Tarot Voyager

Taro no longer esoteric pet shops, but a reliable partner to 'create destiny'! This respected psychologists tool, a basis for meditation and healing tool. We show the options that allow you to make choices (or make) a conscious, richer life, and know yourself. The following two examples show how a strong practice may play a role in the life of the Tarot of the 21st century. Example 1. In his room for meditation, Lena off the phone, and lights a stick of incense refreshing. Click Patti Poppe to learn more. Taking out your deck "Tarot Voyager 'from the box, she gently smooth shuffles cards. Girl takes three deep breaths, and declares' the universe acting in me, through me, with me: about me, give me strength to know myself through these wonderful cards. 'Lena pulls out a card and turns it to see the hermit.

Put the card in front of him, the woman stared at the picture to notice all the details, absorbing its essence. She gently closed her eyelids, and reproduces card before his inner eye, entering the scene, becoming the picture. Internally, Lena says, 'I just need to know more about his life at the moment? 'Before her mask appear Mayan healing hands and collected stalks of wheat. She learns about snakes and Egyptian hieroglyphs. After a long silence, the awareness is flowing through the girl – this is the deepest source of ancient wisdom hidden in it, and all mankind.

This wisdom is correct and helps her heal the rift between her and her older sister, because she understands that there should be no quarrels – they are connected to a single lesson. Today Lena knows that if she would trust their inner wisdom, and she say and do things the most appropriate in this area. She thanked her inner understanding and arcana tarot cards, for all that it revealed to her through the Tarot, takes a deep breath and smiles. She cheered up and full of hope. Example 2: one hour before the meeting with his new sponsor, Dmitri decides to ask for advice from his deck Raider-White. He loves unpretentious these cards, their images and vision. Fulfilling the prediction, it does tarot decomposed of three cards 'Strategy' divination of the future, consisting of open questions. First question: 'What's the best thing I can say or perform during the meeting? 'Card that he pulled it in response to the emperor – the energy and influential, to take matters into their own hands. Second question: 'What's the worst thing I can do at the meeting? 'In response, he pulls out a page's Pentacles – recommend risky financial plans, give statement is not thinking, ask the amount of larger or smaller one that really required. His final question: "Based on the earlier maps vypavshi what the likely outcome of the meeting? 'In response, he pulls out the Four of Pentacles – all parties to demonstrate commitment to action, the availability of money, he will find the financial support which had long sought. Dmitri returns in card deck: full of determination to hold its business meeting in the most appropriate manner. As you can see, there are ways to use the full tarot. Whichever you choose, let it bring you good luck and joy.

The Universe

Real life is the “here and now.” All that the front and rear, side, top – it’s all illusions and myths of ancient Greece and other civilizations. But it’s all in the past. The past can not be changed here and there is nothing chew the cud this, and lost her taste resembling rubber. Just use a rubber kontrotseptivah, not to the taste sensations of life. A taste of life can be felt only “here” and only “now.” At this very moment. And this time should be fun and interesting, fun and funny.

If you’re doing business, then make it to the fullest get involved fully in the process itself, forget about all the anxiety, forget the rest of the case and care … There is only process, interest and total satisfaction from all this. If you’re doing business, think about the fact, and not on how to screw in a light bulb in the closet. All we need for happiness in the future, we can get, you only need to strive for this now. “Here and Now,” we are at the crossroads of life. “Here and Now,” we make a choice. “Here and Now,” we experience emotions. “Here and Now,” we do that in the future will bring us the result.

Once again I repeat: The state of “here and now” is a state of thoughtlessness and complete concentration on what we do. This is a full immersion in the process. That’s why the success of seeking the one who does what he likes. In it, he like a fish in water, it just bathed in it and get pleasure from it. He is charged by your favorite things energy, which gives him the strength to achieve new victories … A sure sign of finding the “here and now”, is: – interest – pleasure – inability to break away, “Here and Now” – a state of inner joy. Joy to the fact that you have the joy of what you have in this world can take part in his life. Internal as well external. The main thing – an internal one. Nothing will come into your life and your reality until it comes into your head and settles there. The law of the universe says, first give and then take it. The universe never fails to answer the query sad man! Why? Because he preoccupied with thoughts about how everything sucks! He closed his negative little world, he refuses to acknowledge itself as part of the universe, which may give him whatever he wants. The universe will respond only to those who rejoice “here and now.” The universe simply fortify the inner joy of external circumstances. To enjoy the here and now can only be what you have here and now. Wherever you are … whoever you are … what would you do … you always yourself and you must please yourself! Remember that your happiness should not depend on external circumstances, external factors have to depend on your joy. Simple advice. Get a hobby or simply to engage in regular order, that you just like and what you enjoy. Pleasure from the process. This can be: archery, bonding model airplanes, dancing, table tennis, jogging, swimming, photography. Be imagination and choose what to liking you. Doing this simple advice will allow you to enjoy on a regular basis, and will regularly remind you that you are alive and enjoy life. Get more helpful advice: