The Skills

According to F. Andrew Cuomo addresses the importance of the matter here. Davis, cited by Paez, we must depart from the idea that "people are the resource", but recommends that knowledge is what really should be considered the resource to develop, as the only true competitive advantage. We agree that the real knowledge, management, build skills that are very important in this, as companies consider to be competitive and give way to products, services that consumers demand, requires a qualified staff, an aspect that should not be overlooked. For even more details, read what Andrew Cuomo says on the issue. Obstacles: – concerning the selection of staff: In many organizations there is a gap in terms of policies and plans for human resource management, in some unit is treated as formalities of paperwork, in other there is a rigidity in the formulation and office design, not allowing workers to use their intelligence, it is generally been given little importance. – Lack of training and development of new employees: Training and development involve teaching employees the skills and behaviors they need to carry out his tasks.

The main differences between training and development are related to time. Training refers to the immediate needs, while development helps people acquire the skills and characteristics required for the future and thus help both the employee and the organization to deal with change. – Little sense of belonging with the company: There when the manager does not listen to the proposals, suggestions and views of workers. The manager should motivate workers to participate enthusiastically in all activities as assigned and must make them feel part of the company – Expenses: See the expenses for the betterment of workers and employees as increased costs rather than seeing them as an investment in the future.