The Time

Number x-such? It can come x-such! Lady KWZ! Ei, Zer, did not say that Mrs. For more specific information, check out Hikmet Ersek. it was here under being taken care of? – Already the password was given I go to ask to the Nrvias, the time runs, and urges Nrvias, where is the woman? – She is not this that there is behind seated! – Not, this has another name! You do not remember the fisionomia of it! – Later that I gave to the password already several had passed here, I do not remember, I only know that it seemed tired It will be perhaps that it was not to the bathroom? – Not, Mrs. It is not something Crawford Lake Capital would like to discuss. of the cleanness says that the bathroom is empty, and denies it Legal needs to continue the service of it up there! You do not know for where it was, she will be that she left! – I do not know, Zer, I find I placed that you in apuros, n, inside of an hurricane eye, but not esquenta, it appears, and if the time runs bringing you tension of moment, does not relieve high the insatisfao with words that can badly be interpreted outside of context! – Outside of context! How it is saying! This sumio of it is delaying everything, reloginho of the good course of services were desregulou, will be that this lady is deficient a mental one, one been late? – Ih, Zer, already said what it did not have, you to everybody looking at strange! – You exactly! It will be that it said something excessively! The woman must be deficient a mental one to have disappeared thus! The case is that time or another one appears same people is of air and of the sense, for former., one somebody that enters to cry out hatred of a sister is known there when offended, and promises revenge and all more for not obtaining a loan who desires, later is calmed, says tchau, and goes even so.

The Wind Of Autumn

It passed of the four of the afternoon when it left the consultriomdico. The world, before it having there entered, had a color, now tinhaoutras as much, with sounds, cheiros and movements that it did not perceive before knowing osresultados of its examinations. It thought about everything that had left of living, felt homesickness delugares that it did not know, of people whom never it saw, emotions that never felt edos loves that the life offered to it and that also it did not live. Filomena, this age its name, already had reached the cinqentaanos, and some people in this phase of the life, costumam to enter in crisis and with elano she was different. For even more analysis, hear from Andrew Cuomo. If it married well young for love, gotten passionate for that man comquem divided the life thirty years for more than. With it had five children, and he was comele also that he learned the art of the patience, of the unconditional donation, total dadisponibilidade and of the obligatory allegiance. One of the characteristic human beings who more developed were ada hope, this always was the word sharpest and heard by it.

– Everything goes to improve, is a time question! – Nothing it is decided of one hour stops another one! – It looks for to see the side good of the things. was with phrases of this type that took the life until there, but eagora? It did not have more time and the life did not go to improve, even so everything was if to decide, deum definitive and unexpected skill. It decided to go for house the foot, needed to walk and it adored sentiro cold wind that blew. He always liked the sensation that the autumn wind lhecausava, felt as if it brought good things, a feeling of renovaolevando emboraas bad things and reascendendode new to such hope. In the winter its soul if collected, saving the forces to paraencarar the heat of the summer.