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You learn as of an enthusiastic endurance athlete know our new franchise partners on the 27th and 28th March 2010 at the marathon fair in Freiburg Dormagen, March 26, 2010 Thomas Kanana has much experience in the business. For more than ten years, he is active in triathlon and Duathlon. His Marathon best time of 2:34 hours can be quite. In addition to recreational and professional athletes from the ambitious endurance sports, also health – and fitness athletes benefit from his knowledge from the cardiological and orthopedic rehabilitation, his area of specialisation at the German sport University in Cologne. One of the first providers worldwide, Thomas Kanana uses the new aeroman professional ( for the analysis of energy metabolism. About the proportions of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air we breathe of an athlete to determine that the individual training areas for the respective sporting goal. In contrast to the classic breath gas analysis (Spiroergometry) a few breaths suffice to aeroman professional already through a handy mouthpiece.

As a face mask is dispensed with in the so-called aeroscan, the athlete can move almost without restrictions on the bike or the treadmill. Also the annoying blood weight loss, such as in the lactate test, is eliminated. The athletes also no longer completely from must be exposed, is the aeroscan for sports beginners and older athletes. Also in Ergometer technology, performance Diagnostician Thomas Kanana relies in its own test center on high-quality equipment. KLINGENBERG uses the aeroscan as well as the Dormagen headquarters Premiumhersteller h/p/cosmos treadmill and a bicycle Ergometer by Daum.

Therefore, always precise and reproducible measurement results are guaranteed. Next weekend (27-28 March) a fair around the barrel – and Marathonsport is held within the framework of the Freiburg Marathon. Also will be there with a booth (stand C11). Take the opportunity to get our franchise partners Thomas Kanana on-site know and be convinced of the advantages of the aeroscan. Andreas Heinen Leiter of corporate communications

Martina Cup

Finally the fear of people has solidified in him so, that he can defend himself only against them: he leaves no one to approach for fear that again will hurt him. The escape is blocked a horse in human environment. What him as last resort stays, because he feels threatened, is to attack the people, to deal with his fear. The history of our Wallachs fine, because he has found an owner who made it his mission has to heal his wounded soul, that trust him give back to people. Slowly, step for step.

“She knows that from her gelding isn’t inherently evil” is he was made as each horse called evil by people at, what he’s an animal, that no other way looks with all the power forward to confront the people in his inner need. “Aggressive behavior towards humans is a serious behavior disorder, which corresponds to the peace-loving, harmony-seeking nature of a horse in any way”. When it comes to a horse as aggressive to classify is that, there are always reasons that cause this or have caused. In most cases that aggressiveness is based on fear, occasionally there is a dominance problem. Carrot as a whip? To make out the psychology we know but also another way, a living being aggressive”: the reward of inappropriate behaviors. Amazon usually is spot on. Example of this is a horse that is fed with treats and learn that it gets them if it direction his owner and her demanding afflicted. As a result, from time to time, the animal more ignored the physical border of dealing. By giving out treats, if the horse pushes, pushes, or even knibbelt, it will be rewarded for this behavior.

It can easily imagine how the horse of this behavior increases with reward with treats up to the serious physical Harassing people. Conclusion: “the evil horse is not a natural product, but always man-made” knowledge important! To help a horse to live in harmony with himself and his environment, you must analyze the origins of the problem and make the necessary changes. For the treatment of the fears, the readiness for aggression, the lack of good faith is recommended such as EFT (emotional freedom techniques) or NMT also the Feinberg technique. Because these approaches, in conjunction with behavioral methods help also the owner or rider of the horse, give security and support his shrewdness in dealing with a difficult horse. Fact sheet author: psychologist Martina Cup, vintage 1958, had already while studying the behavioural therapy for animals, particularly horses and dogs as a focal point. In her practice, she works with people and their animals for many years. This mainly applies the Energy Psychology and EFT, supported by behavioural Methods. Learn more about Martina Cup under image download in 300 dpi for magazine: feed forbidden image: Matthias Koranzki-pixel source/Printis equestrian PR gentle horse questions and images we are gladly available your contact: Ursula Kuhn Printis equestrian PR Agency for marketing and PR / Agence de marketing et relations publiques-Rudolf-Breitscheid-str. 49 90762 Furth Germany/Allemagne Tel.: +49-(0)911 – 43 13 747 fax.: +49-(0)911 – 43 11 860 E-Mail:

Sandra Sopp Ebong Ligsalzstrasse

also for intercontinental flights, to adjust the body’s functions to the changing environmental and social conditions. At shift work of change of or shift work, however this adjustment performance never comes to completion, meaning for the body of constant stress. In addition the deterioration of social relations in the spare time, because Yes the normative daily schedule through the service layer is lifted. The supposed solution in alcohol are looking for distress causes reactive man seeks adaptation strategies aiming at the removal of stress. This possible health risks can quite recede into the background. In this case, the stressors lead to changes in health behaviour, E.g. to the consumption of addictive substances, like alcohol or nicotine, which relieve the stress will help. Man likes to go the easy way usually reducing the pressure belongs to the active stress coping strategies by recording other activities or the change Working environment.

These options are available but usually not or only with considerable more work available. Whenever Aegean Shipping listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Therefore, the man developed passive stress coping strategies, including the consumption of alcohol. As alcohol consumption in the spiral of addiction can cause the stress-reducing effect of alcohol is ostensibly in a perception of the changed mood. The increase in the concentration of alcohol in the blood leads to a reduction of in psychomotor activity. This gives the feeling of anger and fear to be exempt in the drinking. However, this supposedly soothing phase of alcohol takes only about two hours because the psychomotor activity increases again with the fall of the alcohol level. The then emerging feeling of tension is primarily alcohol induced there can be even greater than the initial feeling of tension, which originally led to the consumption of alcohol.

However, the alcohol-induced feeling of tension can be reduced by another drinking a vicious circle. The man can be This vicious circle a, he will need to consume more alcohol to compensate for the alcohol-induced stress. This must be assumed however that the stress-reducing effects of alcohol is already known the person concerned. He must already have experience with alcohol, or have experienced, that alcohol for stress reduction was drunk in his environment. The direct relationship between stress in the workplace and abusive alcohol consumption is no longer obvious. Accumulation of increased alcohol consumption in people with long-term stress at the workplace of a variety of investigations showed that workplaces with high stressors and more psychosocial stressors, especially for shift workers and people with responsible leadership, alcohol consumption is often greatly increased. The way to the real solution to the problem just for these occupational groups are there excellent assistance in psychological consulting practices that develop effective alternatives with their patients to handle this problem solution-oriented. The Assurance of absolute discretion to the employer is thereby guaranteed. Sandra Sopp Ebrahim RESULTS! The practice of psychological counseling and coaching professional, discrete single and couple counselling, support in education issues, questions about alcohol and driving licence loss, bullying at work, help with gesundheitsschadigendem constant stress and sustained overloading in the professional, career and executive coaching. RESULTS! Sandra Sopp Ebong Ligsalzstrasse 31, 80339 Munich Tel: 089 51 08 64 32 Tel: 089 50 07 88 81 fax: 089 51 08 64 31 press contact: fancy! Advertising with impact Ellen Rutschke rice mill road 50 81477 Munich Tel: 089-64293518

Fernando Savater

In this sense, he has criticized that the subject of education for citizenship is Permament under suspicion, and he has lamented that before it amorous by transmission of ethical values to the children and now say that education is just a matter of parents. I come from a part of Spain in which some parents transmit to their children it’s okay to kill civil guards, said the writer, who has indicated that if a child not escapes from his house in his life it would be valid for it could only receive family education. Thus it has clarified that it would be nice if a child was educated at cannibalism by their parents if not it never escapes from his house, but the problem is if, when it has finished with all the members of his family, out on the street and starts by others. In his view, objecting to education for citizenship is like objecting to the sunlight, and has criticised that those who have tampered with for so many years consciences apongan now to something that takes away the coto had in his hands. He asserted that all poorly treated subjects have perverse uses and serviceable performances, although it was considered that it would be good that the Ministry of education recommend those books that better reflect the content of the subject. However, has been pessimistic regarding the concern of policy for education because they have different times. No politician wants to invest so long-term, said Savater, who has pointed out that society must claim a model of Education aside from politics. The author of La hermandad de la buena suerte, Planeta Prize in 2008, has refused to make the richness of human diversity; his wealth is his likeness, he said. Source of the news: Fernando Savater: “15-M helped me to measure the level of stupidity and cynicism of many”

Sports Betting

Theoretical information on which to construct the foundation of successful games in the bookmakers, will be useful first step for beginners. Based on this, you must provide a list of preferred characteristics of a competent game. On We believe that a competent game theory is based on the fact that people should be able to operate with the following qualities: Self-control and discipline before you make any moves, the player must learn to adhere to these rules, to bring to the machine neukasnitelnoe following them. Otherwise, any player's game plans in the near future will sink in the summer. Exclusively a man who disciplined enough and is able to control myself, could easily use such an advantage over the bookmaker playing as an opportunity to pass. Skill to bet intelligently, without undue risk in the game, this player is qualitatively different from ordinary visitor.

News 'weapon' Here we must not only find more information on all kinds of sports. The main role is played here by the ability to correctly interpret the information received. We will advise you what to look for: 1. Help Statistics. Everyone knows that the statistics take into account everything and do not need to pay attention to those who declaims that win the bids, based only on the materials of statistics will not work.

Statistics have a different and applies it in different ways. 2. Information about the teams. What we are interested in? Present disqualification, injuries, coaches and so on. You'll have to find much information on your interest team. And the bigger, the better it will predict the outcome of the game. However, this is not the most basic, it's worth special attention. 3. Analysis of lines of betting. There is now a view that a player must be able to analyze the dynamics of line – for what time and what an event rates increase or the bookmakers 'creeping down'. The process of feeling about the game, bookmakers is a kind of gambling, hence, on intuition, including sense rely to some extent. The notion of intuition everyone and their everyone defines when you want to listen to his senses, and when it is better not to do. Luck is only a small percentage of success rates depends on this factor. So do not be nervous, if not lucky, and lament that you are unlucky player. This is wrong! In one very good book I read as follows: 'The unexpected happens in life more often than expected. " Make friends with discipline, self-control, surveillance information and feeling about this and more! To search for those patterns, which at this moment have not been studied.