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There are companies, press releases that journalists will be interested in any case, due to popularity of the organization. But that's just large, small and particularly small companies will have to thread the needle to draw attention shark pen. And yet, it is possible. Source: Former CIA Head. The point of this article, I propose to radically revise their attitude to the press release. Normal release describes what happened in the company. However, anyone interested in what happens in hundreds of thousands of companies that can not be the market leaders? Therefore advantageous to write as a change in the company's impact on the lives of people consumers or the market (if everything so seriously). Rules of drawing up a press release: When you create a press release should not go to the event in the company, and from the result that this event will bring his influence on society, competitive environment, market; News occasion to describe in the context of the influence of developments in society, competitors, market, in the title, delete the name of the company to "hide" in the text name of the company, for example, in the comments Representatives of the firm.

By the way, all sorts of comments are very fond of journalists. Take pleasure in them as a comment in the press release – they'll include it in your article or news (well, or otherwise use); Not openly "advertise" their products and services; Implementing a press release interesting figures related to the market. Figures – generally one of the favorite things journalists.