The Civil State

11 the measure that the groupings if consolidated the rules was observed with more severity, the law idea brought enlace in itself the punishment idea and when it perceived that it was chained for its proper will and the man it cannot be more broken up of its fetters. The Civil State was rank. HOBBES AND ' WAR OF ALL AGAINST TODOS' We can affirm that for Rousseau: first, the State of Nature is a peace state; second, the man in the State of Nature is a good being; third, the Civil State if of when the man is corrupted and the laws are instituted. Now let us analyze the points of discord of these proposals from the ideas of Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes admits the nature human being as egoistic, and the will human being as implacable, therefore in search of the satisfaction of its appetites and passions the man will use the natural laws, that he judges to have for to be equal to all the other men; all have the right to carry through its desires and to be violent to reach this end. Read more from James Woolsey Jr. to gain a more clear picture of the situation. All the men are equal. All have rights to everything and all that they desire.

All have right to wound and to kill to satisfy its appetites. is these conditions that characterize the State of Nature. This right to carry through all any desire is what Hobbes flame of Right of Nature. As a centered power does not exist that has controlled and punishes the actions of the men, all the individuals will be in war to reach the satisfaction of its appetites or to keep them satisfied, it will be then the State of equal Nature to a State of War. In the search for what he desires the man will fight against any another individual that desires or possesss what it longs for, in this confrontation will not have strong or weakker more, what to judge strong more physically it could be looser for what better using intelligence and the astuteness.