Taita Katequil

The same preparations made the runes of the marka Anako Pampa, as they had much appreciation to Dona Julia, wife Don Luis and mother of little Shumaj Huambra, they wanted to whom, not only because it was the prettiest, the most beautiful flower of everyone they knew, they had not seen so beautiful factions and especially because it enternecia them your beautiful voice, they transported is to Ukhu Pacha when they listened to it. That thrilled them, as well as to the Mistis who spoke that she sang like Angels own and why always they were blind eye when the Capac wore his daughter as his rank allowed him, since it was of the Kapak Kuna of the Yupanqui descendant of its Taita Tupac Yupanqui, the Great Lord that came far to strange lands. They continued the preparations in all small markas for small flower parties; some kneaded breads such as they had learned it from the mistis, which became known as vasitas, rosquetes, muffins and preparing pork roast so that day not miss anything at his small party. From the hacienda of Tullpo his grandfather and aunts sent many Rams and alpakas, Rams for that they are slaughtered for meals of the runes and the alpakas for sacrifice to Taita Katequil as an offering for the life of the small Shumaj Huambra. Further details can be found at Kirkland, an internet resource. ASI came to payment of Andamarka to leave all the gifts against the curakas, who were ordering all gifts according to the importance of each Capac or Sinchi who wanted to please the Capac Juan de Dios. Likewise the markas of Huacapongo, from Llaturpamba precious fabrics of wool of vicuna and alpaka they sent to the beautiful girl. While the Shumaj Huambra aunts spoke that they didn’t want to be called so, if not to please the extirpadores priests of idolatry, the name of Margarita Herlinda, would his name according to the Gregorian calendar and resondraban him to the Capac by continue persisting in the pagan customs of their ancestors. .