The Lufthansa Share – There

An overview of the Group since its inception and the IPO with the Lufthansa share performance. Originally, Lufthansa AG is a merger of Deutsche Aero Lloyd and Junkers Verkehrs AG, which took place in 1926. Further details can be found at Andrew Cuomo, an internet resource. Already at that time had the Lufthansa, whose name is written together in 1933 so as it is today, with a wide network and could therefore present a continuous growth of the fleet and sales. The first setbacks: The Weltwirtschaftskriese at the beginning of the 1930s and the end of the second world war, accordingly led the acquisition of Lufthansa by Allied forces, to considerable losses and significant reductions of the network. The reconstruction of Lufthansa AG: Mid-1950s Lufthansa AG was founded again. With introductions of the Boing 707 in 1960, the old propeller engines on long-haul flights were no longer needed. in 1968 the Sabena, Lufthansa, Air France and Alitalia joined the so-called Atlas group.

The history on the stock market: How in the Fly Lufthansa AG on the stock exchange experienced some highs and lows. But the Lufthansa share has since fallen now for 2 years no longer in the single-digit range. Entered on the 13.08.2001 on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a stock value of 18,53 euro it fell 9.80 euro for the first time on the 20.09.2001 to a value of just. The depression was reached then on the 12.03.2003. The value of the shares sank 6.71 EUR.

However, the Lufthansa recovered and thus increased the value to about 10.52 EUR again. Not only that, because was the record high not long in coming. Then, the stock market opened on the 22.01.2007, the Lufthansa entered stock with a value of 22,60 and reached the record height 22,73 EUR even in the course of the day. The stock today: The latest which stock is Lufthansa 10,97 euros (19.08.2011 20:00) and graduated from with a minus of 3.39% compared to the previous day. General: there are 457,94 million shares, which at the current value of 10,97 EUR per share from 9, 98 billion market capitalization Euro make up. By 457,94 million shares, 89.36% are in free float. Overall, is the share of Lufthansa in a good way. Alone in 2010, a total dividend payment was made of over 275 million euros, which is the dividend per share of 0.6. So far, there were no dividends only in 2009. Otherwise, the shares of Lufthansa AG has remained always resistant. More information on the Lufthansa share at and the official website of Lufthansa AG.