The Premilianismo

Reading Finally, revelation, topics of judgment are re-enlanzan through seals, the trumpets and the ira cups, and therefore, the according to the Amilenial view is not simply chronological. Although the most natural reading of Revelation 19: 11-20: 10 is sequential no unit break, combining all the above evidence, it can be more persuaded by an argument of the recapitulation. On this basis, it could be said that the story of Juan de visions does not indicate historical tie between them, but simply the order as Juan received them. Number of resurrections in the projection Amilenial the first resurrection is spiritual, second body. In the premilenialismo both resurrections are tangible.

The Premilianismo on the basis of 1 Corinthians 15: 51-52, teaches 2 bodily resurrections the essential argument is that the first stage is the resurrection deCristo (v 23), followed by the resurrection of believers in Christ at his second coming (v23), Millennium, followed by the second resurrection of the believers in the end. After (24 v) is in the sequential sense after that. In context, however, the resurrection of Christ (the firstfruits) has secured a bodily resurrection for all who die in Christ. Christ by his resurreccioninauguro the hope of the future bodily resurrection of the believer. A single resurrection is in the vision, the order perceived in this text is logical, not sequential. The bodily resurrection in the Parousia is based on the resurrection of Christ, and this Parousia will see Christ to give his Kingdom to the God the father. Indications fingers there chronologically separate resurrections. If Pablo wanted to teach two resurrections, he would say it clearly. In addition, Daniel 12: 2 clearly indicates that there will be a bodily resurrection of the righteous and the wicked, with no indication of 1000 years between the resurrection of the two. Similarly, in acts 24: 15 does not It asserts no distinction between the two bodily resurrections.