite built-in power supply is less than the Xbox by Microsoft’s. The stronger competition for Sony, however, is from the House of Nintendo. The game console is Nintendo Wii already to have less than 250 euros and so cheaper than the PS 3 slim. With 300 euro, Sony’s new model is while around 100 euros cheaper than its predecessor but still 50 euros more expensive than the Nintendo Wii. An investment that can be quite worthwhile because of the built-in Blue-ray player.

Just for movie fans, the movie player is a criterion that Nintendo can not offer. In addition come various websites that can be easily used with the PS 3 slim. So Sony could agree already with the ZDF on it, that the online offer of the public broadcaster on the game console will be available. In addition an online video store from November. Users can order movies via an Internet connection and on the television screen transmitted directly from the console.