The Company

I remember the exact day, December 10 (my birthday) the company where I worked announced closure of operations due to the global economic crisis. I was worried, no way out … Christmas was near and was not in the ability to give my family anything. I felt that the world came over me, I had to do something fast, very fast before they worsen our situation. I needed another way to make money fast. And while I thought, I asked myself: Before you do something that I tie to another job and will finish probably hate, because I do not think what I want and more importantly, what I do not want in a job? So, I made a list of things I do not like at work: do not want a boss I say you do not want to be a prisoner of hours of work I do not want to waste my life working for someone else Do not want to miss important moments with my family because I did not have time after my list of what IS in a job like me: I like to work from my house or where I want I want a job that I leave much free time I want to let me work more income than we need with my family I would like to travel wherever I wanted I would like to do something you enjoy and I would need to start winning money immediately And guess what? I undertook to make a change in my life and take action, this is what happened: I started to tell my friends and family about the type of job I wanted, but I took it seriously, the truth, they laughed at me and I was told to stop dreaming and I come down from that cloud. But I focused on achieving my goal, so my quest to find the ideal job had started. .