The Unit

Unity is our currency. We must unite the soldier and the official environment with its neighbours suffering from blackouts, inflation and shortages. We must unite together to the officer that goes to the restaurant and feels observed with people who are at the other tables and so regain the Venezuelan identity. The unit is the essential condition for success. Without unity there is no output. Without unity, there will be no change.

The Unit is as water, amalgamada drops, joint in mole, essential to life. Unit can return us the existence, replace us the light off, repair the turbines of Guri, patiently, with constancy, with parsimonious task of reconstruction. You must first open the floodgates, baste in a single bundle of forces to those who protest. We must weave linkages, the understandings, the understandings among all sectors that walk each one by his side and they have not seen the unit. We must unite the cheated with the disillusioned and disappointed new.

The unit is the priority. The unit must be adopted. The unit cannot go there, area, dressed in clothing frayed, disappointed. We must unite to brainy economists who point us contraction deflation, loss of employment, with the scarce pulpers who survive here and there. Urgently need unity among the classes that still allow the marriage, first communion and birthday with a good party with young people in neighborhoods that decanted beer unemployed in one corner and exposed to some drug distributors acribillen them. The Unit looks at us languid, exhausted, to our waiting. We must respond to the unit. It is urgent to give an answer to the unit. Output will be heard when the unit we embrace. The unit will be demonstrated so she was the panacea. When all embrace the unit we will again be a social body. When all make us one with the unit we will be unbeatable.