The Engineer

Therefore, if he allows, he would like that me me this license. I have to lock up the expedient. _ Plus a thing, Dr. Charles, please, I advise you not to isentar itself in such a way, or will be able to have a very ackward surprise! I recognize that its prevention against me is because of the guitar, but makes some time that against the will I am moved away from it, and this because I delivered of body and soul to this cursed task to investigate the deaths of three good friends. It can have certainty of that I am more close to the truth of it thinks what you. I want to leave that if Mr. well clearly not to dedicate a bigger attention to this in case that, it goes to suffer the greater from disillusionments.

I am certain of that it has sabotage in its installations! Moreover, if to take you any initiative on account proper, it goes to have that to assume the responsibility! It interrupted the speech, it asked for to license one instant, it returned with Agnelo and it asked: _ Papa, any thing that I have said to the Dr. Charles confirms, you, exactly without knowing what it was? _ But clearly, son! He believes, Dr. Charles that beyond my son not to lie, for what it counted to me, pra me is the sufficient. He makes some time that we do not change impressions, but what I know he is sufficiently pra to advise to also believe it. In this, I distrain my word and my integrity of man. I affirm without distrust that if it committed some error in this task, I am made use to assume any responsibility! The man affirmed with such vehemence that the engineer nothing more had that to make of what to agree.